If hawks are all killed off what will doves do?

via K Vijayan published on March 22, 2011

American attempt to kill Gaddaffi fails again – PTI; 22-3-11

Of course PTI being an old British Christian brand will not post a headline like that, but many will remember that an American Bombing Mission aimed at Gaddaffi’s Iconic Tent killed one of his infant daughters some years ago. Maybe the culprits got sainted by the Pope, or got Congressional Medal of Honour too. This time around also, with much more powerful bombs and ever more accurate aiming gadgets they have flattened some buildings and tanks etc, and though it may never be acknowledged, a few hundred or thousand muslim civilians, women and children included. Gaddaffi however eludes them, much like Omar-bin.

What amuses us is to find equally barbarian Sheikhs and Arab Leaguers, followers of muhammed who hunt round the year with American Christian Oil hounds and destroy their own islamic hares, appealing to the Crusaders – “What we want is the protection of civilians and not bombing other civilians”. May be PTI missed something in the translation from the ulta script OPEC handouts in this bit of waffle.

With so many centuries of experience in bayonetting, rifling, cannoning, bombing, droning, rocketting all innocent and non-innocent Faithfuls, Unfaithfuls, Kaffirs, idolators, heathens, hindus, apostates and other branded humanity, what has not yet dawned upon these barbarians is that the bomb, drone, bullet or rocket has not yet been discovered which can discriminate between one kind of cvilian or another – or between combatant and non-combatant, rebel and conformist.

And if someone Up There does manage to invent such gadgets, no American or Islamic MNC will manufacture it, market it, or deploy it.

If hawks are all killed off what will doves do?

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