Chasing Chimeras – Mythical vote catch of Lankan issues

published on November 9, 2013

For a long time the Hindu Nationalist movement had to struggle to gain traction with the Dravidian ideology infested Tamil Nadu political landscape.
Traditional Nationalist voter base hovers around 15% to 30% and went with Indian National Congress- while the two Dravidian ideological entities split the rest of the cake between themselves.
Challengers to this three way division such as PMK and DDMK resort to alternate contenders of Clean Governance but could not improve scores to unsettle the equation.
Minor chunks were earlier possible to be cut off the pie only through Casteist politics- such as that of Vanniar Caste Hindu PMk and Dalit VCK.
Even that faded in time and they have lost their former hold on respective Caste constituency.
The Congress losing its Nehru scion of Rajiv Gandhi in a LTTE terror strike has come in full circle and demonstrates the mindless mouthing of LTTE porpoganda as Lankan Tamils issues.
It had earlier joined the assembly vote for a Resolution for Tamil Eelam, a demand on behalf of those who have never given them any representation rights to speak for them.
Now P Chidambaram a Cabinet Minister begins a lament to his Prime Minister for attending the Commonwealth event.
In the right scheme of things as they would have us beleive- the Sri Lanka must be Ostracised by international community and boycotted.
Instead of India working closer and rebuilding the Tamils’ future for good.
But there is a method in all their seeming madness.
Each time for a political expedient Lankan issue will be passed around the table- unfailingly a new ‘ scoop’ about some alleged War Crime from Channel 4 will be the starter.
With almost all the top LTTE leadership’s wives and family attesting to humane treatments they recieved such as Col. Susai’s wife who expresses gratitude for way the Lankan regime handled them, the rank of former fighters and cadres fully rehabilitated in new productive lives weaned from destructive pursuits, with marriages arranged for them and new occupations, Channel 4 does have limited stock in demonising material.
If it was Prabakaran’s son Balachandran last time around, it is Tamil Selvi the newsreader back now as the new emotional pivot.
This despite that story having been debunked already since years- that she was a fighter in the list and held a rank and certainly was not a civilian casualty.
The LTTE since it used to surprise Lankan soldiers with human bombs concealed in their bodies, they were stripped and checked by women soldiers- these clips were naturally presented as proof of rapes- but this explanation was accepted by Independent and UN agencies.
Daya Master the media head of LTTe had exposed the origin of the ‘shocking’ visuals Channel 4 has circulated-as to how the LTTE used Lankan army fatigues and executed both rival rebel outfit’s fighters as well as Tamil and Sinhalese civilians and how these pictures were deployed to infuse fear and horror towards the Lankan army and Sinhalese as a people.
Meanwhile, the political need of the Tamil Nadu politics to exploit the Lankan Tamils’ issue has little objectivity to consider both sides of the story.
Rather resorts to the Lanka-Phobia with some little help from well timed Channel 4 myths, handful of Student crowd gatherers with no idea of the dimensions of the problem, and plenty of LTTE money.
The same set of actors play out different acts- if it was American Resolution against Lanka and UN enquiry then, now it is the Common wealth Game and Meet.
The same LTTE propagandists at media, the same old Loyola College and its Jesuit student activism, same Channel 4 where the 4 is the insignia of Greek Cross.
The Lankan Tamils would have none of this and have clearly told the Tamil nadu politicos to stop meddling with their lives and dictating their destiny to the given script of LTTE separatism and resumption of conflict.
Still, the rebuffed Tamil Nadu politicos pretend as though they havent heard and actually still have some cause at hand.
Since Lankan Tamils do not want to go back to the barbarous age of the LTTE, all this can have only intended target-
Tamil nadu and its gullible masses and callous political parties, who were earlier able to reject Dravida Naadu to be persuaded in stages to take to an Insurrection and Tamil Separatist movement.
As former LTTE arms procurer and overseas head K Pathmanathan jibed, Vai Gopalsamy aka Vaiko sought to inherit DMK’s leadership but foiled by their choice of Stalin and got evicted.
Since he was not a tamil but a telugu Naidu, Pathmanathan points out why he resorted to obssess with the Lankan Tamils issue in order to gain credentials as a Tamil leader.
Other such contenders to Tamil Lankan Issue as a vote catching device, such as VCK and PMK only proved through repeated defeats in elections that the Lankan Tamils’ issue had never any appeal or paid any political dividends.
However the issue was kept simmering as an emotional mobilization drive of cadres and youth from time to time, such as DMK’s sudden passion for Eelam to justify a disgraceful exit from UPA alliance over its corruption scandals.
This is where the fishing in troubled waters begins-
After the decimation of LTTE at the close of Lankan Civil war at Vanni, the remnants of LTTE still in possession of hoarded gold and funds began its quest for regrouping.
The Lankan war was replete with human rights violations and collateral damages, but by both the sides.
The decision of LTTE to hold on to civilians as human shields till they forced through their fighters’ encirclement at nandikadal beach is something never mentioned by the champions of Eelam at Tamil Nadu.
