Are Hindu Temples and Religious Leaders Delinquent in their Duties?

published on October 8, 2013

Copy of thought provoking speech delivered by Dr. Narinder Kukar, on the occasion of the 19th Annual Hindu Unity Day (Hindu Sangathan Divas) in New York.  Dr. Kukar is an outstanding physician, a statesman and a winner of several awards.  Hindus’ survival is at stake.  In view of his vast experience, it is absolutely essential for Hindu temples and Hindu organizations to take his advice very seriously.

Narain Kataria                                                                              
Are Hindu Temples and Religious Leaders Delinquent in their Duties!      
(Hindu unity Day:  9/29/2013, Long Island)
Narinder M Kukar M.D

Holliness Baba Ramdev

Honorable Subramananyan Swami

Respected Organizers and Distinguished Guests,

It is an Honor and a Privilege for me to address you

Today Hindus are at a watershed of history and our actions today will decide whether Hindus in India will get their equal rights as a citizen or slide into some new dark age, which may be worse than thousand years of Islamic barbaric rule of the past.

It is important to understand bad conditions just don’t happen , the attacks on Hindus and Hinduism is not haphazard. It is orchestrated at the highest levels of the government of India, surreptitiously in collaboration with some foreign Islamic countries through monetary influence and religious beliefs of few people in power in India. Unless Hindus understand this sinister collaboration, the religion won’t be able to defend itself.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “politics without principles is a social sin.”  Most of the politicians in India are the greatest sinners, figuratively and in reality. India can boast to be in the top tier of most corrupt nations of the world.

We can’t keep blaming others for our plight, in the end the fault is ours, the Hindus for not standing up to their rights. Hindus have to assert themselves or be a by stander of its own demise, that is what happened to Kashmiri Hindus, Pakistani and Bangladeshi Hindus. Their women raped in presence of their husbands and children, property confiscated, coerced conversion to Islam, temples burnt and destroyed.

If you have trouble believing what I said, go to Google human rights commission reports and United States congressional reports, Hindu American Foundation reports, The Guardian ( British News Paper) ;”Bangladesh: a portrait of covert Genocide”. Don’t look for it in the Indian government reports or the Indian News media. It is a rare Indian Newspaper in United States which has the courage to print some truth about the plight of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Our gripe is not with the Muslims, our preoccupation with them is our problem. One can’t reason with   unreasonable person, Dialogue with Muslims is a waste of time. In 1930 Sir Winston Churchill, former British prime minister said, “While the Hindu elaborates his argument, the Muslim sharpens his sword” After close to hundred years, It is true even today.

I blame the trustees of Hindu temples and the Hindu religious leaders for their inaction and negligence in educating its followers and helping them in their- endures to achieve what is rightfully theirs. It should be their solemn duty to help Hindus as they draw their funds and power through The Hindu worshippers. They as keepers and leaders of Hindu faith should do everything within their power to ensure that Hindus should have equal rights in India.

We as Hindus should demand of their help and leadership and they must be willing to give and lead. We as Hindus should organize satyagrah, at all levels of government. Mahatma Gandhi through satyagrah could get the British to quit India, we should be able to force the government of India to grant equal rights to Hindus.

It is no time to be on the defensive, it is time to be on the offensive:

1.  We demand equal rights for the Hindus in admissions to institutes of higher learning and jobs

 2. We demand Hindu temples funds should be under control of the donors like other religious institutions, not govt appointed Trustees,

 3. We demand Government help should be based on merit and need, not religion or caste.

4. We demand from the government of India to catch the Muslim culprits who set fire to the Hindu pilgrims train at Godara, those who killed Hindus in Muzzafar Nagar recently, the Muslim minister who ordered the police officers not to intervene and let Hindus be massacred by the Muslim mobs.

5. We demand legal actions against the police officers who failed to perform their duty in Muzzafar Nagar massacre of Hindus

6.  We Demand to bring to justice state officials in south  India who are using Hindu temple funds to convert Hindus to Christianity.

It is no time to be on the defensive, it is time to be on the offensive, peacefully and through Satyagrah, relentlessly, persistently and Nationwide. A society gets what it concentrates on.

When a Hindu goes to the temple, it is a private and mostly silent connection between the devotee and its creator. Some body in the temple has to teach Hindus about Hinduism. You don’t learn by just visiting and sitting in the school building without a teacher to teach you. Our Mandirs must teach on a regular basis about Hinduism and our spiritual leaders must lead and help  us in acquiring equal rights for Hindus, initially in India and then in other parts of the world.
Thank you for your attention

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  1. Pramod Kushwaha Reply

    October 10, 2013 at 2:36 am

    The medival Hindu leaders blundered.
    It was the medieval Hindu preachers leaders who blundered. They set the castiest division and hatred amongst the Hindus. They did everything that went on to create division amongst Hindus. The seeds they sowed are so terrible that the organizations like RSS are finding it difficult to unite back the Hindus. It was the medieval Hindu preachers who stopped education of Sanskrit to common man resulting in sidelining of the language. This forced switch over to English and distancing of the Hindus from their own scriptures because majority of the Hindu scriptures are in Sanskrit. The British didn’t kill Sanskrit nor could the Muslims ever do it. The Sanskrit was brought to death bed by the Hindu preachers and Hindu leaders. The decline of Sanskrit caused the decline of Hinduism. No Hindu preacher has ever preached political unity to Hindus. The money earned by temples is hardly put to fruitful use of spreading Hinduism. Actually the concept of spreading Hinduism didn’t go with the mind set of medieval preachers. All they could think was the way of restricting and eliminating Hinduism. It is the strength of Hinduism that it has survived such ill-natured preachers.

