80% of Muslims in Europe are beggars, living on welfare – Egyptian Islamist researcher

published on November 12, 2012

(Some of our readers may wonder why we need to expose such facts from other places while HK is a site basically to discuss issues relating to Hindus in Kerala. The answer to that is, in this era of shrinking world, things happening in one corner of the world has definite influence on people living in other parts of the world. Nobody especially no society can live in isolation. It is a well known fact that  pan national ideological groups like evangelists, islamists, communists and other terrorist organizations are supported, fostered and controlled from elsewhere by their handlers. They are made to think and react as one unit irrespective of their national and other identities when it comes to their encounters vis a vis other ideologies. So it becomes very important to collect and analyze facts from across the world for those who deal with these types of groups to understand what makes up the fabric of their minds. Only this approach will give us the correct picture of why certain groups of people act in certain ways, and what are the problems and solutions other people have in dealing with similar groups. Here are some facts from Europe)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian Islamist researcher Ali Abd Al-Aal, which aired on Mayadeen TV on October 12, 2012.

TV host Yahya Abu Zakariya
: It has become customary for the sheiks preaching in mosques to talk, in their sermons and lectures, about “the infiltrating infidel West,” “the European-Crusader West,” “the abode of infidels and the abode of Islam.”

I have presented claims that the Muslims in Andalusia engaged in fornication, homosexuality, and debauchery. Today, if you go to the West and tour the European continent, where there are 50 million Muslims… 80% of these Muslims are beggars, living on Western welfare. In other words, the European pays taxes, and the state gives the Muslim money to buy food.

The Muslim in the West does not earn his daily bread. If he were in the Islamic world, he would die – even the cows and the goats cannot get their sustenance in the Islamic world. 80% are unemployed.

Let me give you an example from Sweden. There are 500 Islamic associations and only one Jewish association. Every mosque in Europe suffers from theft. In accordance with the European law for support of religions and cultural diversity, the state provides Muslims with funding, and the managers of the mosques steal those funds.
At times, you encounter an Imam who employs his wife as the floor sweeper, and then tells her to stay at home.Then you have fake divorces. A Muslim divorces his wife on paper, and when social services give her a home, he takes his wife back and they rent out the house on the black market.

I used to visit Muslim prisoners in; the West. Those drug deals and rapists would say to me: Tell the warden to get us halal food. They wanted their meat slaughtered in the Islamic way. I would say to them: Even if you were eating pork, it would renounce you. You peddle drugs in the name of Muhammad and Islam, yet you claim that you belong to the pure Islamic civilization.

The Muslims do not rise to the level of their religion. The bombings that took place in London, in Madrid, and all around, the Western image of a Muslim boastfully slaughtering… The camera shows a long-bearded Muslim slaughtering another Muslim, while crying “Allah Akbar.”

What do you expect from the West when it is exposed to such rotten ethics? To simply ignore this and absolve them?

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