The Rehabilitation after the war was appreciated by United Nation’s visiting observers and even the critics of Lankan regime.
During all this the nationalist BJP failed to obtain its own clear view of the issue and started after the mythical Lankan issue as if that would launch Nationalist BJP at Tamil Nadu by back doors via this appeal to Seperatism.
It started to mime the LTTE propagandists and join blindly the Death chant to Rajapakse.
Ironically, the Tamil National Alliance was forced to deal with the different ground reality at Lanka’s tamil areas.
If we bear in mind fact that TNA was the only official political wing of the LTTE, their change of political course should if anything serve as an eye opener.
The Tamils who lived through incessant conflict of over three decades of Tamil Separatist domination over their lives had little appetite left for any resumption of Separatist ideas that could resume conflict with Lankans.
The recruitment of child soldiers had completely turned the tamils in LTTE controlled areas against any suggestion of revival of LTTE or its politics of terror and intimidation.
This change of Tamil mass psyche against Separatism and choice for Nationalism and Democratic Pluralist Federalism went completely unnoticed by the Hindu Nationalists.
Instead of welcoming that wiser choice towards peaceful reconciliation and Federal resolution of issues democratically, the BJP at Tamil Nadu let itself be carried away by the myth makers’ shows.
If Lankan tamil issues ever had any broad support base at Tamil Nadu, Vaiko must have been the chief minister but he arrived at such a pathetic marginalisation that he and his Party stopped contending elections.
Impressed by the LTTE propgandists’ monopolisation of media space, BJP began courting him eagerly and started brandishing his lavish praise as an endorsement to cherish.
But the Nationalist voter base had meantime swung to BJP from Congress like elsewhere outside Tamil Nadu.
Narender Modi’s image as an achiever, an Icon of resurgent Indian nationalism was happening nation wide tumultously.
The unthinkable acceptance of Hindutva as a positive instead of a Libel lead to vibrant receptions especially from the youth disenchanted with the communal demonisation and corruption.
At Tamil Nadu BIP, the clueless courting of Tamil Separatists keeps up the myth of Tamil Separatist pet issues that fetch nothing but lost deposits for the likes of Vaiko.
What was missed was a crucial chance and historic opportunity to debunk the Dravidian ideology as promotive of  Racist ideas leading to bloody ethnic strife and civil wars and harbinger of doom to tamil society by showcasing the horrors of LTTE.
After all the entire lankan civil war and fight for a separate Eelam was a logical extension of Dravida Naadu demand of Dravidian parties, that was rejected by Tamils here.
Its sponsors were arch enemies of Hindu Nationalism- the Liberation theology of LTTE were same derivatives of Jesuit Dravidian ideologues like Bishop Caldwell as were the Justice Party and the Dravidar Kayagam.
By chasing a mythical Lankan Tamils issue as a vote catcher, the Hindu Nationalists of BJP Tamil Nadu missed the opportunity of course correcting history of tamil politics.
Instead of ideologically exposing the toxicity of Dravidian separatism, in the context of its deadly fall outs at Lanka where it wrecked the Tamil society there and ruined their lives, it persists on miming the Dravidian Tamil ethnic separatist rhetoric.
By towing the line of Lingo-Ethnic Separatist logic, at a time when it must vigorously expose its lethal aftermaths, Hindu Nationalists at Tamil nadu are digging the grave of nationalism and themselves.
While TNA chief minister at Lanka appeals to Indian participation at Commonwealth summit, the nationalists demand a boycott.
By rejecting both the democratic will of Lankan Tamils and the Federal choice of Nationalism by TNA, they have allowed the Tamil polity at India to be decoupled from the reality on the ground at Lankan Tamil Diaspora.
What in effect the tamil politicians are doing is not championing any rebuilding of the tamils’ lives at Lanka- for that requires actually closer cooperation and Indian investments.
What this dangerous mime of Tamil separatism is up to,is to prepare afresh the Tamil land to sow a Nagaland-like  separatist movement and an insurrection.
It goes without saying then that though BJP will do overall well outside of Tamil Nadu, thanks to upbeat Nationalism by arrival of Modi, at Tamil Nadu it will dampen the nationalist wave.
It may in theory enable Separatists like Vaiko to hijack the Wave or infiltrate the Nationalist government with LTTE revivalist script.
More probable is both the Hindu Nationalist BJP and its strange bedfellow of Tamil separatists, will beat the trend of Indian General elections of 2014.
Defying the Modi Nationalist wave in its favor all over India this chase after Tamil Seperatist appeal will flop.
They might be cast aside in the heap sidelined just as Vaiko is accustomed to with lost deposits.
Nevertheless, in the interest of Nationalism and future integrity of India, at Tamil Nadu this dangerous mimic of Tamil separatist rhetoric be queried by the Sangh.
The Hindu Nationalists be told to evolve their own Nationalist perspective of Lankan tamil issue, giving the due respects to the sentiments of Lankan Tamils there and their democratic choice of Federalist Unitarian Nationalism.
Already the Tamil fringe groups have begun attacks on ethnic minorities, Millitary installations and convoys of Indian Army and hurling petrol bombs on Post Offices and percieved National symbols.
This dangerous mime of Tamil Separatism must be put to an end before it is too late and Tamil Nadu drift towards another Nagaland.

