Appeal to Nithyananda by Maharishi Om

via Press Release - published on April 2, 2010

Appeal to Nithyananda by Maharishi Om Founder of the Rejuvenation Yoga Institute of America and, an institution that has over 200,000 followers learning Vedic knowledge.

Om Namah Shivaya,

This is a special appeal to Nithyananda. All of you know him very well. Nithyananda, please say sorry to all devotees and say sorry to all sanyasis (monks) because you are brining a bad name to sanyasis (monks) and also a bad name for Hinduism.


Your statements, they are very, very confusing. One place you are saying that you are doing an experiment… and you are in samadhi (trance). But, whatever you are experimenting in samadhi (trance) that is not an act of a sanyasi (monk). This is very, very bad.


In another statement, you are saying that “I did nothing wrong; nothing illegal, at all. And, I have not done anything against the law.” What is legal and illegal for a sanyasi (monk)? Can you please explain?


In another statement, you are saying that the video was morphed, manipulated, and misrepresented – (of) your personal life. What was morphed? And, what was manipulated? Can you please explain?


In another interview, you are saying that she (Ranjitha) was your true devotee. She is and she will be your devotee. And, she will remain your devotee. And, she was volunteering, serving, and taking care of you when you were sick.


We devotees don’t understand these statements at all. (You are) very confused. These statements are confusing and creating frustration in devotees’ hearts. (Your statements are) contradicting (to) each other; nobody knows which one is true and which one is real. What it appears to the general public that the statements are made up, and the truth is not being revealed. Why don’t (you) say sorry? And, say, sorry, again and again? And, say, “I made a mistake, and I cannot live up to the standard of a real sanyasi (monk)?” And, ask for forgiveness? And take corrective measures?


We, sanyasis (monks) are in great pain and sorrow. With your actions, we request to you, (to) please say sorry to (the) public and correct yourself. You, Nithyananda, need to leave this kavi (holy saffron) cloth immediately.


We request to the public to keep a close watch on people who misguide and who mislead you. Remember the statement from Kabirdas:

Guru kijiye jaan ke, paani pijiye chhan ke.

That means:

Understand your guru before you accept him, and always filter the water before you drink it.


What is the meaning of sanyasi (monk)? Who is a sanyasi and a true guru? Sanyasa means renunciation and detachment from worldly affairs. Sanyasa means tyaga (unconditional detached love), not raga (lust) or anuraaga (worldly love). Sanyasa means love, not lust at all. Swami means the one who has mastered over sensual pleasures. But, it is clearly coming out from your (Nithyananda’s) statements that you are not following the path of dharma (righteousness). Please, admit your mistake and say sorry. Guru means true guide, like a mother.


I again humbly appeal to the devotees who are following the path of dharma (righteousness) and they are in pain, please remain calm in this difficult time, have faith in God and continue your spiritual journey.


Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om (Peace within, Peace throughout, Peace Everywhere)

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