Global Islamic Terrorism

via Dr.Babu Suseelan published on March 7, 2006

The word “terrorism” traces its roots in the era of prophet Muhammad. He was an illiterate with no proper upbringing and education. He grew up as a street thug who used to rob nomadic travelers. Mohamed was the man who perfected the art of terrorism including beheading and looting. By terrorizing innocent tribal Arabs, he was able to enlarge his criminal gang. With his terror techniques and propaganda, he was successful in converting several nomads in to his criminal philosophy.  By terrorism and intimidation Mohamed was successful in liberating several innocent people and enslaving them with his false, rigid, closed dogma. Countries like Persia, Egypt, Iraq , Syria, Algeria, Tunisia , Afghanistan , Lebanon, Turkey and Libya might not have become Islamic if it was not for terrorism. 

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, “terrorism is the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.” The objective of terrorism may be to gain publicity for some cause, or the desire to obtain concessions or bring about social change. Several experts on terrorism have pointed out; however, there is no universally accepted definition of terrorism.  

“Terrorism” is a vexing term. According to Title 22 of the US Code

Section 2656 (D): “The term ‘terrorism” means premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated by sub national or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience.” It is also as old as Islamic history. “State-sponsorship” of “terrorism” is even more imprecise and debatable. For example, to many people, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan , Syria, Libya and Sudan are, almost by definition, a “state sponsor” of “terrorism”. Terrorist actions by its armed forces against civilians, and non-believers can be designated as act of terrorism. . While to the current Saudi Arabia, Iranian and Pakistani government and many Jihadis, most if not all actions of non-believers- from praying to read non Islamic religious books are blasphemous acts and Islam justifies Jihad war against Kafirs (non-believers).  


The media is replete with reports of Islamic Terrorism or Jihad war.  When ask them why? They say the perpetrators are all MUSLIM Jihadis.  Experts on terrorism agree with this formula. Take for example the bloody conflicts in Pakistan, Lebanon, Sudan , and Iraq.  It is a clear fight between either Sunnis or Shias or between Jihadis against Kaafirs (non-believers). Do we ever read any news in International media on Terrorism other than Jihadis?  

The Independent media rightly reports: Muslims are known for violence and terrorism. The term “terrorism” simply means “violence committed by Jihadis in the name of Islam”. In the adult world, each individual act of violence committed by Jihadis needs to be discussed on the context of Islam. Some of the people who howl terrorists as freedom fighters  most loudly do not admit that terrorism, violence and mass agitation by Muslims is an attempt to shut down debate.  


Today many several Islamic Jihad groups use terrorism for their vested political motives. In Chechnya, Kashmir, Lebanon , Iraq , Algeria, Georgia, Israel , Afghanistan , Indonesia, Egypt and in Sudan Muslims frequently engage in terrorism to wipe out people with different political views. There is no peace and tranquility in these regions. Several innocent Jewish, Hindu, and Buddhist people were murdered by Jihadis in the last few years. Homicide bombing, suicide bombing, beheading, arson and violence perpetuated by Jihadis are a daily occurrence. All of the perpetrators were Muslims and they were never captured by Islamic police. There is considerable evidence that Jihadis destroyed the region’s fragile peace – for their political and strategic ends. Who are the “terrorists” in this scenario? Why Jihadis are busy with bombing and murdering innocent people in the name of Islam? There is a consensus among historians that the Koranic dictates have contributed to the rise of Jihadi terrorism. Are all these historians pro-Jihad? The term “terrorism” – as used by the Islamic press and politicians today – informs us their strange and willful ignorance of cause and effect of Jihadi terrorism. How can terror and violence ever be a serious response to our problems? When there are violent attacks, we need to understand why they are happening. If we do not, we are left failing in a historical void – and powerless to prevent further attacks. It is imperative that phony liberals, left wing intellectuals and historians study in depth the link between Islam and terrorism.  


 The common denominator among perpetrators of acts deemed “terrorist” may be that in today’s world, “terrorists” are groups of individuals, or even state actors, who may feel militarily unable or unwilling to confront their perceived enemies directly and who accordingly use violence or the threat of violence against non-combatants to achieve their political aims. Such tactics date back the era of Mohamed, to the sword wielding “zealots”. Terrorism is also a contemporary variant of what has been described as Jihad war against infidels.

Suicide attack is an ancient practice with Persian Muslim assassins. The concept of terror as systematic use of violence to attain political ends was first codified by Muslim Mullahs in Egypt, Iran and Lebanon . Similar justification for state sponsored terror was common in all Islamic states. 

