Indian Muslims and Israel

published on October 21, 2009

Mohd. Salih Rawther

(Full version of the article published in Israel National News)

Though the news was reported, it was suspicious most of the media and  political parties ignored and didn’t give desired  significance for an unprecedented Israel visit of a group of elite Indian Muslims  led by  Hazrat Maulana Jameel Ahamed Ilyasi, the Chairman of All India Organisation of Imams and Mosques in 2007 August. Maulana’s visit and his comments after that should be taken with high importance and  discussed globally which  can  even boost the peace process in the middle east.

                The people who invited for  the trip and sponsored it are the Jewish Associations of  United States and  Australia .  They invited him and his later formed team to understand Israel in the circumstances of unending friction with Hamas.  For so many years Israel keeps inviting other countries for visiting to make them knowing the reality where truth  was being blackened by anti-Semitic media who  falsified  Israel in third world countries by using extensive propaganda.

                Israel is a country where secularist constitution is implemented. They made their nation so by constitution while  more than fifty countries in the world adopted Islamic law and been announced  as Islamic nations.  Though Israelites  were able to announce their country a Jewish nation at its formation, considering the different communities who lived there and to go with modern world they didn’t do that. Then also it is shameful the leftist media especially in India conceal the truth that near to one third of the population of Israel are muslims and  mislead the global  muslims by placing  Israel in the position of  ‘Islam’s and muslims’ mortal enemy’. Imam Ilyasi’s first comment after getting back to  India “Muslims in Israel live better than in India ” is a blowing answer for this. He was admitting the truth that Israel never discriminated Muslims, but the Islamic movements only made the situation worse.

                In the stories which have spread all over the world  on  Palestine issue, truths and lies ,  justice and injustice are  laying  interchangingly. In the end of IInd world war, certain areas of Poland gone belonged to Soviet Union in the name of Belarus and much land belonged to Germany gone under Poland . Israel ’s justification is not a such one. Whatever those maybe, Israel kept inviting the countries which have disconnected their diplomatic relations with Israel especially the Muslim countries  to examine their righteousness in the withholding of the land. In this context we should be curious on this. India is a country where such hypocrisy is prevalent, and accusations of ‘ Israel partiality’  may fall on anyone who merely smiles at a Jew in some airport. What is the logic behind agreeing that anything can be imported from that country – spy aircrafts, ammunition, breeding oxes, etc. – but they can’t be spoken with?

 If somebody  thinks something is unjustifiable on their part, he has to co-operate with them to solve that, chiefly when themselves invite for examining. Democratic countries  should  make it an opportunity, not to make aversion by disconnecting relations.

                Actually the situation of Palestine got rigorous after the arming of Hamas. The leaders of Hamas are not fools to be killed in warfront. They are safe in remote places. Poor children and women who are being utilised as human shields die in Gaza in armed operation by Israel as a return of the rockets launched to their civilian lands by Hamas. The world people can  only weep as  seeing  the heartbreaking scenes getting through media and e-mails. The vested interested media utilise these also for their own gain. If any world leader comes forward for a peace talk he will also be blamed for  Israel partiality! What a  contradiction!  Indian Union Muslim League Ex-supremo Late Janab Syed Mohammed Ali Shihab Thangal’s statement  “Israel is the dagger stabbed into the heart of Muslim world” gives another clear cut picture how Israel is being picturised among Indian muslims. Nobody is there to speak on behalf of Israel because no ‘Jew vote bank’ is there in India.

                Let us go back to the era of cold war between U.S and Soviet Union. Two groups of allies in world nations which stood with Soviet Union and socialist countries who claimed to have acquired one third of lands in the world and capitalist countries stood with United states competed each other for gathering the support of  the non-allied countries and gaining control over the third world’s backward countries through seeding their theories and practices. Thus after Second World War the world nations were being once more divided into two poles. Soviet Union was successful to appease the middle east people  by boosting anti-Semitism which already prevailed there. Its strategists did everything for this. It was an easy thing for Communists in India who ideologically depended on Soviet Union and so opposed America, to inject this hatred in Indian Muslims who began to depend Arabian countries as a hope for their livelihood.

