‘Hindus haven’t surrendered their self respect to West or Middle East ‘ – A Letter to President of France

via Y.C.Prasad published on October 1, 2008
Your Excellency, the French President Nicolas Sarkozy,

Our Greetings from India to you and your Great Nation.  I am a Hindu, not a radical one, a normal one.  I have read with amusement that you have ‘ticked off’ our Hon’ble Prime Minister, Sri.Manmohan Singh about ‘massacre’ of Christians in India.  Please be informed before ‘summoning’ and giving ‘dressing down’ to Elected Indian Prime Ministers or any other Ministers for that matter, that we are a Nation of 100+ billion members of humanity.  87% of us are born into Sanathana Dharma or Hindu Faith and we are very very proud of being born into what we think as “The Greatest of Religions” just as followers of Christianity, Islam etc think about their faiths. We do not require French President’s kind permission to survive

Better thing would be for your Excellency to invite Hindu Religious leaders or send your representatives to conduct on the spot study of any matters that might disturb you.  Relying solely on news media will never solve anything, perhaps complicate misunderstandings  more and more. You will do well to contact your own French citizen living in India – Mr.Francois Gautier who lives in this ‘hell hole’ called India almost on permanent basis.  For your kind information he lives in Pondicherry.  He would gladly explain what is going wrong against Christians here and more importantly- why. Here is how you can reach him –



We acknowledge that French Nation is a civilized one and hope your Great Nation too recognizes the same about Indian Nation. We are not cavemen bashing enemies and eating their bodies. Please do understand that Hindus too have what is called ‘self respect’ and they have not yet surrendered it to the West or Middle East to be trampled upon at will. It takes two hands to make a clap.  Unfortunately you seem to look at only one hand and ignore the other one – hence your insulting remarks about our Great Nation.

As for France, I simply adore that Nation – I and my family are obsessed of Asterix and Obelix.  We admire your technical prowess, ability to run your Country and tolerance of multi-cultural society. Please drop your colonial mindset immediately to understand Indians.  We know the ground realities – would you believe that for decades, some of our ancient Temples are under attack from misguided Christians?  Yes, I can show you right here in Chennai!  Can you believe that these so called Christians go round our Temples throwing stones and calling our God as black demons?  Are you aware that our Temple lands and taken away by force and Christian educational institutes are built by bribing government officials – I will show you instances. Shall I show you instances when human excrement is put on our Lord Shiva’s head and he is garlanded with old footware? These are ‘small’ examples – I can show you how misguided Christian converts loot Hindu Temples and kill the aged guards, but France and the EU doesnot  cry for them!

I am not indulging in blame game, but a statement by Pope John Paul II when he visited India to ‘harvest’ us idiots to Christianity that set things on fire really as per my observation. In the name of NGO’s working for the poor, your European Christian groups are indulging in blatant baiting of money to convert my poor brothers here.  These are the core issues, dear President. Nothing is happening overnight on the ‘innocent’ Christians.  Did your Excellency express shock at brutal murder of our 84 year old Guru Sri Laxmananda Saraswathi and 4 of his disciples that started this so called ‘massacre’? If not why?  Do you endorse killing of a 84 year old religious leader of majority community and expect things to remain cool? As I see it Hindus are telling ‘enough is enough’ to both Christians and Muslims for pouring out their venom all these centuries.  Kindly try to understand their language.  There are no big issues except that Hindus would love to live undisturbed in their own Motherland.

Thanking you and wishing your Great Country and the European Union a great peace and prosperity.  Hope you will start taking necessary initiative with the Holy Vatican too and allow Hindus to march along with Christians and Muslims to their bright and happy future.



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