Chinese Imperialism – India’s territorial integrity is in serious jeopardy

via Hary Nambiar published on April 8, 2008

History of China has been one of history of territorial expansion. From
the 16th Century onwards, Chinese territory expaned four fold. In the
20th Century with the invasion of tibet, China expanded its territory
by almost 40%. Chinese claim that Tibet has always been a part of China
is blatantly untrue. In the beginning of the 20th Century, who would
have thought of the disintegration of the British empire or the
formation and the eventual break up of the Soviet empire? Tibet had
been independent throughout its history. Even during the time India was
a part of British colonial empire, Tibet had maintained its
independence. The British had never interfered with the territorial and
religious freedom of Tibet. As long as the British ruled India, China
had not cast an eye on Tibet. Only when the British left, it did annex

Inept diplomacy, inadequate focus on security and the naivity of being
one of the founding members of the non-aligned movement has made India
a weak nation. If India had joined SEATO, India would have progressed
just as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, France and Germany did in the last
fifty years. China would never have annexed Tibet. Instead, India gave
that chance to Pakistan. Without the strategic backing and military
assistance from United States, Pakistan would never have dared attack
India, which they did, not once, but four times. Now the Pakistani
belligerance is down because they dont have the blanket backing of the
United States. China has always supported and helped Pakistan to bleed
us. In fact, China has been fighting a proxy war with India using
Pakistan. Even with the Chinese help, Pakistan would think twice to
keep attacking India if it does not have the strategic backing of the
United States.

Dalai Lama is the spiritual and political leader of the Tibetan people.
He had agreed to autonomy within the framework of China only to avoid
the bloodshed which the Chinese government would make to suppress
insurgency. He has single handedly managed to create a universal
awareness of the Tibetan problem. In the western world, there is a
great deal of understanding and sympathy to the cause of the Tibetan
people. In another territory, western China, there is such an
arrangement. Eventually, the Chinese will have to agree with the
Tibetan demands. With the perennial incompetence in India, ultimately,
Tibetans will also turn into Maoists as the Nepalese have become now.

The Chinese refusal to talk to Dalai Lama is a paradox. Even the
British government never refused to talk to the Indian independence
leaders or to the leaders of other colonial nations for that matter.
The British did jail Indian leaders, but there was a difference. They
did not cause their death, but if Dalai Lama ventures to go to Bejiing
for Conference as Gandhi and others did by going to London, I fear for
his safety. The mannner in which they suppressed the revolt in Tinnaman
Square, one should assume that the Chinese would not stop at anything
to stop insurgency in their territory. India has to be careful because,
this will give the Chinese an excuse to repeat their military exercise
in our border and even to annex our territory.

The Communist movement has given a powerful weapon to the Chinese
leaders in brainwashing the poor in China and to amass the largest army
in the world. A government which is concerned about the welfare of its
people dont need to maintain an army of more than two million people.
The Chinese territorial expansion is a prolonged and sustained
strategy. Chinese soldiers in plain clothes have already occupied
Nepal. Laying a claim on 90,000 of Indian territory is only a
beginning. Once India cedes Arunachal Pradesh, they will move down to
Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram, until the Chinese border reaches
the Bay of Bengal. After that their claim will be on Maynamar.
Maynamar, Tailand, Combodia and Malasia already have large Chinese
population. In the next two or three hundred years, these small nations
will also be part of the Chinese territory.

The Chinese dont want to mess with Muslim countries. Annexing muslim
infested countries will brew internal strife and insurgency, which the
Chinese dont want. They have the help of the Indian communists who are
growing too. With the combination of the Congress-Communist and Jihadi
parties, supported by the parties like DMK, JD(S), RJD etc. Indian
leaders have their work cut out. Unless, the next general election
brings a nationalist government, India’s territorial integrity is in
serious jeopardy.

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