Hindu perspective on Terrorism-Las Vegas Symposium

via Narain Kataria published on November 13, 2006

Does Militant Islam pose a serious threat to liberal democracies?  Should we believe in the sanctimonious rhetoric that Islam is a peaceful religion? Has the “Clash of Civilization” already taken roots? Should Muslim immigration be stopped to democratic countries?  Why 95% of the terrorist activities are conducted by the adherents of Islam?  Should Qur’anic  injunctions which preach hatred, extol the virtue of violence, carry commandments to kill infidels,  be modified?  Is Pakistan still the epicenter of the terrorism?  Is Pakistan using sophistry and subterfuge, as a weapon to advance its diabolical designs to spread terrorism? Is Pakistan playing duplicitous and disingenuous role in the war on terror.  How to prevent fifth column of jihadists from promoting, recruiting and financing Islamic terrorism?  These are some the of the difficult questions which were raised and debated in the two-day Symposium from Nov. 10-11th, 2006 organized in Las Vegas by America’s Truth Forum.


America’s Truth Forum is a prominent and well respected organization in the USA.  It has close working relationship with former CIA, FBI officials, top-notch experts on counter-terrorism, influential intelligence officials and opinion makers.   


Indian American Intellectuals Forum (IAIF) was invited to participate in the Symposium,  and present Hindu perspective on terror.   The title of the Symposium was:  “Understanding the Threat of Islamist Terrorism”.


Addressing the august gathering as “leaders with vision, perspicacity, competency and sense of History”,  Dr. Babu Suseelan, a Psychologist from Pennsylvania, and one of the directors of IAIF said:

  “First of all, we should understand in unambiguous terms that attack on World Trade Center on 9/11/2001 in which more than 3000 people perished, attack on London Subway System on July 7, 2005 in which about 60 people were killed, terrorist attack on  Madrid  railway station on March 11, 2004 in which more than 200 people were killed, killing of 344 innocent children on September 4, 2004, at a Beslan school in Russia, bomb blast in Bali on October 12, 2002 in which 200 innocent tourists were killed, attack in Mumbai in 1993 in which 58 people were blown to bits, another bomb blast at Mumbai in 2006, in which 200 people were murdered, roasting alive of 58 Hindu pilgrims on Feb. 27, 2002 at Godhra Railway station in India, are not isolated incidents but a part of the grand pan-Islamic strategy to bring entire world under Islam and establish the rule of Allah all over the world” 


Dr. Suseelan accused political class for their willful prevarication in handling Islamic militancy.  He warned that religious bigotry and terrorism cannot be countered by dilettantism.  He accused liberal intelligentsia for being downright hypocrite, suffering from  stifling close-mindedness and practicing charlatanism.    


Islamic militancy has assumed an astronomical dimension.  Militant Islam is actuated by the strong desire to achieve its objective by the process called Jihad.  Jihad is the dangerous doctrine of  permanent warfare against infidels (Christians, Jewish, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs).  It is to be continued until unbelievers are eliminated and Sharia (Islamic law) is established in the enemy country.


Hindus in India have witnessed  unprecedented barbarism at the hands of Islamic militants since 8th century. Tracing India’s History, Dr. Suseelan said that in AD 712 Governor of Iraq had instructed to bring destruction on the unbeliever Hindus of  India, if they did not accept the rule of Allah.  Slaughter of Hindus continued for three days.  26,000 men were mercilessly murdered, and 20,000 women were captured and sent to Khalif in Bagdad


Eleventh century also saw the barbaric assault of Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni on Hindustan starting in 1000 CE. He launched 17 plundering, looting and slave-taking expeditions to India. Abu Nasr Muhammad Utbi, Sultan Mahmud’s secretary, gloats in his official chronicle that after attacking Waihind in November 1001 CE, Mahmud’s army slaughtered 15,000 fighting men in “splendid action” before capturing 500,000 men and women as slaves.


At the time of India’s Partition, reign of rape, murder and loot was unleashed against Hindu-Sikh population of Pakistan.  They were ethnically cleansed from each and every city of Pakistan.  In 1971, ten million Hindus were driven from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).  In 1989-1990, 400,000 Hindus from Indian Kashmir were given two choices by Islamic terrorists:  accept Islam or leave the country.  In an article dated July 24, 2006, M.A. Khan of Islam Watch mentions that  effective displacement of 30 million Hindus took place in 1947 and 1971.  However, it is a matter of regret and disgrace that biggest exodus in the world history took place in 1947 and 1971, and no historian took note of it.     


In his forceful half-hour speech, Dr. Babu Suseelan, squarely blamed Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Islamic theories of  Dar-ul-Islam (Islamic nation) and Dar-ul-Harab (enemy nation), incomprehensible antediluvian religious teachings of Seventh Century, for the spread of jihad and terrorism all over the world.


A recent Pentagon briefing paper titled, “Motivations of Muslim Suicide Bombers,” points to the Qur’an as the source of the motivation of Islamist bombers. 


Quoting one recent study conducted by CIA, Dr. Suseelan said that there are two to three percent Muslims out of 1.4 billion Muslims (approximately 35 million) who support Jihadi terrorism.  According to Daniel Pipes, Director of Middle East Forum, there are 10-15% (approximately 140 to 210 million)  Muslims in the world who sympathize with Islamic militants.  If the above prognostications are to be believed, the number of Islamic terrorists is more than the total number of the world armies.  “This is a very depressing and dangerous scenario”, lamented Dr. Suseelan.


We should recognize the magnitude of danger from Islamic militancy to humanity.  Our mollycoddling mindset towards terrorism could create a pervasive sense of debilitation in the society. 


Dr, Suseelan delivered his speech with electric clarity coupled with anguishing historical facts and prescient veracity.  He warmed the cockles of audience’s mind and thereby won their accolades.  He was warmly praised for dishing out voluminous  and stupefying  data detailing enormous brutalities  heaped on Hindus by Islamic militants.  Many counter-terrorism experts urged  Dr. Suseelan to keep them posted in future also.  Organizers also expressed happiness at the presence of American Hindus in the Symposium.


The following dignitaries spoke on the occasion:  Paul Schiffer (Editor), Walid Shoebat (A reformed PLO Terrorist), Dr. Wafa Sultan (Psychiatrist), Robert Spencer, author, Director, Jihad Watch), Dr. Bruce Tefft (Former CIA Counter Terrorism Expert), Dr. Harvey Kushner, Professor, Dr. Paul Williams (Foremr FBI Consultant), and Ray Hoffman (Front Page Magazine).

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