Is it fault of America that failed to integrate Moslems ?

published on May 2, 2013

In response to Fareed Zakaria’s article A better way for America to integrate Muslims in Washington Post

 If we take away all sophisticated jargon, his advocacy to integrate Muslims is not that much different from assumed victim hood by those Moslems resorting to terror.
Is it fault of America that failed to integrate Moslems ? Hence rage in streets of Boston or bombing on 9/11?
In Malabar, Kerala, India, Moslems are known as Moplahs. Moplah ,the word is derived from ‘Ma Pillai’ which means son in law. When Moslems arrived first in Kerala they were welcomes as Son in laws in house holds of Hindus. But inspite of such generosity and living together for centuries, both during and subsequently as well , of Khilafat movement, even though Hindus guided by M.K. Gandhi supported the Islamic movement that has nothing to do with India’s freedom or independence, still they were the ones who were massacred and worse done to Hindu women, by these Moplahs. And story is no different in other parts of India such as Bengal or West Punjab etc. All such slaughter went on to result in partition, still with no let up on Jihad that resulted in decimation of Hindu population in Pakistan and on going genocide in Bangladesh.
So this business of doing some thing better to integrate Moslems did not work in any country and is not going to work in US. Every thing US has done for any immigrant was done for the two Chechen brothers.And one of them reportedly slated for entry into MIT as well. And tacitly US has extended support to Chechnya separatists against Russia in the past. Yet none of them have prevented them from blowing off legs and bodies of unsuspecting innocent Americans in Boston right at the moment of their joy and elation at completion of Marathon.
No the fault does not lie in heavens or in country of stars and stripes. It is a pity that even those Moslems considered to be intellectuals like Mr. F. Zakaria, inspite of all the blood that has flown down streets from Baghdad to Bombay, from New Delhi to New York and elsewhere fail to advocate introspection among Moslems themselves ? Why they are failing to integrate themselves into any society be it Hindu like in India, or Buddhist like in Burma or Christian like in Europe or America ? Or for that matter even with fellow Moslems like in  Pakistan ?
No, America does not have to do anything more to mollify or subdue rage of some Moslems. Islamic community has to educate its young. But that is not forthcoming here or elsewhere. Now reports have surfaced as to how a local Mosque in Boston preached extremism and even at home the Tsamanev brothers received instructions of Jihad from their mother.The result of all this indoctrination is blowing up runners in Boston.
So instead of taking to route of more and more appeasement, US would be better off keeping a better watch shedding political correctness and blinkers studying roots of Jihadi mindset and taking precautions. Even in latest attack, as far back as 2011 , US was warned by Russia which was watching the elder , Tamarlane( Timur’s name). And now reports are he may be responsible for deaths of 3 alleged drug dealers with one of them said to be his ‘close friend’.
It is a pity that all such signs are ignored. One of the reasons no doubt is due to advocates of blame who shift it to victim societies which failed in their opinion doing more to integrate Moslems.
There have been migrants from other backgrounds, Irish, Jewish,Indian, Polish,and Mexican etc who all invariably faced  difficulties to start with. Yet none of them took a bomb to blow up Americans and then complain enough is not done to integrate them.
Also Mr. Zakaria’s comparison of numbers of victims from Islamic terrorist attacks to that of auto accident is disingenuous. Autos do not particularly target certain groups or individuals because they are Kafir or infidels just as floods and such natural disasters. And the latter do not have any particular motive or agenda like enforcing certain ideology. Adding Jihad whose victims number much less than any of accidents, natural disasters as such is not much of a comfort to any society let alone American.

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  1. Omkar Ramadasan Reply

    May 3, 2013 at 10:54 am

    Appeasement politics
    Kerala is an example for the failure of appeasement politics.Comparing to any other Indian state except Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala Moslems enjoyed more political power, dominated trade, industry, education in kerala. Muslim League was ruling partner since formation of state. Nevertheless Abdul Nassar Madani was born in kerala and Popular front was formed in Kerala.Ashraff Maulavi is an educated man!Appeasement will never work.

  2. Sri Lankan Hindu Reply

    May 3, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    Muslims need to look inward
    A few facts are needed here. Four of the five bombs detonated in the world today are by Muslim militants. During the month of March 2013, there had been 189 Jihad attacks by Muslims in 21 countries. Result: 988 deaths and 2093 injured. Amazingly most of these attacks are not against infidels but Muslim against Muslim.

    For example, on 29th April 2013 there were four explosions in Iraq and Pakistan where there is no on going war. In Diwaniyah, Iraq, a suspected car bomb by Al Qaeda exploded in front of a restaurant and nine Shities died and many others injured. In Amarah, Iraq, eighteen Shities standing in a market are ripped to pieces by Sunni bombers. In Peshawar, Pakistan, A suicide bomber on motorcycle rams into a bus, killing at least eight passengers. We cannot imagine which Muslim killing which in the war torn Syria.

    Koran 49:10 says, The Believers are but a single Brotherhood. Those who reject the word of Allah are described in the Koran as unbelievers and infidels. In fact, Koran devotes 61% of its space to infidels. Koran 7:176-9 dehumanizes non-Muslims as vile Animals. 4:101 says, unbelievers are unto you open enemies. Koran 8:38-9 says; Non-Muslims are to be fought until religion is only for Allah. Likewise, there are as many as 109 verses in the Koran that call Muslims to fight war with non-believers for the sake of Islamic rule and to recruit new followers. No Muslim can avoid “fight in the cause of God” for Koran 3:167 say those Muslims who avoid such fight were hypocrites.

  3. JPS Nair Reply

    May 11, 2013 at 12:54 am

    Enemies of Muslims are Muslims themselves
    Here is a correction for the origin of the word “Mapilla” which is being used only in Malabar region of kerala. The word originates from Mohammed Pillai. During Tippu’s conquer of Malabar, large number Hindu Pillai’s were forcefully converted to Islam. During the initial days after conversion they were referred to as Mohammed Pillais, meaning a mix of Muslim and Pillai.

    It is a well known fact that the number one enemy of any muslim in the world is another muslim. The Jihadi muslims spoil the name of the entire community. Instead of blaming other religions for the probems faced by Muslims all over the world, they should start to do an introspection of their own religion. Muslims in this word lives either as a turbulent minority or as an oppressing majority. In India and US, they are in the state of a turbulent minority.

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