Whether sub national (Muslim anarchists) or state supported (e.g.Iraq, Iran, Pakistan ) suicide attack as a weapon of terror is usually chosen by Muslims against non-believers or against different Muslim groups.  

According to Jane’s Intelligence Review, all the suicide terrorist

groups have support infrastructures in Islamic countries. Does Islam or Muslims the pioneer of Suicide Terrorism? Several groups in different countries have resorted to suicide terrorism for political reasons. They were isolated incidents. Muslims have perfected suicide bombing and use even young children and women to carry bombs under their veil. Recently Jihadis have perfected the art of suicide bombing under the leadership of their top most Jihadi terrorist Bin Laden. It is reported that Islamic countries such as Pakistan, Syria, Iraq , Iran and Sudan are assisting Jihadi bombers to carry out suicide bombing. 


History unfortunately recognizes and accords visibility to power and not to weakness. Therefore, visibility has been accorded historically to dominant Islamic terrorist groups. Terrorism as a tool began with Mohamed and his conquest of several tribal lands. Islamic warriors have forcefully converted thousands of people into their rigid, closed dogma called Islam through sword.  Great civilizations have been wiped out by Islamic Jihadi warriors. The Egyptian, Persian, pre-Islamic Arabic culture, Babylonian, Mesopotamian, and Zoroastrian civilizations were wiped out.  Their voices have not been heard, even to this day fully. Now they are beginning to be heard, but not fully. They are heard, yes, but only in Museums. Muslims conquered different parts of Europe and forcefully converted thousands by terrorism and intimidation. This period was recognized for intolerance, looting, killing, special taxation for non-believers, rape and mass murder. The Christian Europeans launched their crusade against Muslims and eliminated Islam and Muslims from different parts of Europe. This they did through forced conversion of Muslims to Christianity, expulsion or liquidation.  

The history of Islamic conquest and occupation of the lands of others is also littered with the corpses of thousands of people. There are no reliable figures for the violence unleashed upon the world by Jihadi Muslims. Violence has been associated with all Muslim rulers, but what is unique about the Islamic rulers were the genocides they inflicted on civilian populations they conquered; and how they systematically destroyed the culture, religion, identity and way of life of people.  

Two examples illustrate the violent and brutal mentality of these Islamic invaders. The peace loving Zoroastrian population who were the original inhabitants of Persia  numbered some 40 million. By the time the Muslims finished with them there were less than one million, and their lands had been stolen. The Zoroastrians being peace-loving people could not fight the Islamic invaders. Several of them escaped to India

Hindus had inhabited Afghanistan, Punjab, Kashmir, Sindh, Baluchistan, North East of India for around 40,000 years. There were 40 million of them when the Islamic invaders arrived (likely to be a gross underestimate). By the time the Muslims finished massacring them, there were 60,000 left. When they stopped killing them physically, they adopted a new policy, of stealing Hindu children from their parents and giving them to Muslims to bring up, so that they could eradicate their Hindu culture and language. Will Durant, the great cultural historian have stated that the Hindu Holocaust by Muslim invaders was the most brutal in the history of the world.  

The legal principle adopted by Muslim rulers to steal land and wealth from these innocent peace loving people was “Jessiya”. This Islamic unjust law was used to forcefully collect money from infidels and loot their land and other belongings. Muslims now think they are qualified to teach non-Muslims how to deal justly with others!  

Bloodshed was not confined to occupation of lands. True to form, when the Muslim invaders were forced to leave occupied lands, they killed mercilessly too. Those that resisted their theft and occupation were always known as kaafirs regardless of whether they were Jews, Buddhists, Zoroastrians or Hindus.  

Violence and killing extended to within their own boundaries too. The Middle East Muslims have invented ethnic cleansing to purify Islam. They were not content with border war or sectarian warfare. More than 10 million people were dead or missing due to military intervention by Muslims, and 22 million wounded (no figures are available for civilians Casualties) because of war between different sects of Muslims. During the Lebanon crisis, Kuwait occupation, Iran-Iraq war there were 6 million military and civilian deaths alone, with no figures available for wounded.  

They even massacred their own Sunnis and shias. With such a history of mass murder, now they needed nuclear weapons to liquidate people efficiently and quickly. And that is the reason Pakistan and Iran are busy making nuclear bombs. And they are likely to use them again, against infidels. 

