Arab Spring: Is it Real or Al Taquiea in action?

published on May 21, 2012

Recently I have traveled all over the Islamic Arab world. I have studied Islamic culture, their life style, Arab Spring, Islamic fervor, Jihad Terrorism, and political turmoil in the Islamic world. I have witnessed the rebellion of the Muslims against the hypocrisy of the brutal Islamic rulers and the estrangement from Islamic culture and the system of the Islamic rulers. Phony Western liberals, pseudo secularists and the gutless media call it Arab spring. But I think the present political turmoil in the Islamic Arab world is Al- Taquiea in action.
I have witnessed misery, distress, discrimination and agony of Muslims in the Middle East. The present generation of Muslims long for a new political existence. They are craving not for Islamic reformation or renaissance but of the wholeness of Islamic life. Again the revolutionaries have shown the world the deficiencies of the existing rulers, corruption, and industrial ugliness. The world has witnessed the political upheaval in Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Syria, Bahrain, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, and Kuwait.
In spite of rapid technological and digital development, Muslims cannot slough off their all exclusive, rigid and closed dogma. Mullahs and Islamic rulers brutally repress real freedom, democracy, pluralism, secularism, religious tolerance and the transcendental quest of Muslims. Although in many ways identical with the traditional revolution in the Islamic Arab world, the outcry this time was linked to a vague the leftist political expression of the bourgeois life style and corruption of the existing rulers.  The political crisis we witness in the Islamic world is actually Al Taquiea in action. The political revolution is not for democracy, secularism, pluralism, coexistence, religious tolerance or for real democracy. The political revolution and mass killing is against the existing regimes. The political protest has frozen into a new Islamic orthodoxy. I have noticed that the political protest would have become much more pragmatic if the protesters were interested in reforming Islam, revisiting the Koran and cultural hostility against other religions.
I heard voices for Islam, speeches denigrating reason, hostility against democratic Israel, secularism, religious tolerance as they have made periodically in Islamic countries. Paradoxically, Muslims were highlighting their cultural grievances against Jews, Hindus, and Christians and against modern technology. Islamic countries have undergone revolution and social crisis before; Muslims were successful in changing regimes in Libya, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Algeria, Syria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan in the past decades. But unfortunately, the new regimes championed a new form Islamization. The new administration and the Islamic public took the notion that Islamic cultural factors alone are capable of overcoming their economic, political and social decline. To me, the so called Arab spring is a psychodrama, a projection of Islamic principles and its irrational ingredients in to politics. Muslim Brother Hood may gain more strength and they may propose Islamic idealism without accountability for solutions to their problems.
It is surprising that the educated have been moved by the Islamic ideology; it is strange that they continued to believe in it. They never understand that Islam is the root cause of hostility and terrorism. Even in this digital era, Arabs clung all the more desperately to the outdated Islamism. To them, the appeal of the Mullahs and their interpretation of Islam are immense. In turn, they emphasized that the appeal of Islam and admit the cultural rottenness and political irresponsibility of their rulers. They blame western technology, Israel and Jews for their social, political and economic problems. They fail to make social and political turmoil in Arab countries today to outdated Islamic practices.  It may seem correct to make a connection between the political crisis and the ideas of Islamism.
It is a dangerous time in the Islamic world. Islamic world need sensible thinkers, social reformers and social leaders to speak up and finding support for Islamic reform and a social renaissance. The Islamic world is facing a dangerous period, as deep hatred against Jews and other non Muslims are encouraged. There is also a rush to wipe out Israel from the earth. Muslims all over the world should eliminate sectarian thinking, and hatred against non Muslims. Islam is not a political solution for all ills created by Muslims.  Arab Muslims cannot or will not win by confrontation with Israel or the powerful west. The current state of social and political crisis has a great to deal with the west’s misunderstanding and ignorance of Islam. America and the west deal with Jihad terrorism as committed by certain disgruntled Muslims. Muslims want to create a Dar-Ul-Islam where there will be no more democracy or pluralism. Muslims want to impose Sharia law rather than educational reform, coexistence or reformation. Muslims rich or poor, educated or uneducated never reach for knowledge or ethics or social responsibility that may exceed their grasp. For Muslims, Islam is the final answer to all social-political-psychological problems. For Muslims, Islam is a closed and pure religion which needs no reformation or revision. Those who criticize Mullahs are called apostate and beheaded. Instead of reform they preach Islamic virtues of Islamic fighters and Jihad warriors.
It is important that western rulers, instead providing grants and military assistance must insist on educational change and Islamic reformation.
In the United Arab Emirates, I saw the marvels of western technology. Western technology and foreign professionals have elevated the standards of life of Muslims in UAE. Yet, people in UAE are confronted by a number of psycho-social-political problems. There is no democracy, pluralism, independent judiciary, secularism, religious tolerance in UAE. Indigenous Islamic population and foreign workers are confronted by number of problems and face discrimination and face stress, alcoholism, drug abuse, suicide, divorce,, homicide, terrorism violence and other form of deviant crime Statistics and simple observation inform us that there is hardly an individual, family, group, or community that is untouched by the rules of the Sheiks and Sharia law in UAE. The Islamic rulers use modern technology and the media for sophisticated mans and manipulation including brutal Sharia judges to oppress the public into receptive, passive consumer of unwanted ideas of the Islamic rulers. Islamic dogma is used instead of democracy. People in all Islamic countries spend more time not for introspection and think critically and creatively. Mullahs and ruling Sheiks impose strict censorship. Any news critical of Islam and several websites are banned in UAE and all Islamic countries. For Muslims, ignorance of liberalism, democracy, empiricism and western thought is bliss.
There is growing tendency to find simplistic solution to issues in Islam. It is dangerous. The cultural pessimism and western technology have been recognized as an important factor by Muslims Brotherhood to propagate and converting Muslims for jihad. Failure to understand the deeply rooted Islamism in Arab culture will have disastrous consequences for the free world. Elite western political leaders and administrators are restrained from recognizing the root cause of social-political crisis the Islamic world. This aspect of the rise of jihad has been over looked by our liberal/Marxist educators and misunderstood by our political/intellectual leaders.

Oil money from Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries have made our intellectuals and academicians either abashed or apologetic. It is about time to speak against the brutal verses of Islam and facing up to Jihad terrorism. Or else we will face terrible dangers to our life, liberty and life style. It is hoped that the current political turmoil in Islamic countries may serve to put the era of ad hominem of tolerance, commerce and profit making behind us. With the weight of evidence of worldwide Jihad terrorism now clear, may be fake liberals and phony secularists will give up their addictive thinking and cognitive disorder. Free world must face Islamic reality, overcome denial and escapism. IF not, Islamism will destroy more lives, and will rob us our liberty and free thinking.

It is our duty, responsibility and obligation to preserve our freedom, protest peace by forcing Muslims to reform Islam.

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