                Now let us see Israel’s side. They gave considerable part of land back which they captured in 1967. They were ready to release the rest of the lands also that is why they didn’t go for new construction in those areas. But Hamas should be unarmed who has a habit of launching rockets on the very next day of peace treats without any ethics.

                Israel says “  Our ten lakh people (Including muslims) are under the shade of Hamas rockets. People may die at any time. We have underground shelters for two lakh people. But how many days they can be inside?. Then also eight lakhs facing death. What should we do in these shiftless situations?”

                Whenever they raised this question, it was interpreted as their lame excuse for attacking Gaza. Israel gets in a vicious circle that the Hamas, which follows the same stand which by force only they will expell Israelites who are ready to leave selfly, may do any atrocities in impulse if they get more warfaces around the land through the secession of Israel. Let us examine the possibilities for this.

                Impartially, it is ludicrous how intolerant the Muslim countries surrounding Israel became at the formation of Israel in 1948. Their savagery haunted the people of that country. Egypt concessed Sinai province to Fidayeen gorillas as their wish to operate their attacks on the civilian areas of Israel. The real reasons behind their hatred were religious and racial.  But they found some other things for justifiing. The irrigation project which would be helpful for Israel from   Galeela Sea (inside Israel’s territory)  was planned by American diplomat  Eric Johnson and was accepted by the Arab engineers earlier.  But by the formation of P.L.O, attempts started to dry Galeela Sea to push down  Israel into poverty and for this  Syria and Lebanon got hand in hand to deviate Jordan river to some other direction. At the same time Syria Started shell attacks on Israel’s northern parts.  Soviet Union  the then supporters of  Bathist party, the ruling party of Syria, spread a news to stimulate anti-Israel  moves  that Israel was planning a combat on Syria. Taking this into account Syria solicited Egypt. Gamal Nassar, the president of Egypt who announced earlier that “ We will attack and raze down  Israel” in the context of Galeela irrigation project was launched.  But in U.N’s observation it was proved the spread new was false. The threat of war ended temporarily.

                But, the peace didn’t last long. Nassar was  thirsty to materialise what he was longing for. Without any provocation he shut the Suez canal passage before  Israel ships by 1967 May. U. S also was helpless . Gamal Nassar dismissed U.N peace army which stood in Sinai region after the friction of Suez despute to make the ‘Israel capturing and devastation’ easy. In U.N assembly discussions went on. But nobody could find any solution to save Israel. P.L.O Chairman Ahmed Shukhairi announced “We will eliminate every jew who came here after 1917, and will not allow a nation remain here in the name ‘Israel’. (Here we remember in the world map of Hamas, a country was not marked ‘Israel’.) Next turn was Gamal Nassar’s. He roared “ Our basic goal  is total destruction of Israel. We arabs will fight together for this. No question of co-operation or co-existence here. No body should come forward to make any peace. We have already started the battle against them in 1948.” The united forces of these countries were all set for the combat and were about to start it.

                The nation Israel was mere 20 years old. She had just begun life. IDF’s fighter planes were old.  Those were nothing against Egypt’s MIG-21 fighters got from Russia. Israel  had few  French made small tanks.  Big ones were patch worked diesel engine fitted Sherman tanks. Those also were nothing to face the Egyptian Syrian Jordanian huge pattern tanks. Not only this, each and every sections of the defence Israel’s were near to nominal when  compared with the other’s that time. Almost all the countries believed that nation will be totally destructed and the people will be slaughtered as the enemies desired.  World conscience closed its eyes with beating heart. Though U.S tried for peace  it had to retreat with a soliloquy ‘Israel’s life is in its own hand’ and an advice to Israel ‘Don’t start the battle’. The story turned into a situation that the rest of the population which had sacrificed  sixty lakhs human lives under  Hitler’s holocaust   would be wiped out from the earth just within quarter century. No human being can understand that era,  the satanism which happened in Nazi concentration camps which were specially formed  for genocide , from the new born babies to aged people, who live in this civilised world. What happened actually is more than those which were  filmed in certain movies including Steven Spilberg’s ‘Shindlers list’ and so many real videos available in internet. The world immersed  in prayers “O Lord…..Will the world witness the repeataton of Autchwits, Saborin and numerous torture  chambers.”

