“Genuine Normalisation” of “Ties” with Pakistan??

via K Vijayan published on March 30, 2011

India & Pak (??) call for normalisation (???) of ties – PTI; 31-3-11

Both Manmohan Singh and Yousef Reza Gilani are Pakistan-born persons with an anti-India Agenda. The other major similarity between them is that neither can be said, except by the greatest stretch of Media Mendacity, to represent the people of their countries.

Nearer the truth to claim that Nazi Pope Radzinger represents the Indian people and Barack Obama the people of Pakistan.

What we can be sure about Gilani is that he has neither the integrity, nor the ability nor the least power to alter the Muhammedan, shariat mindset of the Pakistani Military, Civil or religious Establishment, or its warped people. They are a nation born out of hatred of humanity in general and Hindus in particular, and that hatred – which also receives nourishment from the USA – is their only raison d’ etre.

The other thing is this “normalisation of ties” PTI refers to. Let the birdbrains at PTI tell us what “normal ties” were between Hindus and Muslims before Partition as well as after.

Like the ‘normalcy’ of the Hindu population of Pakistan dwindling from 30% to under 3%? Like the destruction of Hindu Temples by the thousand all over the land by good, merciful jihadis? Like the three wars and innumerable terror strikes launched by Pakistan against India?

What exactly do the semantic jugglers mean by “genuine normalisation”?

Will the mutual masturbation indulged in by Singh and Gilani, and this “spirit of Mohali” bring about the closure of all the Terror Schools run by Pakistan, and the summary execution of all the jihadi murderous scoundrels starting from Dawood Meah now being sheltered by Gilani?

In the Bihar of old there was a local brand of hooch labelled “Ma Kali”, popularly known among the anglo-indians of the region as “Macaulay”, which was available in different potencies like “pachhaas” (fifty) and “pachhahthar” (seventy five). Maybe the Punjabis have something similar in Mohali, and these International Connoisseurs have had a go at it.

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