Islam is doomed without reformation

published on April 15, 2013

Most Modern perspectives on human growth and development, human relationships places emphasis on co-existence and harmony in dealing with human being, while, Jihadis places more emphasis on the process of ritualistic behavior. As a dualistic perspective, the single most important theme that runs the work of the uneducated, desert dwellers and slave traders is the concept of Dar-ul-Islam and Al-Taqia (Lying). Missing from Islam is the most important humanistic perspective—the concept of “the real self- and its realization”.

Most Humanists believe that self-actualizing people are more efficient in perceiving reality, more accepting of themselves and others. They are natural, more spontaneous, more problem centered, and capable of being detached from violence and aggressive objectives.

In addition, most of the spiritualists and religious people are autonomous, capable of being detached, capable of a fresh appreciation of things, and open to mystical experiences. They show good deal of interest in others , their development process and democratic character structures. Most of these characteristics are not mutually exclusive but overlap with each other to a great extent. Finally, spiritualists have a sense of humor, are creative and yet at the same time are able to resist evil forces of the culture in which they live.

Jihadis, on the other hand postulates the human needs or wants as the most important aspect of their life. Sex, material possession, political power, hatred, discrimination and eliminating beheading of kefirs and infidels, Al-Taquiea, Dar-Ul-Islam are the most important elements in Islam. Sexual needs, hunger for spreading Jihad, polygamy, dress code, increasing the number of Jihadi terrorists are the most important works of Mullahs and Islamists.

Perhaps more than any other perspective, the Islamic perspective has never been affected by the scientific, cultural changes of the world. The world is changing. They ignore the fact and insist on promoting the desert culture . They are are not interested in promoting democracy, peace, progress, co-existence, human rights and human relationships. They are not interested in promoting the scientific enterprise, particularly scientific psychology, meditation, consciousness rising as a legitimate field of study. They ignore the humanistic psychology, or needs for self-actualization. Instead, they  promote aggressiveness, violence and are obsessed in promoting conventional modes of dress and desert culture and Behavior. They are enslaving “Democratic”,“thinking”, “Independent” “intelligent Muslims” who form a minuscule minority of the one billion muslims like Anwar Sheikh and Ibn Warraq.

Their description of humans is unproductive, arbitrary, capricious and Islamic rigid assumptions and its aggressive methodologies are not helping Muslims to solve common human problems.
Many peace loving people hate Jihadi terrorists. It is natural, genuine, and reasonable for health, life and safety. If I see fire in my house, I have to run away from the danger zone. My reaction should be directly proportionate to the danger presented. I need not suffer from hatred of fire permanently. But Jihadi’s by training and learning  are perpetually afraid of Kaffirs and infidels and want to kill all Jews, Christians, and Hindus.

 It is natural and genuine and reasonable for any intelligent man not to tolerate or compromise with Jihadi terrorists who advocate them to behead all Kaffirs and infidels. Unless the free world is united and gain strength and strategies to face Islamic terrorists, there will be no more peace in the world.

 I do not feel that it is possible to make a choice between an Islamic Terrorist with a sword with his abnormal behavior of beheading an infidel and enjoy sex with virgin girls.  Rather, I will argue that tolerance of deviant behavior of a Jihadi terrorist is not a positive virtue. The advocates of hatred and rigid, narrow, closed channel thinking and murdering innocent infidels must see the events from different perspectives. Thus, our purpose is not spreading tolerance of intolerant Jihadi and rather than to produce yet another polemic arguing for the superiority of hatred for your assassins, terrorists and throat cutters.

 There is no merit in arguing from an Islamic perspective. I believe this is because the commitment to abnormal Islamic behavior implies or even requires a commitment to kill all infidels and make the whole world into Dar-ul-Islam. They asserts that Islam has no goal for self-realization but uses violence and aggressive techniques toward which it increases the number. They moves toward its specific World Conquering as its goal {dar-ul-islam}. What is wrong with opposing the onward march of criminals?

 The Failure of Islamic perspective to deal with the social impact of deviant, criminal behavior of jihadi terrorists has stimulated a great deal of recent criticism of Islam. Islamists will certainly have to be responsive to these and still other problems created by jihadis around the world. Until Islam adopts a humanistic perspective, and move from a  closed  dogma the possibility of further growth is dimmed.
Islamic Mullahs must realize that humans are not merely mechanical animals or merely psychological or social in nature. In the field of religion, an abstract and functional concept it must appeals to scientific, reasonable, and intelligent perspectives on human nature. Of course, Islamists are not above such concerns. These abstract concepts, functional concepts, strategies and actions proposed by the religious leaders often play a powerful and tactic role in the choice of a religion of the common man We cannot predict with certainty which religious perspective will survive. But we can point to some characteristics it must possess to survive and perhaps to become the normal religion spiritually of the future.