 No family slept in Israel.

Count down started from the boarders…….

The sun set on 1967 June 4.


The history of hatred

                It took forty long years for entering the land of Canaan, the promised land  after the escape of six lakhs Israel people under the leadership of Moses from the slavery in Egypt. During the exodus they had to fight with Amaleks in Refedem,  Edomites in Kadesh, Army of Canan king of Arad in Adarim and so on who blocked their way though they requested repeatedly for peace. Though the Kings of Jerusalem, Hebron, Yermut, Lakhish, Eglon planned battle against Israel as a revenge of Yariho and Aay incidents, they were also defeated.  These battles led to heavy casualties on both sides including the civilians. Thus the racial enemity starts from B.C 12th century.  We can see innocent descendants incur revenge in the name of their ancestors’ enemity in middle east history the most.

                Another main thing, in this century Egyptians, the descendants of Mesraims, Lebanese, the descendants of  Phoenicians, Palestinians, the descendants of Philistines, Hitians and Canaanites , Iraqis, the descendants of Mesopotamians or Babylonians, Iranians, the descendants of Persians and so on began to be known as ‘Arabs’. The common things among them are  Arabic Language and the accepted religion Islam. Actually they are not Arabs, but Arabised. Actually Arabs are a  community who emerged from the intermingling of  Ishmael, son of great Prophet Abraham and Hagar, his Mesraimi maid, and the natives of Mispa or Mecca where Hagar and Ismael were abandoned.  So the nearest blood relation Arabs have is with Israelites, who are the descentants of Ishaq who was the brother of Ismael. The above said races who are mentioned in the beginning of this paragraph are not coming in Ebrayates a part of Semitic people  in which Arbs partially  and Israelites(the Jews), only in the earth, are entirely coming! Semites are the sons of  Sham, son of Noah.The people who had frictions with Israel people, the hemitites are the sons of Ham the second son of Noah. Ham, who was once cursed by his father,  is the younger brother of Sham. One other interesting thing is so many  real Arabs in Arab peninsula say “ No need to hate Jews who have blood relation with us more than the others around there”.



Six day war

1967 June 5th.

Israel had no other way . War was sure.

They certainly did that only, ambushed the Egyptian war fronts, which was all set to attack them. It was inevitable. Within a few hours they fired down 400 Egyptian fighter aircrafts!.  With this deadly blow Egypt did not raise its head. Israel gained victory on air and captured Sinai region (which comes two times bigger than Israel’s geographical area) and Gaza. Jordanian artillery already had begun firing before this and under that support their infantry battalions had captured Jerusalem. As occupied in the battle with Egypt Israel could not care for this. They repeatedly asked King Hussain of Jordan to withdraw his army
from their place. As no response was received, Israel army pounded on
Jordanian forces and dissipated them completely and recaptured West
Bank and Jordan.
All these times Syria was constantly launching missiles and shells from Golan heights to the civilian areas of Northern area of Israel. After handling Egypt and Jordan successfully Israel forces leaped to Golan. The figure ‘sixty lakhs’ was there in every soldiers’ mind.  The confidence they got after defeating two big forces could not be smashed down by anything.  What to say? Syrian forces  could do nothing rather than abandoning their weapons at Golan and run back with life. All came under control. One memorable thing is one third of the Israel defense forces’ members were women. The world really trembled on Israel’s thrashing  power  who had been believed to be pittiably destroyed. Later The Sinai region, West Bank and Golan heights were given back. This is prideful Six day’s war. This shock never allowed the said surrounding countries to attack Israel ever after that. But helping Hamas, who turned to extremism, in different ways they cherished old enemity. But some other Mulsim countries like Saudi Arabia didn’t nurture that much hatred to Israel. Turk and Oman are also in affability with them. This was also misinterpreted as dependence on  U.S. These exponents initiated to spread hatred for Israel  to the third world countries.

