China’s double edged diplomatic sword

via Hary Nambiar published on November 3, 2009

China’s diplomatic strategies are brilliant and relentless. On the one hand it expands its efforts by its Head of State meeting his Indian counterpart at the venue of an important International conference, its ambassador meets and explains China’s desire to remain at peace with India. While China pretends to be an ever lasting friend of India, it is an “all weather friend” to Pakistan and supports infiltration by Pakistani trained militants to India and offers military and economic aid including nuclear technology, raw materials and construction of nuclear power plants defying International laws on Nuclear Non Proliferation. Yet these are nothing but crafty double edged efforts to gain the support of public opinion in the International community. However, it issues plain paper visa to dissident academicians and India baiters of Kashmiri and Arunachal and presents them with laurels, gifts and expense paid vacation in China. Chinese aid to India’s neighboring countries have gained considerable friendship with them, that they go against India in International forums whenever matters important to India are discussed despite the fact that India has been pumping millions of dollars in their economic development efforts.

Where does the Indian Minister and his Ministry of External Affairs stand in relation to these Chinese diplomatic efforts and clandestine war by China? A friend of mine from
Western China, an Uighur Muslim asked me, why India refuses to allow one of their leaders to visit India although it is a secular state? It is strange that the secular India which articulates strongly and voices concern about the American foreign policy against Iran and its peaceful nuclear activities, which actually is an effort to build nuclear weapons, but at the same time does not support dissident activity of the people of Western China where a majority people are Muslims. Strange are the world of diplomacy, International relations and Indian politics.

While it is slowly and gradually taking over the disputed territories from India, it is pretending peaceful intentions to the Indian politicians who in denial mode, are misrepresenting to the Indian people. Its relentless campaigns against the freedom of movement of Dalai Lama and its challenging diplomatic positions on the Tibetan issue are well known. It threatens trade and diplomatic retaliation against nations who accord any customary honor to the Tibetan peoples’ struggle and warns them of the consequences of meeting Dalai Lama. Recently it has accused Dalai Lama of creating diplomatic obstacles in China’s diplomatic relations with India by visiting Arunachal Pradesh, in which is situated the famous Tibetan Buddhist monastery of Tawang, second only to the one in Lhasa. At the same time, if one look at YouTube or Chinese TV one could see how beautifully China is articulating the serene environment of Tibet, where people live in peace and harmony. The fact is that the Buddhists in Tibet remain under persecution and fear.

China’s double edged diplomatic sword is aggressively and relentlessly chopping away all Indian efforts to peacefully coexist with that country. It is appeasing the Muslims in Kashmir, issuing the plain paper visas and privately supporting their efforts to spin away from India without creating international awareness of its double standards. It presents laurels to Kashmiri academicians and invites them to various academic institutions in China to tell the Muslims in Western China, which is trying to spin away from China that it is a friend of the Muslims. While its majority population kills and drives away its minorities, especially the Muslim migrants from Western China, from industrialized Chinese cities. It is spending money on developmental work in Pakistani occupied Kashmir keeping an eye on the terrorist training of dissidents from Western China in the Jihadi terror camps which trains militants to go and fight in India. While China is actively supporting Islamic militants and Pakistan against India, it cleverly stays away from Afghanistan, Taliban and Al Quida and never say a word against American motivated Pakistani military assault on its own people in its federally administered tribal areas where poor people who ardently believe in the teachings of Islam.

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