 Of Course, in most cases it is more accurate to suggest that ISLAM occupies a range along this continuum through violence and sheer demographic numbers. Their basic concepts will reflect the abnormal, criminal, deviant behavior of the jihadi.  ISLAM is not a religious theory. It lacks coherence as a religious perspective. It is a patchwork for Jihadis to amplify their criminal behavior, sexual exploitation, justify looting, invasion and plunder. Islam is essentially a mixed metaphor. Muslims and non-Muslims, real theologians, liberals and intellectuals must attempt to encompass several level of an analysis of Islam. This is not an easy task since one level of analysis of Islam may not be transferable into learning in all Islamic societies.

 Islamists may have difficulties in relating to other religionists, or enter into discussions at a higher level of abstraction. The net result is confusion, chaos and conflict. Islamists have difficulty in understanding scientific progress, and want to dominate the world through violence and aggression. Islamists asserts that science and scientific notions, democratic principles and pluralism have no specific goals. I would like to argue that modern world driven by technology is moving towards harmony, co-existence, human rights, peace and progress. The basic conceptual commitments are not over questions of nature of physical reality. Instead the fundamental controversy is the nature of human beings. The period of science, technology, reformation, industrial revolution, peace and progress is not characterized by a single dominant view but is one in which all Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian perspective have been dominant  if not always comfortable companions in pursuit of peace, progress and human rights.
Islam is still dominant with a single perspective, often suppress novel observations because such critical, scientific thinking and observations may subvert the basic conceptual commitments of Islamists.Muslims around the world think that “everything is in their literatures and burn all libraries in the world”. Islamists are ready and willing to defend this faulty position at considerable cost including homicide bombing, violence, aggression, al-taquiea, and terrorism. Muslims around the world cannot solve human problems with these erroneous and dangerous perspective, hatred, violence, and hostility towards infidels.

The conflict with Islamists is not simple and has a number of dimensions. The advocates of Jihad have difficulty communicating with each other, Communication difficulties exist among advocates of different sects of Islam. Islamic Mullahs believe and practice coercion on Kaffirs, Infidels and other followers of Mohammad. To coerce a man is to deprive him of freedom. Islam believes only in Allah and in individual liberty, Islam forbids democracy, political liberty and presents others from doing what could otherwise do. , or, may be enslaved. Muslims lack political liberty or prevented from attaining a goal of infidels.

Individual liberty is so sacred to infidels.Unless humans are left to live as they wish in the path which concerns them, civilization cannot advance. In Islamic societies truth will not come to light. There is no scope for creativity, spontaneity, originality or mental energy. Islam has no survival value  like Marxism, Nazism and Fascism  are Unacceptable rigid, closed dogmas fit only for creating conflict and tension. Criminal behavior of Islamic terrorists is presented as the possibility of growth of Islam. Islam is not capable of moving from its primitive metaphorical to formalized religion which can attract creative and intelligent infidels.

Islam with its dogmatic, rigid, closed theology has been used to set limits to free inquiry. They encourages inhuman treatment against non-believers. Historically, Islamic fundamentalists supported slavery, sexual oppression, genital mutilation, limb amputation, beheading, stoning alive, polygamy, looting, kidnapping, raping and political domination promoting human suffering. Islam is not meant for men’s mind. Until Islamists are ready and willing for reformation or renaissance, Islam is doomed.

Islam is not a religion of PEACE as claimed by Islamists. Nevertheless wherever Muslims are living, there is conflict, violence and terrorism. Recently a great deal more has been written in criticism of Islam and terroristic behavior of Muslims than has been written in support of it.I have found it particularly striking in discussions of different perspectives to understanding Islamic terrorist behavior. First, these discussions often lead me to believe that we cannot ignore more than a billion Islamists in the world. We have to make these Islamic terrorists act like humans. This is a volatile issue on which even theologists, psychologists, human right activists and even humanists hold strong opinions.

It is absolutely required that Muslims, and infidels should work together to have a reformation on Islam. Both emotional commitment and Islamic intransigence, and fundamental assumptions of Islamic Mullahs are hallmarks of Islam and even just refusal to reform may lead to “Paradigm clash  or “cultural Clash”. Clashes with rigid, closed Islam is inevitable when the prevailing view of jihad terrorism is challenged by one or more new conceptual schemes. At this point we can only guess which, Islam as a closed dogma will survive the conflict and dominate in the future. I only hope that I have been able to communicate some of the possibilities of the conflict and the reasons to Islamists.  

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