The Jihadis are also seems particularly adept at manufacturing ideologies that are anti-human that leads to mass slaughter. The World’s most evil and exploitative ideologies have all emanated from Islam. The assassination, beheading, suicide bombing, stoning, amputating, arson, violence, car bombing, plane hijacking and mass agitation are in daily vocabulary of jihadis. Estimates for the number of people killed just under Islamic invasion of other countries are put at 75 million.  

Islamic history is littered with violence, bloodshed and Warmongering. In particular, Mohammedans have never tolerated anyone who has a different culture, race or religion. Nowhere in Islamic societies do we find communities of other cultures surviving.  


Koran is the source of inspiration for jihadi terrorists. In short, according to the brutal claim of Koran and Hadith, kaafir people have to die for Islam. Existence of Islam came to mean ‘permanent Jihad war.’  Muslim clergy and Islamic leaders and military in particular support these cruel ideas.  

In the beginning of Islamic invasion after the death of Mohamed, members of the ruling Islamic classes gathered to discuss the newly conquered “Population problem” and to devise ways of implementing the Kormanic dictates. As a result of this cruel policy, the weak, and those who refuse to convert to Islam would be eliminated, and millions of non-believers were killed.

This so-called ‘oppression of the kaafirs’ policy was actually carried out throughout Islamic conquest. A special order was set up in which children of eight and nine and kaffir men and women were made to work sixteen hours a day for Muslims with no pay. In the Muslim occupied countries, thousands died from the terrible conditions. The total submission to Allah demanded by Islamic dogma led to millions of infidels leading lives full of suffering in Muslim occupied lands.  

Influenced by Koranic ideas, invading Muslim military leaders applied this concept of Jihad war, oppression and jessiya in all occupied countries. Moreover, they claimed that the so-called jihad war was justified and it is an unchangeable law of Islam. Islamic military leaders forced people to abandon their religious beliefs by denying political rights and death threat.  

The implementation of false, untrue, irrational ideas of the Koran that led Mohammedans to ruthlessness and cruelty, and it cost humanity a heavy price. As Islamic culture was forcefully introduced in conquered lands, educational, cultural institutions and civilization vanished.  


While Muslims are found on the fundamentalist side, the left wing is occupied by communists. Communists have always been among the fiercest defenders of fundamentalist Islam in India, Europe and America. Islam and Communism are closed paradigms where followers have no freedom of expression. Both as closed systems use violence and terrorism as change agents.  

This relationship between Islam and communism goes right back to the founders of both these ‘isms.’Islam influenced Marx and Engel, the founders of communism, not for its religious value, but they were amazed at its ‘dialectical-dualistic’ attitude. Islam divides people between believers and non-believers.  Marx and Engel showed that people can be divided between bourgeois and proletariat. Both Islam and Communism contain the basis for perpetual conflict and war between two opposing groups namely believers and non-believers, bourgeois and proletariat.  Russian Communists who followed in the footsteps of Marx and Engel, such as Plekhanov, Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin, all agreed with the class conflict. Plekhanov, who is considered as the founder of Russian communism, regarded Marxism as ‘a tool to wipe out opposing class.’  

Mao, who established communist rule in China, killed millions of people. Mao openly stated that non believers of communism should be wiped out. Both Islam and Communism are control systems. These rigid, control paradigms require them to blame non-believers, intimidate and punish them in order to keep their rigid ideological system.  They have many slogans and techniques but the overall pattern has to do with control. Both Islam and communism are afraid of dissenters and free thinkers. Islamic and Communist countries have built in control system to wipe out non-believers.

According to these control paradigms, the public should be Controlled and brainwashed constantly with their rigid dogma. They have a fixed pattern and plan to eliminate those who do not confirm. Communists and their unholy alliance with Islamic fundamentalists is the root of modern day crisis in several part of the world.


This unholy alliance is at the genesis of various ideologies of terrorism and violence that Spelled disaster to mankind for the last several years. They have distorted world views. The fundamental concepts of Communism and Islam are behind this method of ‘fighting those who are not one of us.’  

In spite of all bloodshed in their history, still the Communist and Islamic states are oppressing the non-believers in various others means. The following list will give an idea of who are to be blamed.  

Several thousand innocent people died in Kashmir, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Sudan, Algeria, and Israel due to Jihadi wars, massacres, slaughters and oppressions and suicide bombing. There were 6 million “military casualties” during the war between Iraq and Iran. Hundreds of thousands were murdered by Jihadis in Afghanistan, Kashmir , Sudan Algeria and Lebanon. Thousands were murdered by Jihadi terrorists in Israel</st1:plac

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