Hindus in Gulf

published on February 3, 2008

By Synonymous

Discrimination and persecution on the basis of religion is very much a stark reality of life even in this twenty first century. The techniques have changed and the players use sophisticated methods to disguise and hide the acts and facts. Hindus in Gulf are one of the highly discriminated social groups today. Yet there is no one to take up their cause, unlike the HAF (Hindu American Foundation) in USA and HINDRAF in Malaysia. The main reason being that Hindus in the Gulf are not citizens of these Arab nations, even after spending more than 25 to 30 years toiling for them. Slavery is built into the labour system in these countries and Hindus remain at the bottom of this ‘labour ladder’.

Unable to worship and get together for celebrations, the plight of India’s majority community in the Gulf is something to be seen to be believed. The lone exception is Oman and that too because of the presence of Hindu Khimjis who happen to be citizens of Oman. Govt. of India has completely neglected the legitimate rights and basic aspirations of the Hindus in Gulf.

The situation has been going from bad to worse over a period of time. Many of the employers-on-paper happen to be our own co-citizens from India and some of them even turn out to be Hindus (at least in their names). Yousef Alis and Mohammed Alis who keep talking about thousands of jobs for Indians are only proxy-masters for the Arab super-masters for supply of cheap Indian labour. And now these Indo-Arab masters have rolled out a new technique of developing many Ramachandrans and Ravi Pillais just as masks for unhindered recruitment from India. You may note that these new Hindu dupes in Gulf have emerged only after the advent of a BJP government in India. Arabs and their advisors from Malappuram are clever and quick to realize the need for having a Hindu flavour just in case it is needed for future.

Official neglect by the so-called ambassadors from India is a major reason for the current pitiable condition of Hindus in Gulf. Many of them, especially those who belong to minority communities, turn out to be ambassadors for their community alone and not for all Indians. One such ambassador in Qatar has already laid foundation stones for a dozen churches for Indian Christians, but has not done a thing for getting a proper place of worship sanctioned for Hindus. The sad part is that Hindus constitute the biggest religious minority in Qatar if we account for the Nepali slaves also!!!

In the present set-up, the entire Gulf region is allocated to the IUML minister and going by his actions, it is better for the Indian government to re-designate his post as ‘Minister for Haj’ or ‘Minister for Indian Minorities’ in the Gulf. The situation is so pathetic that Ahmed Haji does not even look at the files of Indian prisoners or those who are kidnapped if their names sound un-Islamic. Hindustan and Hinduism are unique in many ways. But the most striking feature is that it is the only country in the world (and that too a democracy) where the majority has no voice and majority likes to be ruled by the minorities.

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