Heart breaking story of Rinkel Kumari, a Hindu girl in Pakistan

published on March 31, 2012

Rinkel was kidnapped;

She was forced to convert to Islam;

She was called Faryal Shah now;

She was married off to a wealthy Muslim guy;

The media reports:

Most of the time it is not how it goes. The girl (could be a Hindu or a Christian) is simply forced to sign the documents infront of police or some judges. Or Muslims fill the court room and shout “Allah Akbar” to influence her statements, implicit in this kind of behavior is reminding girl about threats to herself and her family if she does not tell the court what they wanted to hear.

But media never mentions all these and therefore becomes accomplices in ongoing ethnic cleansing of Hindus from Pakistan.

Now, she tells Supreme Court (here) – Supreme Court ensured that no one was present in the court room when they recorded her statement-  that she was kidnapped.

Is this a new development? Way back, Human Rights Council of Pakistan has reported honestly about ongoing kidnappings of Hindu girls.

It is not all this.

Watching the video clip, one can see procession by Muslims celebrating this ‘eventful’ conversion and marriage. They knew that they kidnapped her, so why are they celebrating?

Because by kidnapping that girl and celebrating, they feel they are humiliating Hindus and Hindu community. By no means this is the lone event. It happens all the time in Pakistan. It happens all the time in Egypt, where Coptic Christian community is the victim.

Humiliating Non-Muslims is so important to Muslims and Islam that Sharia law contains (here) well developed rituals and regulations for humiliating and degrading Non-Muslims and these become part of beliefs of Muslims and also that they influence how Muslims behave towards Non-Muslims.

The worst is yet to reveal itself in this sad story of Rinkel Kumari.

Having told the court that she was converted forcibly, she more or less put herself in the direct line of rage of Muslims. More so, if she says she is still a Hindu, Muslims consider herself as an apostate which makes legal for any Muslim to kill her.

More importantly, Muslims believe that her family has breached the so called Dhimmah covenant, by bringing their daughter away from Islam – Dhimmah covenant requires that Non-Muslims should not stop another Non-Muslim from becoming a Muslim – which puts them in arms way of getting killed. Sometimes, Muslims attack entire community for their alleged insult of Islam even by one Non-Muslim.

Report – I referred to – already mentions about her family receiving death threats and about their hiding in some other place.

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