                Anglo American historian Bernard Luis presents so many things to prove Hasrath Mohammed  behaved with  Jews with respect as they were of monotheistic belief. (He also argues that the muslims all over the world got hatred for Jews  from Europians in the middle of 19th Century.) Change is coming after the profets ‘Hijra’ to Yasrib (Madina) only. Thahir Abbas, reader in Bermingham university study centre for ethnicity and culture says, some statements against Jews by the prophet were not meant as a whole but against some particular persons who hated him and ridiculed as he invited them to his religion. In some occasions  we see he  has even solidified heaven to  Jews.  Neverthless, afterwards so many countries in Middle East and Europe kept disaffection with them like their ancestors did because of the fear of the people who claimed  to be the chosen people and their unbeaten intelligence and  without any new reason. For so many centuries this ‘Anti-Semitism’ remained. Anyway after  the Hitler’s holocaust and Second world war  the Christian countries abandoned this a little. Now the ‘right’ belongs to the communists who always claim they are ‘against all discriminations in the name of cast, creed, religion anything’. Similar to Hamas’s justifications the communists did not hesitate to accuse  Israel and Mosad for the havoc of  Soviet Union and Eastern European Communist dominations which were actually discarded by their own dominated people. Thus this time the Communist-Islamist axis became the sponsor of anti-Semitism.

                Reason for revealing this much is majority of the media write and spread unilaterally only. Nobody tries to understand Israel or not coming forward to write impartially. They are biased to certain political parties who eye on Muslim vote bank. Lion’s share of the writers, cultural workers, social workers, artists are under the yoke of vote bank politics. Same thing has been spread among the public also.

                If Hamas’s attempts were peaceful to recover Palestine region they could have got global support. But what led them mainly was thirst for genocide. Solid evidences are there in 1988’s Hamas Charter.

                Hamas Charter article 22: French Revolutions, October Revolution, Ist and IInd world for abolishing the power of Islam(?), dismissal of League of Nations and  formation of United Nations to substantiate the formation of their nation and so chaos created by nobody else but  Jews.

No violence is happening in the world without the knowledge of Jews.

                Article 32: Now Palestine, soon they will capture Nile to Euphrates. They will keep developing  their empire.

                Article 7: This is corroborated by a Hadiz.

“The day of judgement will not come until the all Jews are killed who hide themselves behind the trees and stones by the Muslims. Those trees and stones will call ‘ O truth believer, Slave of Allah… a Jew is hiding himself behind me. Come and kill  him.’

                In Islam’s earlier days the Muslims had a few wars with the Jews who lived in Arabia. Any army chief may call like the above words to encourage or provoke his own fellowmen during the war. In spite of taking it as a temporary thing, Hamas tried to educate the Jew hatred as a religious responsibility. Their policy that even by scarifying  ten palastinese at least one Jew should be killed, Israel knows well. (Remember, for the first time in 1986, former P.L.O chairman Yassir Arafat gave Israelites ‘right’ to live) Hamas not only launching rockets to the civilians of neighborhood country, they are killing their own people also. They ill-treat Palastinese who would not agree with them for the cruelty in the name of ‘Israeli spys’. Hundreds of videos are available in internet which expose their abduction of children to make human shields and torturing their own people. So many reports are available from Gaza and other parts of Palestine that the people want liberation from Hamas. The Impartial people all over the world know very well Hamas is not Palestine.

                Invasion is not appreciable. But even before capturing Palestine’s land, Israel was constantly under threat. The truth is if Israel releases those areas, it will be suicidal for them by giving place for establishing war faces to the enemies which will definitely harm Israel. Another interesting thing is 62% of Muslims who live in Israel territory  like to live as Israeli citizens! No wonder in this as they enjoy security and freedom than they might get in any Islamic country in the world. So many statements are available to prove this.

