Combacting Jihadi terrorism:Problems,Processes and Prospects

via Dr.Babu Suseelan published on May 1, 2006

Few days ago, I was in a restaurant in New York.  The newspaper I had been reading reported the death of nine Hindus in Kashmir. A Pakistani Muslim sitting nearby screamed right into my face  “for Hindus  we need more bombs”. On the same day, fifty four Hindus were killed in Bangladesh by Islamic terrorist. The next day 50 people including children and women were killed in a bomb explosion in Bihar. Today a Taliban terrorist beheaded a Hindu engineer working in Kabul. Within the last year, Muslim terrorists in Kashmir killed several hundred Hindu women, men and children in Jihadi fashion. Few months ago bombs planted by Jiadi terrorists exploded in the temple town of Varanasi, India killing twenty-five people. Attacking temples, parliament house, crowded shopping centers, torching people alive in passenger trains, bombing of hotels and rioting and disrupting public life by Jihadi terrorists is a daily occurrence in India.  Last week forty-five people were killed in a bomb exploded by Jihadi terrorists in Egypt. Several hundred people were killed or maimed by Muslim terrorists in Algeria.  Few weeks ago Islamic Thinkers Society of America demonstrated in front of the Israeli Consulate in New York.  Shouting death to America they were carrying placards with the following slogans:


·                    Israeli Zionists what do you say? The real Holocaust is on its way

·                    The mushroom cloud is on its way! The real Holocaust is on its way

·                    Israel won’t last long…Indeed, Allah will repeat the Holocaust right on the soil of Israel

·                    No wonder they call you sons of apes and pigs because that’s what you are

·                    May the FBI burn in Hell!

·                    Mossad burn in Hell

·                    Homeland Security burn in Hell

·                    Islam will dominate the world




The following item was posted inside a major Mosque in London:


·       â€œIf If a kafir (non-Muslim) is going into a Muslim country and he is walking by, he is like a cow. Anyone can take him. That is the Islamic rule. If Muslims cannot take them, you know, and sell them in the market, then kill them. It is ok”.


(“Extremism Shows Its Tenacity” The Wall Street Journal, August 15, 2005)


These episodes and continuous Jihadi terrorist attacks in India, Israel, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Sudan, and Indonesia have proven Islamic Jihaid’s proclivity for terrorism. Jihadi terrorism around the world is unabated and continues to claim thousands of innocent lives each year. The media is replete with reports of terrorism, bombing, riots, arson, honor killing and beheading by jihadi terrorists. All over the world, Jihadi terrorism is a serious threat to peace, security, liberty and democracy. No country in the world is immune from the deleterious effects of this heinous crime. Worldwide Jihadi terrorism related incidents have increased to 1275 in 2005 from 233 in 1999.


One wonders what kind of culture promotes killing of innocent people? Culture is a broad concept and is a stabilizing force. People are socialized into their culture to lead a civilized life. In all Islamic countries, war, violence, riot, terrorism and hostility against non-believers serve Muslims to establish a culturally coherent community. The Koran justifies killing of kaafirs (non-believers).  Jihadi culture is based on war against non-believers. To yell out “foreign pigs”, harassing tourists with non-Islamic name in Muslim countries, to characterize non-Muslims as Kaafirs, to shout Allahu Akbur while beheading infidels are examples of this Jihadi culture. For Jihadis, culture means ritualized violence. Muslims internalize this intolerance of no-believers and the violent culture provides internal cohesiveness and unity and stability and a sense of security and action guidelines for violence. Islamic culture establishes behavior norms, moral principles and provides a foundation for the values. Many hostile social practices against non-Muslims are organized around it, and it provides a rationale and support for ritualized violence.


Muslims have a commonality of understanding Islamic rituals and built in cultural hostility towards non-Muslims. In Islam, there is no such thing as listening to your conscience, or questioning of conscience. The history of Islam shows this trend clearly. Islamic clergy justifies killing of infidels according to the laws of Allah, in which a kafir, labeled as Dhimi cannot be regarded as equal to a Muslim, and cannot have any human rights. The Koran, Hadith and Sura clearly state:


·       Al Allah is the enemy of unbelievers and Dhimis are the enemies of Allah


·        II In Allah’s eyes, unbelievers are the worst of beasts, and the enemies of Allah


·       Ne Neither Allah can be expected to grant equal rights to his enemies,nor

·       N   do these enemies deserve rights equal to those of Muslims


For centuries, Jihadis have resorted to mass murder, oppression, intimidation, kidnapping, terrorism, and assassination in the name of Islam. And today, only the threat, the methods, and goals differ. Now, Jihadi terrorism is one of the greatest single threats to the existing world order. Modern day jihadi terrorist groups such as Hamas, Hizbullah, Lasker-Tobia, Al Bader, Taliban, Al Queda, Tehreek E-Jihadi, and Hizbul Mujahideen virtually ensure that Jihadi terrorism will be with us for many years to come.




It is absolutely essential to understand the deadly ideology, which transforms simple human beings into suicide bombers and terrorists. We cannot deal with the problem of terrorism until and unless we completely comprehend the ideology which extols the virtues of violence and preaches hatred, incite violence and enjoins on its followers to instill terror in the heart of those who do not believe in Allah (8:12), insists on its followers to make a war on unbelievers who dwell around them (9:12) compels its followers to be harsh to unbelievers, tells them that ultimate abode of infidels is Hell, directs them to lay hold in infidels, bind them, burn them in the fire of Hell, then fasten them with a chain of seventy feet long. For, the infidel did not believe in Allah, the Most High. In nutshell, all these guidelines could be construed as Jihad. Jihad is a doctrine of permanent warfare. Jihad, the Holy War and terrorism are almost   synonymous terms. Islam has divided humanity in two parts: Dar-Ul-Harb and Dar-Ul-Islam. Dar-Ul-Islam means the nations where Islam has been firmly established and Dar-ul-Harb means the nation, which is yet to be subjugated bylslam.