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  1. Naveen Reddy Kamani Reply

    November 10, 2013 at 9:55 am

    The failure to call spade a spade by Hindu Nationalists
    1)First, The problem between Tamils and Sinhalese started as imagined racist stuff like Aryan-Dravidian,where as originally both are from India.And hence by default part of Hindu commonwealth.Hindu nationalists need to identify this and base this approach in this truth.
    2)Why Hindu nationalists bending to the pressure of few surviving LTTe machinery?If you equate Tamil feelings with LTTE, it means Hindu nationalists are agreeing with Tamil separatism from pan-Indian Hindu commonwealth.Correct this ideological error.reverse the tables and attack back.
    3)Sinhalese are from India too and Tamils from India too.Now because Sri Lankan Tamils get support from ‘some’ Indian Tamils, the Hindu nationalists thinking that supporting ‘some’ Tamils is equal to supporting your brothers.But what about China going to support of Sinhalese and creating strong base there, to further encircling of India.So, question to Hindu Nationalists, are you ready to sacrifice the interests of entire nation to make ‘some’ Tamils feel good about you? If so, why should we, the Indians, should vote to your Modi or BJP or support Sangh Parivar? where gone your nationalistic outlook? Why this short sightedness?

  2. Anand Reply

    November 10, 2013 at 10:12 am

    Chasing Chimeras – Mythical vote catch of Lankan issues
    The majority of Tamils are still practicing their ancient religion Saivism and yet the majority of Tamils have no clue about the dangers of separatist propaganda happening all around them. The same goes with the Srilankan Tamils who were propagating Saiva Siddha Vedanta for centuries and subsequently had peace and prosperity, yet when they want to go back now to their roots, which is Saivism, and have a normal living, these Tamil groups in Tamilnadu would not let them to do so. So I agree with Aronji with his well articulated analysis and warnings, which to quote from his concluding line “the dangerous mime of Tamil separatism must be put to an end before it is too late”. I am not able to understand for the life of me why BJP in Tamilnadu would advocate and patronize anti-Hindu elements who are hell bent on destroying the values of our Hindu culture and traditions. As the writer has pointed out correctly that Channel 4 has an agenda to release video footage of alleged war crimes right when they need to get something done or undone like Commonwealth Games issue. And they would continue to keep playing this mind games with Tamils unless something is done to counter them, like for instance, articles like this one, circulated among the BJP and RSS to get the right perspective about this particular issue, so that we stop “chasing chimeras”. We should remember in reverence all our great leaders, the torch bearers of Truth, of Sanatana Dharma, and get a clear vision of our ideology. Hope we are not too late to get across to the less informed people, otherwise i am sure they would ask us tomorrow why we were silent and watching the show unfold without any conscience.

