Demolition of Hindu temples – Srilankan Govt. will be responsible if Hindus resort to retaliation

published on November 9, 2013


New Delhi , Nov. 09, 2013 – Vishva Hindu Parishad (World Hindu Council) has received complaints from Dr. N. Kumar Guruparan,Western Provincial Councillor and the Deputy Leader of Democratic Peoples’ Front and Spokesman for the Hindu Front of Sri Lanka against demolition of Goddess Bhadrakaali Amman Temple at the historically inhabited Tamil area of Dambulla in Sri Lanka by Government forces. In Dr Guruparan’s report the following points invite particular attention:

1.     Hon’ble Sri Lankan Parliamentarian R. Yogarajan and Dr. N. Kumar Guruparan both appealed to His Excellency Mahinda Rajapakse, President of Sri Lanka, to ensure the safety of the Bhadrakaali Amman Temple at Dambulla;

2.     When Government forces in civilian dress along with the monks went for demolition, the Temple Trustee Smt. Lechhumi Ammah requested them to give time till Wednesday for performance of prescribed religious rites for the closure of the temple. But they did not pay heed to this reasonable request and went ahead with their demolition drive immediately on 28th October, 2013 night. []  

The Working President of VHP Dr Pravinbhai Togadiya in a strong protest against the premeditated pulling down of a living Hindu Temple in Sri Lanka, said, “Vishva Hindu Parishad is deeply distressed to hear news reports that Mother Goddess Bhadrakaali Amman Temple at the historically inhabited Tamil area of Dambulla in Sri Lanka has been completely demolished and uprooted by design. VHP strongly demands from the Sri Lankan Government authorities that immediate steps be taken to reconstruct and restore the sanctity of the temple.”

“During the long civil war hundreds of Hindu temples have been demolished in Sri Lanka . Now the civil war is over. Even in this peace time we are hearing of destruction of Hindu temple which is very disturbing and provoking.”

Dr Togadiya said, “As both Hindus and Buddhists are brothers in Dharma, we do not expect such offense and transgression from our Buddhist brethren committed on a Hindu place of worship. The message has gone all over the world that Hindu Temple has been demolished by government forces along with Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka . We take serious note of this wrongdoing and request the Government of Sri Lanka to refrain from such sacrilege against Hindu places of worship and ensure that such acts are not repeated in future anywhere in the Island Nation, otherwise the Sri Lankan Government will be responsible if such acts invite counteractions by the Hindus.”


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  1. Mayuran Reply

    November 10, 2013 at 9:23 pm

    Congratulate the VHP
    My sincere homage to the VHP. India needs to assert its national interest which means Hindu civilizational interest, not a mythical Hindu Buddhist grand alliance.

    India had abandoned Hindu Nepal to SPAM – the Seven Party Alliance plus Maoists which led to the eventual jettisoning of the constitutional monarchy and the removal of Hinduism as state religion. It abandoned the Bangladeshi Hindus were 29% at partition, 22% at the 1951 census and are now just 9% and continuing to decline while Muslim Bangladeshis encroach on Hindu Assamese land with New Delhi’s explicit connivance. The Assamese Hindu was sacrificed to the altar of electoral expedience.

    India likewise left the Sri Lankan Tamil Hindu to the mercy of Buddhist belligerence using a phoney logic of the ‘generic church’ and fear of Chinese intrusion. India also did nothing when the Fijian Hindu, until then the majority of the Pacific island nation, was sidelined, kicked and forced to emigrate in the 1990s.

    Its time India asserts its national interest. In the instance of Sri Lanka, it means support for the Tamil Hindu. Buddhism can never be trusted. The Buddhist monks have demolished Hindu temples in Sri Lanka and continue to do so. The Dambulla Kali temple was demolished last week. The neighboring Mosque was untouched. Many other temples were bull dozed in the Eastern Province on the orders of Buddhist monks – Kanniyai, Ilankaithurai, Sampur, Kuchchaveli etc.

    Buddhist monks prevented animal sacrifice in Amman temples in Chilaw in high profile protests but were conveniently silent during Hadj when many more animals are routinely sacrificed ritual. Buddhist monks have encroached on Hindu temple land. Thirukonamalai is an example, Thirukethiswaram is another. Kathirkamam is a third.
    Buddha statues are placed and fictitious re-rendering of history introduced to legitimize the deHinduization of millennia old Hindu temples.

    Its time to expose the anti-Hindu character of the Buddhist Sangha.

  2. Karthikeyan Chidambaram Reply

    November 11, 2013 at 4:41 am

    Togadia’s statment is also objectionable
    We should take up the issue at the human rights level instead of at this level.

    Pravin Togadia’s usage of the phrase “otherwise the Sri Lankan Government will be responsible if such acts invite counteractions by the Hindus” is condemnable.

    Rather people like Togadia should go to Sri Lanka and discuss with the government and Buddhist monks and make his presence felt here, instead of remaining in North India.

    His statements revive the doubt that Hindus in the 1st millennium in reaction to some obscurantist Buddhist/Jain monks retaliated by demolishing Buddhist/Jain temples or converting these to Hindu temples.

    We have had enough “counteractions” this way.

    If Hindus and Buddhists fight like this as they did in the 1st millennium they will both perish and there is no doubt that both Hinduism and Buddhism will lose from this mutual annihilation.

    No doubt Hindu/Buddhist conflict erased away Buddhism from Maldives and Afghanistan/Central Asia where none of these religions exist now and only Islam survives strongly here.

  3. Sri Lankan Reply

    November 11, 2013 at 4:59 pm

    Buddhism is often anti-Hindu
    Karthikeyan does not know history. I suggest he study it! The Buddhists have always opposed Hinduism – Ambedkar, Indian neo-Buddhists, Nepalese Buddhists, Bhutanese Buddhists, Burma expelling Indians in 1962, Sri Lanka etc. I applaud Togadia’s statement! Congratulations

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