Wishful Blindness

via Dr. Babu Suseelan published on July 15, 2010

Why do Hindus declare war on themselves by allowing coercive religious conversion, Jihadi terrorism, subversive activities, corruption, bogus secularism and mindless universalism? Islamic warriors from the Middle east, and Christian Colonialists from Europe have despoiled our people and disseminated resources. These people with hatred in mind and spiritual malignancy destroyed Hindu civilization.  Indoctrinated Hindus in turn turned their tendencies not against enemies but against one another.
The best defense against such self-destructiveness lies in the courageous application of intelligence. This is a logical step towards self-preservation and toward a unified view of Hindutva. Time after time in the past few years, we have seen massive coercive religious conversion, Jihadi bombing, Maoist murder march and social violence. While these spectacular rages of our enemies were wrecking destruction upon defenseless Hindus, our phony secular political rulers are showing their “Willful Blindness” and conscious avoidance in the face of overwhelming blows at the hands of marxists, Jihadis, Missionaries and Maoists. we expect our political leaders would oppose steadfastly to death and destruction caused by jihadis and Maoists, but in india this is not the case. The government headed by Italian catholic Sonia is ruling Indians by fooling. Their deliberate ignorance, or fraud by deprivation of honest and effective services to the majority is mischievous. Such willful blindness and deliberate irresponsible behavior created tremendous hardship for Hindus. In the long run, the willful blindness toward Jihadi terrorism, religious conversion and deviant behavior of Maoists will do great harm to our country. The result of this stunningly corrosive processes has been the willing subversion of India and subjugation of Hindus.
It seems more logical to investigate why Hindus lives passively in the face of these difficulties both external and internal  created by Jihadis and phony secularists and murderous Marxists. Hindus are busy directing their forces inward related to the intimate problems of the self, ego, soul and ultimately to be directed toward Moksha or Nirvana. Failure to address the external threats and malicious activities of our enemies means an incomplete turning outward of the destructiveness directed against Hindus. Instead of fighting their enemies, it seems Hindus destroy themselves. Hindus have great skill and inner spiritual force. These forces, originally directed inward and related to  the intimate problems of Jiva and Atma must be directed outward toward other objects and real issues. Hindus must remember our Jiva has no existence if our physical  existence is threatened.

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