David Cameron is Right

via Kuru published on August 3, 2010

A Pakistani TV reporter in a special programme on the FAILED STATE complained over nepotism, bribery, corruption, lethal divisions in society and red tape.

Before Pakistan came into existence its founding fathers, Jinnah, Liaquat Ali, Hussein Shahid Suhrawardy and so on used to say, “These Hindu KAFIRS have held us back. They have made us from rulers to beggars. Once we separate from India we shall progress by leaps and bounds. Within 10 years we shall excel Italy and with 20 years we shall be at par with Great Britain with regard to economic prosperity. In Pakistan we shall have the best irrigation system in the world and plenty of mineral and forests. We shall be surplus in wheat and cotton and earn millions from exports. Our rivers will provide hydro electricity and our workforce will be more hard working and industrious than the Hindus. Our factories will work day and night and we will equal the production of China and Japan put together.”

Millions of Muslims were sold on these dreams and backed the struggle to kick India out of their lives. But they forgot ONE thing- that they will renounce the Hindus but will remain stuck to Koran. The Koran from Mecca will replace native Granth and Gita and more of it will come with every Muslim arriving from Partitioned India.

With KORAN came indoctrination, parrotwise rote learning, blind unquestioning faith, the culture of the intolerant savage Arabs (who need the American troops to guard the royal palaces), the compulsion to swat the Arabic language and the “madrassas” that would produce mad Taliban. Their literacy was indoctrination through brainwashing. They were fit to fight & kill but not to work and earn a decent wage. Of course, there will always be the BEGGING BOWL to receive the donations from the world.

Many weeks before and many weeks after the inglorious birth of Pakistan there were widespread massacres accompanies by abduction, rape and loot. The world saw the true face of Islam and understood the worth of a Muslim’s oath of loyalty to his land of birth. Hearing the news of departure of the British from India they became beasts overnight when freedom of India was in sight.

Having killed or expelled the Hindus they turned on themselves. The first to die of bullets was, befittingly, their own Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan. In cosmic terms credit must go to the soil of RAWALPINDI that rejected Mohamed, Koran, Islam and Pakistan by ‘Å“sentencing KHAN to execution by firing squad.’ That FIRING SQUAD was the WILL OF ALLAH. Rawalpindi was later to see the massacre in Lal Misjid and the plane crash killing all 152 on board in July last.

There followed MILITARY rule (to drive them by stick & whip) one after the other that lasted several decades, the massacre of Christians, the attack on Sri Lankan cricket team, the police training academy, the military headquarters at Rawalpindi, the invasion of Swat by the Taliban and the massacre of Ahmediya/Kadiani community.

All this turmoil has resulted in failed industry, lack of water and electricity, high food prices and American drone attacks in Waziristan on daily basis.

Finally we heard David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the man who talks frank and true. Speaking in India he warned Pakistan not to export TERRORISM both ways (letting them out from front and back).

There was fierce reaction by the Pakistanis like a thief who is surprised and caught red handed, who protests vehemently at his innocence.

Instead of apologising and mending their devious and dirty Islamic ways, they launched a fierce attack on Mr Cameron. In Karachi they burned his effigy, a great insult to a foreign head.

Then came the FLOODS, the worst in living memory. Amazingly they have hit those very areas where most Hindus were killed, abducted, looted and raped as if gods are angry with Pakistan. Roads, bridges and villages have been washed away. 1500 people have lost their lives; two and a half million have lost their homes and need food and shelter.

While Rawalpindi in the north promises more “death and fire” on their Islam and Koran, Karachi in the south is faring much worse. It is overtaken by the new phenomenon of TARGET KILLING.

Killers of one party or faction go for the others on daily basis. The Sindhis are killing the Pathans, the Punjabis are killing the Mohajirs and everyone is killing everyone else. Even popular leaders like Altaf Hussain of the MQM Party prefer to live in London rather than among their people in Karachi. Yesterday it was the turn of RAZA HAIDAR, Member, Sindh Assembly, MQM, to be shot dead along with his driver. As a result today (2 August 2010) there was complete chaos in city. Petrol pumps have been set on fire, people beaten up in streets by gangs, 39 innocent people were killed, 11 seriously injured, more than 25 vehicles, including passenger buses, set on fire and a Rangers officer was shot at and seriously injured. Tomorrow all schools, colleges and universities will be closed in Karachi and Haiderabad fearing more looting, rioting and killing.

Despite the calamity of floods and despite fierce opposition by political parties and members of public in Pakistan their President, Asaf Ali Zardari, decided to fly to Europe to visit France and England where he will “launch” his son Bilawal Bhutto in his Party at a big Pakistani function in Birmingham. Young Bilawal’s, security is costing the British tax payers one million pounds a year. Naturally he will remain beholden and most grateful to Britain till his death.

