Why YES to Congress Wealth Games and NO to Common Wealth Games

via SUNDARAM IAS published on September 29, 2010

The Commonwealth Games (CWG) in New Delhi have become an international joke today. Everyone in the UPA II Sonia Congress Government of India—Chairman of the UPA II Coordination Committee Sonia Gandhi, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, Union Sports Minister Shri M.S. Gill, Chairman of the Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee and President of the Indian Olympic Association Suresh Kalmadi, Chief Minister of Delhi Mrs Shiela Dikshit, Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. Shri Tejendra Khanna, Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee Secretary General Lalit Bhanot and others directly responsible for the smooth and efficient conduct of the Commonwealth Games (CWG) — all seem to have conspired together to lapse into a state of helpless silence most of the time.

But sometimes when these worthies are put under the constraint of having to talk to the media, then the people of India get to understand that the spineless members of the Organising Committee – Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi (The OC CWG Delhi 2010) have a thousand several tongues.  Every tongue brings in a new several tale every day!  I have adapted the words of Shakespeare from Richard III, V, 3 to talk about several tongues of people like M.S. Gill, Jaipal Reddy, Sheela Dixit, Suresh Kalmadi, Tejendra Khanna and others ‘only indirectly’ connected with CWG and ’directly’ and ‘more soulfully’ connected with the Congresswealth Games (ConWG) of Firangi Memsahib and her Family!! Upon these irresponsible men and women (which definitely includes Sonia Gandhi and her Crown Prince to boot!), Shakespeare (1564-1616) gave his lethal and immortal verdict:

“My conscience hath a thousand several
  And every tongue brings in a several
  And every tale condemns me for a

Everything about CWG is in a state of utter chaos and disarray today. Only two things about CWG seem to be ready today—a very expensive (costing Rs.50 crores) hot air balloon designed in the likeness of Shera, the mascot of the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 and A.R. Rehman’s Theme Song!

 Coming after the Super Spectrum Fraud of  Raja, the common people of India are able to smell the foul stink of the Mega Corruption of the Commonwealth Games (CWG) today! I understand that the malodorous air of Congresswealth Games (ConWG) has been inhaled and exhaled in several commercial centres in England and Italy!

Dr.Subramanian Swamy, President of the Janata Party and former Union Minister for Law and Commerce—the heroic Vir Hanuman who taught a salutary lesson to the despicable and corrupt dictator Indira Gandhi in the dark days of her draconian Emergency from 1975 to 1977—issued the following Press Statement at Chennai on 11-8-2010 on the HIMALAYAN CORRUPTION of Rahul Gandhi.

The pseudo secular mafia of mass media in India — both print and electronic — have completely blacked out the above statement of Dr.Subramanian Swamy from public view. There is total gagging of the Press and gagging of the news by the Press organized in a surreptitious manner by the Congress Party in India.

The Firangi Memsahib (The Chairman of the UPA II Co-ordination Committee) and defacto Prime Minister of India and Dr Manmohan Singh, the dejure Prime Minister of India have worked overnight during the last 4 years to see that the CONGRESSWEALTH GAMES (ConWG) have magnificently triumphed and the COMMONWEALTH GAMES (CWG) have perished under the crushing burden of the ConWG mega-corruption. Many newspapers have already come out with headlines like COMMONWEALTH SHAMES.

I would like to say that in the existing disgusting dispensation, the autocratic Firangi Memsahib has unlimited power without any responsibility. Our impotent Prime Minister has unlimited responsibility without any power. His only informally defined public duty is to guard and keep the seat of the Prime Minister warm and safe for the smooth take over by the Crown Prince of the Dynasty.

What Sir Winston Churchill had to say about the impotent British Prime Minister Sir Neville Chamberlain (1869-1940) on the eve of World War II is equally applicable to our no-less impotent Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. Sir Winston Churchill said: “So Mr Prime Minister, you go on in a strange paradox: decided only to be undecided, resolved only to be irresolute, adamant for drift, solid for fluidity and all powerful only to be impotent”.

Here is my poem on our Prime Minister:

The Man of TRIPLE ZERO Action

I do nothing

I know nothing

I do not know
that I do nothing

I do not want to know
that I know nothing and do nothing

I do not want to know
that I do not want to know
that I want to do nothing

I do not want to know
that I do not want to do
what I am not doing

I do not want to know
that I do not want to know
that I do not want to do
what I am not doing

I want to do everything
not to have to know
that I do not want to do
what I am not doing

I want to know everything
that I have to know
and have to do
to that end
So how can anyone in NDA or anyone else say
that I do not want to know or do anything?

