“I left the consulate with my chest high – 56 inches ” ; A Tale of silent Transformation in Indian Consulates

published on November 22, 2014

Swatch Bharat campaign is joked off most of the time.
After sixty years of a dynastic rule a change.

Now let me tell you a recent Incidence (no story). I was travelling from Canberra to Sydney by train. At a small station there was a change of the engine driver which took a minute. The relived driver walked down the platform and came across an empty coke can on the side under a bench. He picked it up and put it in the bin nearby and moved on as usual. I thought to myself, would it happen in India. Why not?
On a more serious note, now let me tell you my experience I had at the Indian consulate in Sydney yesterday. I had gone there for the life certificate. I was amazed at seeing the transformation in that office since my last visit:

  • The man at the reception asked me even before I could say anything ‘sir have you come for the life certificate’. I said ‘Yes’. He asked me to give him the documents, take coffee and have a seat.
  •  Some guys were already sitting and some kept coming. After some time, the councillor came out (I was told later that he comes out every half hour), called out the names, made them sign the certificate, signed it himself and handed it over. I was off in half an hour when the web site says it will take one day.
  •     As though this was not enough, there was an old Anglo Indian pensioner from Railways – William D Fransis on a wheelchair accompanied by his grand-daughter. Frail and unable to speak. The consular saw him and asked for his form first. With the form in hand, he went to him and said ‘Sir from next year onwards, please do not come here for this certificate. Just go to your treating GP (Doctor), he will sign this certificate. After that please post it to us along with a photo copy of your passport. You will get it back in  a day and if you desire we will also send it to your paying office.

  •  All pensioners present were amazed at the transformation. As though in unison, they all said ‘I am going for Modi’s public appearance next week’

Being a bit curious, I stayed on and started asking the receptionist about this noticeable transformation. He told me the following:

  • We have to send to MEA, a monthly report highlighting the problems faced by visitors to the consulate and what actions have been taken to remove or reduce them? This is the result of that.
  •  I asked him to tell me a few other improvements. He started off with a whole list. Let me tell you one of them. They have started a new emergency service. Say after office hours one learns that one’s father has passed away. You SMS your visa request on a given number. If the officer on duty considers it to be an emergency request, he will call you back and speak to you and in all probability for such a case give you a visa the moment you are able to reach him with your passport. I remember my son’s tears when he pleaded for a visa to get home after my wife’s death. While the Indian embassy tried its best to delay it, his Australian boss in Canberra had to intervene. My eyes are flowing with tears as I remember it while trying to bring this transformation to you. Only one thing has changed since then in the consulate – the PM. The same building the same staff.
  • I left the consulate with my chest high – 56 inches

 Guys, this is a National Opportunity for us to redeem and rediscover ourselves. Let us contribute in the effort and not derail it. The least we can do is to have patience. Things are happening.

 Please do pass on this First Hand Account of Transformation to those who may not be knowing and to the media which will never publish such good deeds of the man. From my side, I sent an immediate e mail to the PMO with a copy to the Consular and the Ambassador

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  1. uma Reply

    November 23, 2014 at 12:05 am

    Thank you Guptaji
    This is real good incident. All offices have now accountability. Great. Thank you for posting this I was watching the media interview in Sydney (I think NDTV) where one of the Indian Australian said he was expecting Modiji to announce dual citizenship. Truly, Modi is doing quite a bit. Let him concentrate first on feeding the millions in India. That alone is his first priority. As AU citizens we are enjoying enough and more. Let us not burden India

  2. veeci Reply

    November 23, 2014 at 2:45 am

    Yadha Raja thadha Praja
    When very sincere people are at the top, these things will happen. When the head of the nation is strict, sincere, honest and dedicated, everybody will have a fear in his mind and therefore will work with honesty and sincerity which will be very much benificial to the common man. Neither TV channel nor News paper has reported this incidence because their selfish interest can not flourish as long as “Sri Narendra Modi” is our PM.

  3. Praveen Shanker Pillai Reply

    November 23, 2014 at 11:15 pm

    Modification of Indian Consulates
    I have shared this communal transformation on my Facebook Page.

  4. RAJAGOPAL Reply

    December 6, 2014 at 8:26 am

    Good governance of Modijee
    The last big para has brought tears in my eyes on the inhuman behaviour of pre-Modijee’s regime. Long live Modijee’s rule of our Land with his reformative governance. This sort of governance was expected by the Voters of India and that is why MODIJEE was given big manddate and it will surely continue because of the clean governance of BJP Team at Centre. i immediately shared this on my facebook.

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