Prophet Mohamed has poisoned the minds of Muslims, by telling them that Kaafirs are not just nuisances, but are enemies of Allah, emphasizing repeatedly not to question the morality of this conclusion, but to follow Allah’s system, and that Islamic system has descended to earth from Allah’s Janat (Islamic heaven). There is no God but Allah, and all other Gods are false Gods, they are the works of shaitaan (Devil). Don’t listen to these Gods. They will take you to Hell. It is the bounden duty of each and every Muslim to keep fighting till the rule of Allah is established in all over the world. The killing of 300 innocent children in a school in Beslan, Russia, bomb blast in a train in Spain in which more than 200 people were killed, bomb blast in UK, attack on World Trade Center in New York, burning of Paris, protest demonstration against President George Bush by 500,000 Muslims in Mumbay, burning down Danish Embassy in Beirut after publication of prophet Mohamed’s cartoon in Denmark, all are part of that grand strategy to frighten and terrorize infidels and accept Islamic domination.




Islamic terrorism is a complex subject. The terrorism field is loaded with many experts, each claiming special knowledge of the subject that have aroused so much controversy while continuing to be misunderstood by so many. There are phony liberals, leftist intellectuals and pseudo secularists marketing mindless root cause theories of Jihadi terrorism including western interference, Israel’s policies, rapid social change, poverty, unemployment, low self-esteem, need for affiliation, unmet childhood needs, and so forth. And of course, these are psychological excuses. The misguided leftists and armchair speculators miss the point. Where do they fit in? This phony, liberal root cause theorists are like an old farmer who for the first time in his life sees a big blue whale on the seashore and says, “I see it, but I don’t believe it”. The pseudo liberal social scientists are imbued with ethereal, pre-fabricated, utopian ideas, which are too far divorced from reality. While the excuse industry promotes faulty root cause theories, Jihadi terrorists are engaged in kidnapping, gratuitous beheading, looting, killing, bombing, airline hijacking, suicide murder, car bombing, and terrorizing innocent infidels all over the world. These Islamist apologists have no clue on the true nature of Jihadi terrorism. The butchery of Jihadi terrorism is explained in social causes and understandable Islamic grievances. It fails to distinguish between legitimate use of social protests and terrorism. It seems that communists and Islamist have established an unholy nexus and frequently shed crocodile tears for the innocent victims.  It is vital to understand that Islamic menace exists because of liberal’s habitual tolerance of intolerance.  Their tolerance of intolerance is not tolerance. This type of pathological tolerance, sobering sympathy for Jihadis and stony indifference to victims is immoral and barbaric.


In democratic societies, we cannot survive if we believe in phony, meaningless, abstract, leftist theories of Jihadi terrorism. Uncritical acceptance of false, unsubstantiated root cause theories peddled by communists and leftist liberals will have disastrous consequences for everyone. Such mental misdirection and deliberate psycho-linguistic-programming will result in our psycho paralysis.  Free thinking, peace loving people would be wise to make a motivational analysis of such pseudo intellectual’s extreme insensitivity to the victims of terrorism, and syrupy sympathy for Jihadi terrorists.


Jihadi terrorism is not over the policies of the U.S, Israel, India, or due to globalization, rapid social change, poverty, and lack of self-esteem. Rather, terrorism is stemming from the ideology, the cognitive-behavior process, and criminal thinking of jihadi Muslims.


Another optimistic conclusion of the liberals is that introducing democracy in Islamic nations can eliminate Jihadi terrorism.  It is divorced from empirical evidence.   It is wishful thinking over reality. Islam and the governmental system known as democracy are indeed incompatible. Democracy is the rule of the majority and Islam is the will of Allah. Either the society accepts the will of the majority or one accepts that society is ordered by the divine will of Allah. All Islamic society accepts the divine will of Allah. Promoting democracy in Islamic societies without breaking the closed Islamic dogma is futile and wasteful.




There is one more misconception that Jihadi terrorists are misguided Muslims and that they are not real Muslims. The Jihadi terrorists are not misguided Muslims. They are the real Muslims doing what their prophet instructed them to do. Several misguided leftists also nurture the fallacious notion that Islam is peace and Muslims are peace-loving people.  This assumption is based on ignorance and lack of understanding of the brutal past of Islam. Non-Islamic countries in Asia and the Middle East have been suffering from jihadi terrorism for hundreds of years. India has been experiencing Jihadi terrorism for several centuries. The Mughal King Akbar had killed 30,000-40,000 Hindus in one day. It is common knowledge in India that 14,000 Hindu girls burnt themselves in the fire, in a city named Chittor in Rajasthan in India when Hindu soldiers were not able to defend the homes of their womenfolk against the barbarian Islamic forces. Timur the terrible had ordered his Jihadi warriors to kill 100,000 Hindu prisoners in one day. The sword of Islam was washed in the blood of the infidels. In 1946, more than 5000 Hindus were slaughtered in Kolkatta, India in one day, when the Muslim Chief Minister of Bengal, an Indian state, ordered direct action against Hindus if they did not agree to partition of India. Islam brought war, beheading, murder, assassination and mass killing to India, a country known for religious tolerance, pluralism, peace and harmony.




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