Earthquake help-why double standards?

via Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo published on November 12, 2005


While it is gratifying to note that people irrespective of creed, colour, race or region are coming to the help of earthquake ravaged areas of Pakistan and Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

      I am reminded of 1989-90 genocide, ethnic cleansing and forced mass exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir. The Kashmiri Pandits are the indigenous people of Kashmir who lived in Kashmir for the last thousands of years. They have a written history testifying their living in Kashmir for the last more than five thousand years. They became victim of the Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism in Kashmir when hundreds of them were selectively killed, butchered, sliced and axed because they were not Muslims and supported accession of Kashmir to India. Their hundreds of temples and shrines including places of cultural importance were  destroyed and razed to ground. Thousands of their houses were burnt by the terrorists and fundamentalists with the tacit support and understanding of the Muslim majority community and administration in Kashmir. This community was compelled to make exodus and leave to the other parts of the Jammu province and some cities like Delhi, Jammu and Udhampur etc.

      I am reminded that the then political structures of India excepting a few tried to justify terrorism because in their opinion Kashmiri Muslim youth were unemployed and were frustrated to take up the gun against the corrupt regimes. They inadvertently also justified ethnic cleansing with an argument that the Muslim majority community never wanted the Pandit community to go but it is the Jagmohan regime that led the community to exodus. Hardly was their any reaction anywhere in India to what was happening to Kashmir and Kashmiri Pandits.

            I am also reminded that there was virtually no NGO or government response to the hapless situation emerging out of the exodus. People, the lakhs of Pandits were on the streets and were languishing in small nomadic tents in various parts of the country. No sane Muslim from any part of India or the world not to speak of Kashmir came to their help in their hour of distress. No Moulvi, Mullah, intellectual, artist or NGO of Muslims came to their rescue or uttered even a word of sympathy for them. The Pandit community showed resilience and their young men in the form of volunteers came out to tell the nation and the world what had happened to them. Their consistent campaign and constant crusade against the fundamentalism and terrorism won friends for them who ultimately made the hapless community to stand again    though as refugees in their own country.

            There is a vast difference in the approach now. Everyone seems to help the Muslim victims of Pakistan and Pok. Let we ponder over why there is a hell of difference between the two situations. We would pray that no one on this earth face any of the two situations those have been described above, but question remains-    


 The reply is sought not only from those who have a grudge against India but also from those who love India and Hindus. The struggle for rights will continue but unattended questions also need their replies……Sooner the better.

This note is for circulation to all concerned, 
Response my be forwarded to [email protected]
Yours sincerely,
Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, Jammu-India

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