And the winner is …..Islamic Jihadis

via Dr. Babu Suseelan published on June 13, 2010

For the last few years the U.S has spent trillions of dollars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. By fiscal year 2010, The Center for Defense Information reports, the cost of Afghanistan fighting will total $739 billion and Iraq fighting$2.337 trillion. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq hiked U.S indebtedness by $900 billion and the debt from military spending will exceed $2 trillion. Pakistan, the epicenter of Jihadi terrorism will receive $7.5 billion from America over the next five years. This aid is in addition to President George Bush had given to Pakistan’s Islamized military. American aid was unconditional and the barely supervised fund was in exchange for empty pledges. Decades of U.S. aid only strengthened Pakistan’s Islamized military. Pakistan never honored the commitment. Recently American Congress has earmarked another $3.5 billion for Pakistan.

Providing unconditional aid to Islamic nations did not really improve American images in Islamic countries. Islamic leaders claim America is an infidel country and it is a great Satan. Anti Americanism by Islamists is nothing new. It began the year America was established as an independent secular nation.

Now the time has come to crown a victor. While the U.S may have achieved its objectives in Iraq-removing terrorist Saddam Hussein from power- and removing Taliban government from Afghanistan. But the real Winner is the Islamic Jihadis.

America spent more than $5 billion for its air campaign. Peace keeping efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan will cost an additional $10 billion a year. And in the years to come America will dole out billions for Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Pakistan diverts American economic aid to amass weapons of mass destruction and to establish Jihad training schools. Jihadis from Pakistan and Afghanistan have extended their reach beyond its borders. They are now entrenched themselves in Afghanistan, Waziristan, and in different parts of Pakistan. Pakistan has become a lawless-failed state. Arms smuggling, opium smuggling and Jihadi training have become the core competency. Corrupt Pakistan army, the ineffective Zardari government and police are aiding and abetting opium smugglers, and counterfeiters. Arms smuggling and opium smuggling are certainly not their only source of income. Pakistan printed counterfeit foreign currencies are widely distributed in the United Arab Emirates, India, Nepal and many South Asian regions. Ill gotten money is being used to plot terrorism strategies against the West, America and India. Jihadi and al-Qaeda operatives are dispersed in Europe and America.

Despite massive economic aid, Pakistan has slipped into un-governability. The Jihadis and al-Qaeda clan continue to thrive because of political deterioration in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The weak governments in Pakistan and Afghanistan have not made any real commitment to fight against Jihadis and al-Qaeda terrorists. The Islamized Pakistan military has no will to arrest, prosecute or contain Jihadi terrorists ambushing American soldiers. American aid flowing into Pakistan has been diverted into Kashmir to fight against infidel India. Most of the annual budget has been allocated for accumulating weapons of mass destruction. The Islamized military in Pakistan is involved in smuggling Jihadi terrorists into Indian Kashmir.

The Islamic mafia has penetrated every segment of the Pakistan government. As President Obama and State Secretary Hilary Clinton look to the future and focus on withdrawing American forces from Afghanistan and Iraq, America needs to move beyond dollar diplomacy. American dollar and the military power have treated the symptoms, but not the source of Afghanistan and Pakistan’s malice.

The root cause of hostility against American interests is Islam. Islam forbids democracy, tolerance, friendship with infidels, freedom, pluralism and secularism. America and NATO nations must treat Islam as a political ideology. Economic aids should be made conditional on revising or reforming Islam, practicing Human Right and religious tolerance.

Islamists believe that the only way to achieve their mission is terrorism. As far as Muslims are concerned America still remains as an unfinished Islamic task and Jihad war is both an individual and collective responsibility of all Muslims. Jihadis want to convert all infidels to Islam and be saved or pay the Jizya poll tax or else, they would wage war against us.

America has pumped billions of dollars into all Islamic countries. Creating goodwill with Islamic fascists is an elusive dream. John Quincy Adams said “The essence of Mohamed’s doctrine was violence and lust; to exalt the brutal over the spiritual part of human nature.” To convert, terrorize or kill all kafirs and to win all infidels for Allah is precisely what the Mohamedans first usage the term “Islam” means. In Islam democracy is replaced with Sharia and the dictatorship of Mullahs or Ayothollahs.

It is strange that the bogus liberals and phony secularists and the leftist media came to ally itself with Islamic Jihad. The destructive antipathy of the leftist media toward American values and ethos is a form of nihilism. In order to create the future and to preserve our democracy and culture, it is necessary to mobilize the free world and treat Islam as a political ideology or fascist dogma for domination. Islam is a worst form of fascism, a virulent and contagious disease threatening the free world. Islam is not a creed of peace and veneration. Obscene crimes have certainly been committed in the name of Islam. In spite of massive aid from America, Islamic leaders are too arrogant to apologize for the appalling and heinous crimes against humanity. They offer pathetic justification for Islamic brutality.

American aid to Islamic countries must be conditional on revising Islamic educational curriculum and treatment of non Muslims. Western governments should not negotiate with irreconcilable Muslims from a position of weakness. The political, social, and religious dynamics created by Islamists around the world seemed to become more and more complicated-and volatile—with time, and less and less solvable. With the unholy alliance they made with our leftist liberals and the media, Islamists are launching an alarming assault on our democracy, values, and freedom and weakening our position in the eyes of Islamic enemies.

In all Islamic countries, Christians, Jews, Hindus and all non Muslims are harassed, discriminated, forcefully converted or driven out. In Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan, Syria, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and all Islamic nations have no human rights, independent judiciary, or religious tolerance towards non Muslims. Financial aid must be conditional. Special operations units must be send to Islamic nations to gather intelligence and build ties with local non Muslims. Its goal must be to build networks that could penetrate, disrupt, or destroy Jihadi groups as well as prepare for social change. America also must have tough immigration laws to weed out Islamic anarchists who want to introduce Islamic Sharia law.

If we fail to act the closed, rigid and fundamentalist political ideology of Islam, it will destroy our democracy, our preeminence in economy and undermine our liberty and safety. Since 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, Mohamedans who follow the Koran and Hadith have carried out 15,107 deadly terrorist attacks in the name of Islam and killed more than 75,000 people. It is time for American citizens to protect our national interests, freedom, our values and culture from a position of strength. We must draw clear and sharp distinctions between ourselves and Islamic Jihadis who have taken every possible opportunity to kill Americans and undermine our prosperity and security. It would be tragic, if America loses to Jihadi terrorists and Islamic mafia.

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