  2. Pramod Kushwaha Reply

    October 10, 2013 at 4:05 am

    Hindu preachers should do this…
    The preachers carefully distancing themselves from any politically ideology should encourage people (Hindus) to build a “political consensus” amongst them. The people (Hindus) must be made aware and vigilant that the interests of Hinduism cannot be protected without the active participation of Hindu sympathizers in the Government. The Hindus must be advised to ensure that only such people get into government who will contribute positively to your Dharma i.e. Hinduism. The Dharma cannot protect you if you don’t protect the Dharma. Because the protected Dharma alone protects it’s protector.

  3. Daalchan Reply

    October 10, 2013 at 12:18 pm

    Duty of Hindu leaders
    Hindu temples used to be Centers of Learning of Vedic Knowledge. Today people go to temples merely for darshan of a Deity. One takes his prasad (naivedyam) and comes back, but the prasad of knowledge (kripa) is neither given nor taken. The 5 yams and 5 niyams are not taught.
    This means that todays’ templemanagements are creating greedy people who go to the mandir solely for the fulfillment of some wish. The material part is fulfilled, but the spiritual part remains thirsty. And here is a role for the temple managements and the Hindu organisations. When they fail (as is mostly the case today), the Hindu society becomes weaker and weaker.
    On the other hand the individual Saints, be it Baba Ramdevji or Sant Asaramji, who try to educate the people on the path of spirituality, are maligned by the government. The same government which claims that modern education is more important, but subsidises madrassa (Islamic) education and fails in creating well educated unbiased teachers. The very government which steals money from God (money donated to Hindu temples in the name of God becomes money of God) and uses that money for anti-Godly (anti-Dharma) missions.
    So why are the Hindu organisations not giving a befitting reply? Is it because their chairmen and heads are some how blackmailable? Or lack both knowledge and courage? Or just don’t care? Or don’t get the support of the Hindu community? Or just have no idea what to do and how to do?
    Well friends, all the answers (what and how to do) can be found in our great Holy Scriptures and in the Words of our Saints. Just consult them and the way will be shown. And if you, as head of a Hindu organisation, feel lack of capability, then please, please resign and give some bold and courageous person the chance to lead that organisation and be content with supportive work to him.

  4. Pramod Kushwaha Reply

    October 10, 2013 at 9:48 pm

    Dr. Ambedkar is exemplary
    In contrast to Hindu preachers who sowed the seeds of casteism in Hindus and caused their de-unification, Dr. Ambedkar set a very good example. Dr. Ambedkar was denied Sanskrit education by the Hindu pandits. But it was Dr. Ambedkar who surpassed the Hindu pandits in showing integrity to nation by advocating Sanskrit as the national language of India. Dr. Ambedkar had the vision that Sanskrit could unite the people of India. Dr. Ambedkar belongs to the category of Sardar Patel and Golwalkar who understood the term “unification” correctly. Dr. Ambedkar tried to lure Indians towards Sanskrit while the Hindu pandits have done just the opposite. That Dr. Ambedkar supported Sanskrit in spite of all the derogatory treatment given to him by the orthodox Hindus, is the proof that Dr. Ambedkar was an example of rare and high character. He put unity of nation above self and that’s why supported Sanskrit inspite of his painful experience with orthodox Hindus. There is no doubt that decline of Sanskrit is synonymous with the decline & division of Hinduism.

  5. Manoj Reply

    October 15, 2013 at 5:18 am

    Hindu Leaders are to be Blamed
    The points noted by Dr. Narinder Kukar is very valid. For Examples of Hindu leaders lack of commitment and vision, there are hundreds of incidents happening all around us:
    1) Advani Praising Jinnah and refusing to apologize to the Hindus
    2) Advani trying to sabotage Narendra Modi even though it will hurt the prospects of Hindu religion.
    3) Advani taking the advise of his aide Sudheendra Kulkarni even though Kulkarni is a known Hindu baiter and enemy.
    4) BJP totally ignoring Hindu interests after coming to Power by Hindu votes.
    5) BJP doing nothing for the empowerment of Hindu religion even in the states being ruled by them.
    6) BJP trying to appease everybody else by running Buses to Pakistan and Bangladesh. They also refused to hit Pakistan after the Parliament attack. They shamelessly surrendered to the Paki Terrorists in the Plane Hijacking incident.

    To rectify the above situation the RSS should
    a) first identify the problems faced by Hindu religion
    b) Implement solutions at least in the BJP ruled states
    c) Start with separating the Hindu temples in the BJP ruled states.
    d) Establish Institutes to train Hindu Priests in the BJP ruled states. Admit members of all castes depending on their merit.
    e) Build Temples in every Village in these states and appoint VHP trained Priests who can educate and guide the common people.
    f) Establish Bala gokulam’s in BJP ruled states for training Children in Hindu scriptures

    Within a span of 10 years we can create a committed grass root level Hindutva movement which will then propel committed Hindutva minded people to power thereby replacing the current anti-Hindu traitors who are coming to Power after each election.
    Haindava Keralam can help to get this message across to the RSS leadership

  6. Swami Param Reply

    December 5, 2013 at 7:23 am

    The problem with Hindu Dharma
    The problem with Hindu Dharma are the Hindus. From observation, it is so difficult to get Hindus to openly discuss the Dharma (much less come the Mandirs/Ashrams). Hindu Dharma is being blatantly “ripped off” by non-Hindus. Look, for example, at the phony yoga movement. The “certified teachers” completely deny Hinduism. Trying to get Hindus to speak up is like pulling teeth. Anyone interested (and all should be), contact us at

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