Anti- Americanism is not in the interest of the Hindu Nation

published on November 10, 2010

A rejoinder from Aron to Manoj’s analysis on US Policy, published in HK titled Samam, Danam, Bhedam, Dandam- The American Way  

Dear bros,,

Let us study the main points-

For Americans, their own self interest is their bible. They will do whatever is required without any moral hang-ups to achieve what is good for themselves.

What else should a nation follow? its own self interest as much as it could be morally pursued- and if needs be break the moral rules at the altar of Nation’s Supreme interest. Is that an accusation?

US government consists of individuals of very high caliber unlike India where politicians of peanut sized brain are ruling.

Now this is a subjective take- if we ask American analysts- they do not seem to be all that impressed or taken by the calibre of individuals there- though this self depreciation and left handed compliment could well be taken as things we could improve.

If we take out the political man- Manmohan Singh is not altogether of any less order than Obama himself or for that matter Bush- the credentials and background of both being very ordinary.

Now to the Examples he has given

1 Pakistan is controlled by Danam & Bhedam. Saudi Arabia through Samam & Danam. Japan & Germany after the world war through Danda and Danam. All of Africa through Danam. Normally they will have their CIA phsycologists draw up profiles of a nation’s rulers and people and then they will devise their strategies to control that nation and people.

Last we heard nothing is under control in the above listed nations- and America is not calling the shots neither in Germany or Japan- which are post-World War II entitlement of a defeated axis of Fascist Powers that needs to be reshaped if we were to avert another catastrophic World War III-

America exited West Germany and Japan soon after putting in place a Democratic and Free Market economy, and both Japan and Germany fared not that badly afterwards nor they resented that phase which was their own war mongering which bought untold suffering upon the Free world.

Both Germany- which economists called the German miracle and Japan which rose to be a leading world economic power should have no grouse against American Policy then there.
That story is reverse when it came to Communist intervention- in East Germany which was an unmitigated disaster and dictatorial rule under the Iron curtain with the Berlin Wall.

As per declassified documents, in case of Germany and Japan, Americans made extensive study to determine why Germans and Japanese behave the way they do.

Now this sounds spooky- but behavioural study of nations and their leadership is class room stuff when it comes to Strategy and Foriegn Policy.Our own RAW was started with just that intent and all nations do that.I would also like to see the ‘declassified documents’ quoted with links to see whats there that is objectionable.

2 The only times they have failed is against Vietnam and now against Iraq.

This old hat.
They failed completely in Afghanistan as well and Pakistan itself, and Vietnam being a waterloo was more due to the fact that Communist aggression had no qualms about carrying out a war and insurgency at a great cost to human lives and rights while American public were vulnerable to the Leftist media blitz of ‘exposes’ and battered conscience.

The Soviet conduct of Afghan war was equally a failure and brought about the collapse of its Empire- the cost taking its toll in spite of all censorship.

3 Iran has learned this same game and is playing against Americans in a beautiful way.

Anti-Americanism is in built in Islamic world view- America being the custodian of Free world values.It did not start with even Iranian Revolution, but the Revolution made stomping on American flag a national statement.Besides what is beautiful about that? How does that help us or affect us?

Russia under Putin does the same. Except naive and foolish Indians.China knows all these games and is countering it with their own moves.

How very wise of China which turned its people to inhabitants of sweat shops-so Communist bosses could trample on Labour rights and roll in Dollars and how very foolish of us?

Playing against America is not a game. It is a part of Communist and Islamic world domination that wants to spread out an change the balance of power in its favor- Putin we must bear in mind was a KGB top brass and a hardliner, and has his own dreams of unrealistic revival of Russian hegemony.

Again how does all their anti-Americanism serve our purpose? One being an Islamist and the other an ex-KGB? merely proving my charge that anti-Americanism is the preserve of Leftist foundlings and Islamists?

4 Americans are controlling India through Samam, Danam, Bhedam and Dandam. When India tests any advance weaponery it is Dandam. Against Indira Gandhi it was Dandam.

That makes sense only to himself- having defined in his own terms what Americans do, which any nation according to artha sastra must be doing, and India be teaching this stuff if we were true to our roots?

Against Indira Gandhi it was Dandam. After BJP made nuclear tests they decided to bring India under total control.

And what about Nehru’s fondness for all things Communist? Indira’s penchant for Soviet Union to the point that KGB agents ran the 1971 elections? Indira planting Leftists in all seats of thought control, which the Hindu Nationalists are unable to dismantle and evict in their struggle to get their legitimate rights? Did not Soviet Union consider India a client state and showed Delhi in its map once? which RSS protested in 1982? Who attempted total control? the communists or the Americans?

Did the embargo and sanctions stay even for a decade in place after we defied and exploded the bombs? Did we not get the Nuclear deal which was made into a referendum by communists and Leftists in which even the BJP and even the Sangh due to Leftist infiltration of anti-Americanism took a position against?

Did the nation not set them by the garbage heap in the Lok sabha elections- anti-Americanism no longer being able to be sold with gusto?

Instead of working towards the guarantees to our sovereign interests, to oppose the Deal as if it made them suave and intellectual, cost BJP that election punished along with the Communists. The emerging middle classes and the masses too intuitively see which side of the bread is buttered.India needs Power and Nuclear power needs the fuel agreement- and yet anti-Americanism became more important than that.

Is that not a perfect example of thought-control, though Soviet controllers are gone and buried?

Hence they brought their western agent Maino Madam to rule India. Through her and the current slave government they are trying their best to kill India’s nuclear and defence Industry. They are trying to brainwash the people through the Media which they own and through the NGO’s which they control.

This is more of generalisations and insinuations- mixing up of things like Vatican’s push and backing which is Catholic and protestant American foriegn policy, and conspiracy theorising!

The media and NGOs being under western interests is something more of our own making- in a globalised world, it is the mistake of Hindus to leave this field altogether unattended and again we don’t see how it is American attempt to control, unless he meant christian influence?

Finally, why did Swami Vivekananda undertook a heroic voyage to that accursed land called America-? if not he in his forward vision saw that some day America would be the second home of Hinduism?

The future of America is Hindu, and our road forward is to build a solid bridge there, not be parroting outdated slogans of the cold war era that made one look ‘intellectually sophesticated.

It is high time to uproot this anti-Americanism of Communist and Leftist infiltration of national mind. Our differences are few, our commonality plenty and the eventual destination is that of Matter and Spirit converging in a harmonious manifestation- for which America and India need each other.

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