Relevance of Imam Ilyasi

                Imam Jameel Ahmed Ilyasi was  invited by the Jewish associations of U.S and Australia to know Israel as a representative of Indian Muslims. Certain logical reasons are there for this. This was not only because of India’s second position behind Indonesia in Muslim population and forth position in Shiah-Muslim population. In the opinion of British writer Tufail Ahmed, The Muslims  in India having been  in real democratic freedom for 60 years and more than that they enjoyed more than thousand years’ security  in India and so they mingled with so many people and they might keep broad mind in religious thoughts.

                When Imam formed a team for the mission, so many critics came forward to alienate him from  India and Pakistan. Even certain team members secessed at last moment fearing their business in Middle East might loose. But Imam sticked on , completed his mission with the other members and appreciated Israel for its amiability.

                Jews are not outsiders for India. They had trade with India from the days of Solomon’s regime.  In B.C 605 ten Jew families came in Kodungalloor (Cranganore) who escaped from Persian King’s prison. Afterwards in B.C 586, when Babylon captured Eudia, A.D 68 when Jerusalem temple was demolished, in A.D 369 and in A.D 490 also so many families came in India. The Hindu rulers and people received them and gave places and all support for their livelihood. They were banished here also only by the Europeans who came here! This is the reason the Jews migrated from Cranganore to Mattanchery (Cochin). The Muslims who dominated Mattanchery area also lived in co-operation with the hard working and cultured ‘Bani-Israel’ (Name of the Jews in Holy Koran). So many elder people in that place still remember the the last Jew families who returned (Aliah)  to their Holy Land after two millennium of exile. India had never driven away anybody, in the future also it will never happen.  That is India’s heritage. Israel is grateful for that. When the Arab countries stood against India in the election to U.N. Security council, Israel only helped. How many critics remember when China and Pakistan attacked India Israel only announced virtual support first? Israelites only learned to clean sea water and used when the enemies started attempts to deviate Jordan river to dry Galeela Sea. They are the  ‘Bhageeradhas’ (Epic hero who flew the Holy Ganges to the earth from the heaven –Hindu mythology) who ploughed the desert  and spread  flowers there. Israel was ready to co-operate and hand over its so many scientific gains to India. But the vested interested politicians and pressure groups who controlled over the power in India never allowed to  maintain diplomatic relations. When India  bought hi-tech spy satellite (RISAT) from Israel which can alert its security forces most effectively,  certain ‘secularist writers’ spotted “with this money Israel will attack Palestine”. How ridiculous! Here one unforgettable fact is the only people  in India who realised Israel in real sense are Rashtreeya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) and its fellow passengers. When we consider the values they uphold this is quite natural only.

                Imam Ilyasi is not an ordinary person. He is the indisputable Chairman of five lakh Imams and two hundred ‘Majlises’ in India. On the previous day of last ‘Eid-Ul-Azha’, in between his speech Imam sought to the believers “ Killing cows is a painful thing for our brothers (Hindus). So please avoid that. There are so many other eatables we are getting.”. On the next day of  Eid, no Muslim who heard his words didn’t kill cows! Even the so called progressives who claim minority’s guardianship, encourage them to challenge the sentiments of traditional Hindus and to provoke them by  proclaiming“Cow meat is allowed to us. We will kill, we will eat”, were shocked in this occasion. This incident raised Imam Ilyasi’s dignity in Indian society. Expectations of the group who invited Imam to Israel that certainly such an open hearted  person is apt to be the peacemaker is exactly true.

                The Palestine issue has the dominant  position among the reasons of originating Islamic terrorism in the world. Vested interested media were successful to picturise this as the invasion of Jews upon Islam and made way to create suicide attackers. Very clearly in India also media adopted  the same strategy for gaining vote banks’ support is terrible.

                In this occasion Hazrat Imam Jameel Ahmed  Ilyasi’s Israel visit becoming more  relevant.  Giving deserved importance and encouraging  mutual visits should be  activated. Making way for such personalities to come to the vital positions of the community is inevitable. This is a necessity of peace loving people . and   responsibility of the respective states

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