  3. Mayuran Reply

    November 10, 2013 at 9:18 pm

    Sri Lankan Tamils are Hindu
    India needs to assert its national interest which means Hindu civilizational interest, not a mythical Hindu Buddhist grand alliance. India had abandoned Hindu Nepal to SPAM – the Seven Party Alliance plus Maoists which led to the eventual jettisoning of the constitutional monarchy and the removal of Hinduism as state religion. It abandoned the Bangladeshi Hindus were 29% at partition, 22% at the 1951 census and are now just 9% and continuing to decline while Muslim Bangladeshis encroach on Hindu Assamese land with New Delhi’s explicit connivance. The Assamese Hindu was sacrificed to the altar of electoral expedience.

    India likewise left the Sri Lankan Tamil Hindu to the mercy of Buddhist belligerence using a phoney logic of the ‘generic church’ and fear of Chinese intrusion. India also did nothing when the Fijian Hindu, until then the majority of the Pacific island nation, was sidelined, kicked and forced to emigrate in the 1990s.

    Its time India asserts its national interest. In the instance of Sri Lanka, it means support for the Tamil Hindu. Buddhism can never be trusted. The Buddhist monks have demolished Hindu temples in Sri Lanka and continue to do so. The Dambulla Kali temple was demolished recently. The neighboring Mosque was untouched. Many other temples were bull dozed in the Eastern Province on the orders of Buddhist monks – Kanniyai, Ilankaithurai, Sampur, Kuchchaveli etc.

    Buddhist monks prevented animal sacrifice in Amman temples in Chilaw in high profile protests but were conveniently silent during Hadj when many more animals are routinely sacrificed ritual. Buddhist monks have encroached on Hindu temple land. Thirukonamalai is an example, Thirukethiswaram is another. Kathirkamam is a third.

    Buddha statues are placed and fictitious re-rendering of history introduced to legitimize the deHinduization of millennia old Hindu temples.

    The issue in Sri Lanka is not a Dravidian issue – its a Hindu issue and lets view it as that henceforth.

  4. Sri Lankan Reply

    November 11, 2013 at 4:56 pm

    Sri Lanka is no friend of India
    Naveen Reddy, Anand and the author Aron do not know Sri Lankan history. The Sinhalese Buddhists were never pro India. There are many instances. Its time to have a more forceful policy that ensures Tamil Hindu rights in Sri Lanka. This does not mean however that the center capitulates to the Dravidian parties in Chennai. But it does mean that the policy of appeasement that Naveen, Anand and Aron seem to suggest should be abandoned.

  5. Aron Reply

    November 11, 2013 at 10:33 pm

    Hunting with the wolf and Running with the Hare
    Conflating Hindu Diaspora issues with LTTE and its Liberation theology extremism is recently taken up by Revivalists of LTTE cause.

    Christian activists like Simon Seeman instigate attacks on visiting Buddhist pilgrims here, and show Black flags to Lankan Presidents who visit Tirupathi.

    The idea is to provoke a Buddhist backlash.

    In fact the whole idea is to Resume the bitter Ethnic Strife using Human Rights, and Demonize each other-

    Among Sinhalese Buddhists the Liberation theologists go spread lies like India is turning our Victory over LTTE to a victory for the RAW agency. If we don’t use this opportunity to regain for Buddhism the lost territories then Brahmanism (Saivite Tamils) will do what it did at India to Buddhism!

    Among Sinhala Chauvinists Christian Church has their own versions of Thirumavalavan,Vaikos and Seemans.

    Liberation Theologists work among Tamil Diaspora and Sinhala mainstream promoting mutual hatred and suspicion.

    Fortunately, Buddhist Organizations have woken up to Christian designs at work among Sinhalese Buddhists instigating them against Hindu Tamils.

    Likewise Tamils at Lanka have realized the Hate campaign amidst them by Church propagandists- that is why Wigneswaran the TNA Chief minister, also President of Vivekanada centenary- is against Conflict and asked India to participate at CHOGM.
    While christian Dravidian ideologues here as one voice asked India not to go and promote Lanka phobia.

    At India Liberation theologists spin Ambedkar as anti-hinduism and use Dalit issues to displace his Buddhism with militant Christian liberation themes.

    The Tamil society at Lanka is Hindu and rightly abandoned this Liberation theology cause of Eelam.
    Similarly Buddhist clergy has woken up to mischief of anti-Brahmanism among them by Liberation theology.

    Both TNA and the new Buddhist movements clearly see Lanka Phobia and India Hegemony is Liberation theology running with the Hare and Hunting with the wolf.

