Drug abuse in Islamic Paradise

published on November 27, 2012

1 Die after Drinking Cough Syrup in Pakistan , is the latest from the Islamic Paradise of Pakistan

We the outsiders tend to believe that Pakistan being an Islamic state is a paradise on earth when it comes to practicing the directives of Islam. Like the Sharia law, Islamic banking, Strict dress codes Observance of Ramdan fasting and their daily rituals and practices.

The news which is reported now says that, around 15 people in Pakistan died after consuming cough syrup. The cough syrup is believed to be containing poisonous contents.  All the victims consumed the medicine to get the ‘kick’ not for any medical purpose. The same news link reminds us of the incidents happened in January this year, in which around hundred people died after consuming medicines for heart diseases in a very similar way.

Now where is the influence of the much hyped Islamic discipline which prevents people from consumption of toxic substances like alcohol and drugs? Why people fail to follow the diktat of the one and only true god of the universe?  Why people don’t pay heed to his words when there is absolutely no second chance to repent and escape from the eternal hell? This shows that, though people try to follow and believe all these religious ideas in the outer layers of their minds, many other inner layers of their minds refuse to accept them.

People tend to fall for lower pleasures because of their innate weaknesses.  This cannot be corrected just by passing only religious diktats. You need to develop a way of life, a culture capable of refining people. Artificially imposed restrictions can only create hypocrites. Higher knowledge, based on logic and free thinking need to be built in societies to truly refine them and uplift them. There is no other alternative to knowledge of the Self.

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  1. Ramesh Reply

    November 27, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    Breaking News
    Its 17 today! the Toxic Cough Syrup NEWS….

  2. KKR Reply

    November 27, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    Devotion is only towards sensual pleasures
    Looks like the number of deaths is on the rise…


    As Swami Sidhinadananda pointed out in one of his travelogues, for semitic religions even heaven is only an extension of worldly pleasures. So they can never truly try to rise above the worldly pleasures. They do that just because of the fear of God. And that too to make sure a seat in heaven where all pleasures are in plenty. So the devotion is not towards God, but towards their own sensual pleasures. This is the truth.

  3. Omindian Reply

    November 28, 2012 at 6:39 am

    Islamic nations
    Drugs, prostitution and terrorism are the monoply of Muslims and all the Islamic nations are ‘suffering’ for this. The religion is in fact only a political ism meant for the Mullas to rule the world. The Arab Mullas are misleading the whole humanity.

  4. Raj Puducode Reply

    November 28, 2012 at 7:50 am

    Islamic heaven called Pakistan
    ISLAMABAD (The Global Edition) Khalida Akhtar, a 20-year-old Taliban suicide bomber, decided at the last minute not to blow herself up at the main train station in the capitol of Pakistan because she remembered that she would have to deal with a bunch of virgin guys in heaven, local authorities say.
    Ms. Akhtar, who was dressed in a head-to-toe burqa and strapped with explosives, was seen just hours ago running and screaming through the Islamabad Railway Station before she was apprehended by local law enforcement.
    he young woman realized that she would have 72 virgins on her hands if she sacrificed her earthly life, and apparently the thought made her so sick to her stomach that she decided on the spot to pull the plug on the whole operation and give herself up to the authorities,� police officer Malik Rashid told reporters.
    In a statement recorded by arresting officers, Ms. Akhtar explained her decision. I had actually never stopped before to think about the reward I would receive for my sacrifice,? Ms. Khalida said. Unlike my brother and his friends, I âm actually not a fan of virgins. To be fair, I dont think any woman in the world is. I am supposed to give my life for a bunch of guys that don’t know anything about the female body or how to please a woman? I dont think so Khalida added.
    As she was taken into custody, Khalida Akhtar also reportedly told officers that she would have gladly sacrificed herself for higher causes if she could trade those 72 virgins for two experienced guys, a masseuse, a butler, and a chef.

  5. Ravi Nair Reply

    November 28, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    Islamic Death Wish is severly very high. No by can stop or prevent Islamic death wih either by conseling or education or rehabilation. Islamic Mullah or Imams brianwash and indoctrniate converted Muslims at an early age and erase all their fear of death. These Crazy Islamic Imamas and Mullahs have a sway in early memories of Isslamic students since they are closed gurded and learn everything from the Imamas or Mullahs from Islamic religious schools. These poor Islamic students are Indoctrinated to have blind faith in Islam and were empahatically told that 72 Virgin girls are awaiting for them with wine in their hands at Islamic paradize if they kill infidels and kafirs and reach Islamic paradize. Ther death wish is so powerful and strong and they want to die and kiil infidels in the name of their ficitious Allah. Islamists may use terrorism, or any kinds of dygs of abuse for reaching their Islamic paradize to have sex with virgin girls. One Islamic Mullah has recently issued a Fathwa that Islamic men can have sex with a dead women. Sex and death through impermenting devices of drugs for death or terrorisstic devises have a strong influence on Iskamists. Warch out a Jihadi living in hiding next to you. It is very important to note that Saudi Arabia wants to implement the desert culrure on every converted mMuslims and Saudi Rich Mullahs wants to enjoy life. Saudi Rich Mullahs want to enjoy sex while living and these converted Muslims are encouraged to die by consuming any illcit drugs or podsion to reach Allahs pardize after death.
    What a Islamic shame! That neans never tolerate or comromise with a Jihadi hiding or living next door.
    Ravi Nair

  6. indian Reply

    November 29, 2012 at 9:26 am

    Region or religion of terror ?
    The divine islamic laws from their almighty is terrorising islamist followers by punishments of public stoning, public amputation of head, hands, body etc. The followers of this laws are terrorising the whole world by suicide attack and terror attacks on innocent humanbeings.

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