Irony of Saudi Arabia Chairing UN Human Right Commission

By G V ChelvaPilla published on January 4, 2016

Mass executions, terror attacks,Islamic state recruiters and worse mark events in otherwise peace loving Islamic world. Ironically United Nations believes in peace loving nature of pure Islamic state, Saudi Arabia which executed , beheaded more people than Islamic State the new Caliphate in Iraq and Syria. Hence Saudi Arabia is now Chairman of UN human right commission. Some one tweeted, next year UN may consider ISIS to run kindergartens in the world.


Out of 47 beheaded other day, One of the person was prominent Shia cleric in Saudi Arabia. Shias are minority in S Arabia, in fact they are minority in Islamic world, 90% Sunni and 10% Shia. Iran is a Shia state and its Ayotollahs are naturally very upset with Saudi Royal family. You may recall as pointed out earlier, in the entire world only place that carries a family name as title of State is Saudi Arabia. Saudi potentate was placed on throne during Ist world war following defeat of Turkey, abolition of Caliphate and decimation of Ottoman empire which included much of middle east including present day Saudi Arabia. There were other tribes in that part of the world then who also had claims to power. So ascendancy of Saudi tribe was as peaceful as it could be.

Ibn Saud took power after beheading 30,000 and cross amputating 300,000 rivals. Cross amputation prescribed involves cutting off right arm and left leg or vice versa. So the regime continues to date thanks also greatly to dead dinosaurs deep in sand dunes of Arabia that now yield oil or petroleum, which thanks to know how of US and West, is brought up from deep to the ground , in turn revenues generated helps to keep Saudis in power.

Every other week a Pakistani routinely loses his head, some times for a minor crime. Pakistan which dedicated itself to uphold human rights in Kashmir and devoted to liberation of Kashmir hence, of course does not have,nor ever has raised their countrymen’s heads rolling down in public square of S Arabia even once in United Nations

Thus there are many ongoing events in that part of the world called middle east making the countries there live in ‘interesting times’ as the Chinese curse goes. As if these are not enough another peace loving Islamic state near , actually with in India, Pakistan ruined its chance to make peace with India .

A chance for peace was generously extended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he made a surprise stop over in Lahore. There are parallels here with what happened in 1999 when the then Prime Minister A B Vajpayee took Lahore Bus trip. That bonhomie was also spoiled by Pakistan army then led by Gen. Musharraf who chose exact time to launch his occupation of Kargil heights. This time too when Modi and Sharif (PM) were meeting , the plot to attack Pathankot was being hatched. A plot to attack an Indian Air force base takes time to put into action. About a week perhaps. Exactly a week back Narendra Modi was in Lahore.

All these things and more in the Islamic world prove what Prof Samuel Huntington of ‘clash of civilizations’ fame noted , Islam has bloody borders. They also prove ancient sage observation many of us of India are familiar with; Vinasakale Viparitha Buddhi. Man goes mad when destruction is at hand.

More atrocities were committed on man kind in the name of peace, love,liberty and equality. Hypocrisy is not innocuous.

“If it can be destroyed by the truth, it deserves to be destroyed by the truth.”
― Carl Sagan

Also it is said it is darkest before dawn. Let us hope the coming year will be enlightening driving dark forces in to subterranean regions where they belong. Mankind deserves respite from all peace, love and brotherhood ravaging the beautiful world.

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