    We will post on that soon.

  6. Mahesh Reply

    November 12, 2013 at 7:57 am

    LTTE is conspiracy
    It is definitely vote bank. LTTE top leaders were used for Joshua project-2 execution.
    It is a different view point.
    If you think it deep and connect the dots, you will get the picture clearer.

  7. Sri Lankan Reply

    November 16, 2013 at 3:55 pm

    Buddhism no friend of Hinduism


    I saw your comments and would urge that you desist characterizing the genuine grievances of the Tamils in Sri lanka as a Christian conspiracy. That is also the stand point of Radha Rajan etc and it would only push the Sri Lankan Tamil political movement further into church hands, a situation that arose due the void in Hindu leadership in the first place. The church influence can not be strengthened further for it then has implications on Tamil Nadu. Justice Wignesaran, the newly elected Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial Council in Sri Lanka and a member of the Tamil National Alliance is a devout Hindu. Sampanthan, head of the Tamil National Alliance is also Hindu.

    I agree with Mayuran’s points below. The Sri Lankan Buddhists are no friends of Hindu. This is also the situation in Bhutan, Burma and Nepal where Hinduism has been challenged and attacked by the Buddhist clergy. Blaming the church alone is simplistic. One has to see through organized Buddhism.

    May I respectfully recommend that you first consult those VHP and RSS cadre who have experience working on Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Hindus do not hunt with the wolf and run with the hare. Its Sinhalese Buddhism that does so.

    India needs to see through Sri Lanka’s repeated association with India’s enemies since 1948, a trend that continues to this day with a de facto allaince with China.

    So if you are really interested in Hinduism, you will desist from what you propose to do in the comments section.

    Your’s respectfully

  8. Ravi Reply

    November 16, 2013 at 5:26 pm

    If LTTE failed in its mission it is because of Then congress government of Rajiv Gandhi. He forced LTTE to an agreement against their wish and sent Indian army to protect Tamils after their surrendering their weapons. When the LTTE was not surrendering their arms, India should have withdrawn from the tri-party agreement and withdrawn army. The army was forced to fight the same people whom they were supposed to fight. Those years during which Indian army was there, LTTE was using its capacity to fight our army. During all the time SriLankan army was gaining more power and they could use it on a weakened LTTE. The Rajiv goverment is responsible for LTTE’s fate.

  9. Aron Reply

    November 17, 2013 at 2:35 pm

    Marxist leninist LTTE was not about hinduism or their Revivalists
    LTTE manifesto declares that-as Marxist Leninist.
    They are as Hindu as N Ram and Namboodripads.

    Lankan Tamils are hindus, but not LTTe and its propagandists.

    Wigneswaran is devout Hindu and that is why he doesn’t ask for Boycott of Lanka like the Liberation theology driven Revivalists of Conflict.

    Most Lankan Tamils, their Journos, and even TNA leaders tell us it was not India or Rajiv Gandhi that lead to the immense sufferings. The rejection of Peace pact and turning of guns against IPKF, biting the hands that fed lead to the downfall. Liberation theology depicts Indian Army as the villain while it was Fascism and ambition of LTTE supremo that scapegoated India and made tamils pay the price alienating India.

    Let us hear from Mayuran and Ravi if other Tamil Rebel groups and fighters were also Hindus?
    If so who wiped them out if not LTTE and where went this ‘Hindu’ concerns?

    Let us explain if that is difficult as a question why so many fellow ‘Hindu’ and fellow Tamils were exterminated- simply because Liberation theology wanted full fascist control of the movement. None of these ‘hindu’ or even Tamil champions lifted a finger or batted an eyelid when all Tamil Eelam groups and leaders were mercilessly slaughtered, hunted and gunned down.

    Even now they equate this Liberation theology movement and its fanatical pursuit of conflict and racism with Tamils’ cause and now Hinduism!
    At annual day Parades of LTTe sat Christian clergymen and nuns.
    Can you show us in one such parades on stage were any Hindu Swamy or saint? Many swamijis were courted by LTTe for pure PR works but never part of decision making as Churches were involved.
    Finally what should be the future?
    Reviving a Conflict politics or rebuilding the lives of Tamils there?
    At any rate ‘Eelam’ rejected officially by TNA and Tamils there makes students at Tamil nadu to lay siege to Vivekanada Rock memorial and certainly not friends of Hinduism. The wolfish Christian objective simply shows through?

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