That HATRED of the decent, civilised, educated and well mannered Hindus (Infidels) has brought severe punishment for those who put Mohammed of Mecca above native “Rasuls” of Divinity like Sri Rama of Ayodhya and Guru Nanak of Talwandi.

Pakistanis with distorted personality became schizophrenic with split personality. Are they Indian or Arab? Are they equal to the Arabs or INFERIOR to them since they must pray to everybody’s God in Arabic?

Within weeks the first prime minister, Liaquat Ali Khan, was ASSASSINATED in Rawalpindi as if he, too, was a Kafir.

It’s a pity that HINDU leaders, lacking spirit of enquiry and research into their own history, have no clue to the Ideology of Islam. A Muslim in Hindusthan is a traitor from the very first moment of his/her birth. The first sounds into its ears are not in any NATIVE language or Sanskrit but in ALIEN Arabic. Thus Schizophrenia, split Personality and conflict of loyalties enter its tiny head at the same time.

“My Pakistan is the biggest victim of terrorism,” said Prime Minister Gilani in Islamabad, tears of helplessness and weakness in eyes, referring to David Cameron’s warning. We would suggest to him to approach India to bring his restless insecure people back to (MOTHER) India, the oasis of bounties and plenty, replace your sectarian Islam by universal secularism in order to live in one united country as she was up to August 14, 1947. The Kashmir dispute will vanish overnight thus saving the lives of countless more young MUSLIMS who will be shot dead by the security forces.

Pakistanis, though enslaved by the Arabs and blinded by the teachings of KORAN, can see that their ISLAMIC Pakistan has nothing to offer them or show to the world except ISLAM. Instead of girls’ schools there is Islam. Instead of happy families there is Islam. Instead of trade and commerce there is Islam. Instead of happy Hindu and Sikh families around there is Islam. Instead of mandirs and gurdwaras there is Islam. ISLAM entered everywhere, filling the vacuum, after peace and sanity flew eastwards towards Bharat along with streams of countless crying and cursing refugees.

Pakistan became an intellectual and social desert like the land of Mohammed, being defended by American troops who, too, see Islam everywhere but not a woman’s face or a single tiny church to pray at Christmas.

Cursed Pakistanis acquired that intolerance from their ideological masters who imposed Islam and made the Koran COMPULSORY reading right from infancy.

Precisely in those areas where flood is worst the earth was drenched in the blood of innocent Hindu and Sikh victims, where Hindu homes were set on fire, men-folk killed in front of their families and their girls abducted or raped. All of them died in extreme pain, cursing Mohammed and praying to God to send the Taliban and the floods to destroy this artificially created country born of treachery and treason.

Thousands of the Hindu abducted girls are now grandmothers. Who can imagine the deep agony of their hearts, not being able to teach Panjabi or Hindi, read Gita or Granth to them or take them to mandirs and gurdwaras but saw them learning the alien Arabic and painfully trying to read Koran like mechanical robots in order to please the ego of the Arab masters.

Yes, rains are relentless. Floods are devastating. Among the displaced we saw some perched precariously on trees clinging to branches, watching in terror the water rising below. Pakistan herself was born out of terror. They kicked Secularism in the teeth and were happy to grab our LAND

There is danger of epidemics breaking out. Helicopters are dropping food bags. UN has appealed for help for the offspring of those very killers and murderers of 1947. Islamic begging bowl is again out in the open.

Gandhi and Nehru completely washed away the public memory on that bogus Partition that split the nation. But can one suppress Truth?

Will Pakistan ever shed her Azan, Koran and Shaitan? Will they come back to the Faith of their native ancestors who were degraded and robbed of souls by Sword of Islam and the excruciating unbearable Jezia tax or by the dream of a second, third, even fourth, wife?

The sacred soil of AKHAND BHARAT, blessed by gods and goddesses, has plenty of “SHAKTI” and will reject Islam and Mohammed eventually. It is the land of Sri Krishna, Sri Rama, Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh. It is the land of Gita and Granth. It is the land of free thought, free act of worship, where women walk with faces uncovered, where girls can safely go to schools and walk freely in streets and bazaars, where they are regarded “devis” and where secularism prevails. There is no place for the foreign devils (and “witches”) of crude divisive, separatist and cheap foreign ideologies in such a Hindu paradise.

Remarkably the floods have hit the same areas with vengeance (Divine retribution) where the sky was rent with the cries and curses of the victims- our grieving widows and orphans, whom Nehru and his ruling (and fooling) Congress Party IGNORED.

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