Denial of US Visa to Modi – The reward for making Gujarat prosperous and controlling Islamic Terrorism

via Surinder Paul Attri published on July 13, 2008

1. The denial of visa by USA to Narendra Modi, an elected head of a state in democratic India, is most unprincipled, unethical, & unequal. This is because neither Narendra Modi nor his state government, have ever been indicted on charges specific to Godhra case.

A judicial commission appointed to examine allegations of Gujerat state’s administration involvement in the riots of 2002, has said that, there is no evidence to implicate either Modi or his administration. Cases filed by Moslems against Modi, have all been rejected by Gujerat High Court, for lack of merit.

2. Of course, Modi is a suspect in the eyes of the Secular media. But suspicion does not symbolize nor points to anything, you have to corroborate & authenticate your accusation in a court of law, which the Secular media has not done. Modi has clearly crushed the media headlines, and has come out as a victim than as a villain. He even went out on a limb, to woo the Moslems of Gujarat, that he is not against Islam, but is against Jehad ( Islam’s Holy-War against Kafirs ).

The Center’s response has been to wholly back Modi & has regretted decision of the USA. If the Center had refused to support Modi, the issue would have been subjected to more political mileage.

USA Congressman Frank Pallone named the USA decision, as a Big Mistake on the part of USA.

3. USA government cites “ violations of religious freedom ,“ even though there is not a single case against Modi, in any of the courts, relating to Godhra riots. USA decision is more queer & outlandish, because USA did not have any qualms, about according a reception to L.K. Advani, who has a case against him, in connection with Babri mosque demolition. Modi is most popular in Israel, which is USA’s closest ally. Also American Jewish Committee, hails Modi as a hero.

Besides, if Zhang Zennin & his coterie ( the butchers of Tiennamen Square ), can get USA visa, then refusal of visa to Modi, makes no sense nor any sagacity.

To tell it like it is, denial of via to Modi, is a political-ploy designed, to please the Moslems & Christians of USA, other than that it is bereft of any wisdom or intelligence. Most of the people who worked to thwart, Modi’s entrance to USA, were Moslems.

4. What the USA government & the Secular media of India are ignoring, is the burning alive, by Moslems of 58 Hindu Karsevaks, aboard a parked train in Godhra ( where 75% of the population is Moslem ), which eventuated in Hindu counteraction. Is Hindu life not worth anything ? Is setting the train compartment on fire, not a crime ? What the hell were the Hindus supposed to do ? Take more SH** from the Moslems, same way that they have been taking for 1200 years.

5. Hindu counter-action resulted from the burning alive of 58 Hindu Karsevaks, many among them were women & children. To classify Hindus as violent & Moslems as innocent victims, is the height of indecency, inequality, & injustice. This kind of cock-eyed and crooked-view puts the Hindu at the short end of the stick, but it is all bogus.

It ignores the actions of the semitic faiths of Islam & Christianity, who have murdered hundreds of millions of Non-Moslems/Non-Christians, & who are based on intolerance & who aggressively pursue their superiority over Non-Moslem/Non-Christian religions.

6. Islam is a fierce & vehemently-violent religion & Moslems understand only ruthless force, applied without quarter. If the Hindu mouths Ahimsa ( Non-Violence ), and ties his hands behind his back, he will only a door-mat to the Moslems.

Narendra Damodardas Modi, has been repeatedly elected, as Gujerat’s Chief Minister. He has demonstrated outstanding performance, turned Gujarat into an economic powerhouse, and controlled terrorism ( Islamic-Terrorism ).

7. Therefore, have the moral courage, to reject 99% of the dispatches by the Liberal English press of India, which has no concept of objective reporting, & which is terribly biased in favor of Moslems & Christians, no matter what their actions are.

Even though Modi has been subjected to prolonged vilification, Modi stands tall & confident. We owe a great deal of debt to Modi, for his courage, tenacity, iron will, & anti-terrorism success. He is the second great Gujarati, after Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. India needs a Modi in every state of India.

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