‘Hindu bias’ of a so called organisation for Religous Freedom

published on May 1, 2013


I would like to point out a few points, on the religious freedom of Hindus, with reference to your press release (given in the following link):


When I went through the press release, I was wondering whether your good selves are completely ignorant about a section called Hindus – who are well over a billion in the world population! This because, when your press release mentions about the country of Pakistan, you have mentioned about the Shiite Muslims, the Ahmadias & the Christians as the affected, but no word about the principal religious minority in Pakistan – the Hindus. Are you totally unaware of the gross human rights violations Hindus face in Pakistan, not to mention of ‘religious freedom’? Again, are you totally aware of the state of Hindus in Bangladesh – where Hindus are being butchered every day, their places of worship destroyed, etc.? I am not sure which country – Pakistan or Bangladesh – leads in such acts, but from what I have read & seen from the media, they both seem to have engaged in a competition on which country outdoes the other, as far as atrocities against the Hindus are concerned! Have you heard about what ‘religious freedom’ Hindus experience in Indonesia? And, due you have any idea about Hindus facing atrocities from their ‘Muslim brethren’ in many places in India itself? No, I am not mentioning about the Kashmir valley, where the exodus of Hindu Pandits (for whom the Kashmir valley was the only homeland, for centuries) is near complete. This is about other places, including those in the state of West Bengal, which borders Bangladesh.

Another thing I would like to mention here is about Mr. Narendra Modi, one of the most successful (for those who would not agree that he is the best) chief ministers in India. I just read a report that your good selves have ‘reiterated’ your concerns about Shri. Modi’s admissibility to the US due to his alleged “complicity in the 2002 riots” in the state! So, should we believe that you have absolutely no belief on the judicial system of the largest democracy in the world?

Leaving alone the judiciary, are you aware that more than 31% Muslims (who are projected as his worst enemies by some) in the state of Gujarat voted for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led by Mr. Narendra Modi, in the legislative assembly elections held just a few months back? Do you think they are all fools, or are unaware of what is going on in Gujarat?

If you have been misled by any reports or stories by persons / organizations with ulterior motives, regarding the above matters, I sincerely hope that you would try to correct them at the earliest.

But, if it is religious bias against the Hindus that makes you arrive on such ‘conclusions’, I have nothing more to say!

Thanks & regards,

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