Despot and Divisive Pakistan

via By S.P. Attri published on November 17, 2007

1. Pakistan at this time, is involved in a political chaos, from the confusion, and from the make and construct of which, it won¢t be easy for Pakistan to either extricate itself or assure its continued existence or survival. Pakistan is a terribly-artificial country, it may not continue in existence very long. Its structure and institutions are anchored on a gospel of hate ( Islam ). Neither the leaders of Pakistan, nor its people realize that, their problem is Islam, none of them is prepared to walk away from or deal with the Quran-Created problems. Their tenacious-attachment to the problem ( Islam ), continues in spite of problems of bread, butter, and taxes, daily faced by majority of Pakistanis. Mullahs of Pakistan tout loudly that, Quran is the answer/solution. Actually, Quran is neither the answer nor the solution, Quran is the problem.

2. Since Islam neither practices nor preaches any toleration, its various leaders, both for and against the present regime in power, do more to undermine each other, than to work for the unity of Pakistan. No conformity of nationalism, exists in Pakistan, nor any is in sight, neither in the immediate future, nor in the far future ( if it lasts that long ). Its various political leaders, talk of grand designs, but would have little success in delivering any unification or political synthesis. At best, they would settle in division.

3. Rationalism has never been part of Islam. Islam¢s wars of religion against Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ), are now hitting home, tearing Pakistan apart internally. Pakistan is literally turning on its axis, as it tries to purge political-heretics. Neither Pakistan nor its Islam, are models of accommodation, they are models of suppression, despotism, and bigotry of religious commitment. Freedom, democracy, and rationalism, are non-existent in Pakistan. On top of it all, Pakistan is beset with great diversity of ethnic adherence and loyalty. Its various ethnic groups are at each other¢s throats, and would not accept any concession or compromise.

4. GOI ( government of India ) does not seem to have any clue, as to what the hell, is going on in Pakistan. They seem to have decided to, leave Pakistan alone, to its own devices or its think-up solutions They are not at all interested in, taking advantage of Pakistan¢s political-problems. They regard it as the Private-Matter of Pakistan. They keep talking and give plenty of lip service, to freedom & democracy in Pakistan, but do little beyond that, to help bring it about.

If GOI had any smarts ( Note: GOI has never been accused of being terribly-smart ), they would find the present moment, as the time of great opportunity, to promote the fragmentation/fracture of Pakistan. It is not too extravagant to imagine that, this could be the anticipatory-moment, for the segmentation of Pakistan.

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