Is not Dr Manmohan Singh more eminently qualified to be called the Neville Chamberlain of India?

I wrote the above lines yesterday (24-9-2010).

Today, Friday, 25 September 2010, I have discovered a brilliant quotation of Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965), the greatest Prime Minister in world history. His quotation is very relevant to our non-performing, see nothing and do nothing corrupt Prime Minister. He is not only silently corrupt, creepingly corrupt, crawlingly corrupt, smilingly corrupt, suavely corrupt, but also a callous and cruel supporter of Himalayan corruption of his irresponsible Union Cabinet Ministers like Spectrum Fraud Raja. Raja already stands indicted by the Vigilance Commission, CBI, Controller and Auditor General of India and above all the common people of India. And yet the Firangi Memsahib, our shameless Prime Minister and even more dishonourable Sonia Congress Party are proclaiming loudly that there is nothing wrong about Spectrum Fraud ‘Dalit’ Raja.

Amidst this encircling gloom created in a planned manner through criminalization of politics by the UPA II Sonia Congress Government in New Delhi, I braced myself with the following timeless quotation of Sir Winston Churchill:

“The position of the Prime Minister is unique. If he trips he must be sustained; if he makes mistakes they must be covered; if he sleeps he must not be wantonly disturbed; if he is no good he must be pole-axed”.

Our wicked and corrupt Prime Minister, without any sense of honour, duty and nation, deserves to be pole-axed mercilessly by the common people of India through the democratic process. This can only be achieved through what I call the Volcanic and Revolutionary Eruption of the self-driven and self-chosen Dictatorship of the People. The Paramount National Need of India today is nothing but Authoritarian Dictatorship of the People, Authoritarian Dictatorship By the People and Authoritarian Dictatorship For the People. When that happens, more than half the top men and women in the UPA II Government (including the Firangi Memsahib and her corrupt alien Family) will flee from New Delhi abandoning the Government as a collapsing house on fire, to the People of India. That day is not very distant! On that day, the revolutionary flame and the fury of the pent up natural feelings, emotions and sentiments of the common millions of India — with their hopelessly impotent lives marked by never ceasing blood, toil, tears and sweat; distress, despair and depression — would have triumphed in a truly historic and magnificent manner over the soulless politics of anti-national mercenaries and criminals in the Sonia Congress Government in New Delhi.

I saw the following jocular news item on the internet today (26-9-2010). Kalmadi failed in his attempt to commit suicide in New Delhi today!! Please read the news item below.


Kalmadi Attempts Suicide

Sudhanva Deshpande, Newsclick, September 25 2010

Head of the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee (OC) Suresh Kalmadi (56) attempted suicide by hanging in a toilet in the Games Village today. However, the ceiling collapsed, taking with it a part of the wall. The incident happened at 1.23 p.m.

The suicide attempt came to light when an unnamed Games official, who was answering the call of nature on the other side of the wall, unexpectedly found himself spraying the inside of a toilet rather than the outside.

Mr Kalmadi, it is reported, suffered minor injuries and was discharged after first aid.

Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit dismissed the matter as a ‘minor glitch’ and said that it would have no effect on the success of the Games. She pointed out that while the said toilet was inside the Games village, it was not meant for athletes. The Urban Development Minister, Mr Jaipal Reddy, refused to react to media reports, saying only that such incidents are ‘part and parcel’ of any big sporting event. The Sports Minister, MS Gill, refused to take responsibility, saying that the PWD department was in charge of the construction of the Games village. The playing stadia are in perfect shape, he said, and invited Kalmadi to do a stress analysis test on any ceiling therein.

Mani Shankar Aiyar, MP, a long-time critic of the Games, held the rain gods responsible for the collapse of the ceiling. However, he clarified to Barkha Dutt on NDTV, he had not prayed to the said god. If he had, he added jocularly, the ceiling would not have collapsed.

Commonwealth Games Federation chief Michael Fennell said this would not have happened if his warnings of nine months ago had been heeded. ‘India had committed to delivering world-class games, so how can I be responsible?’ he asked. When asked if delivering world-class games included non-collapsing ceilings, he said, ‘absolutely’. When asked if he held Mr Kalmadi responsible for the collapse, he refused to comment.

A foreign official, on condition of anonymity, wondered in a lighter vein why Kalmadi sought to hang himself in a toilet. ‘They’re filthy’, he said. Mr Kalmadi’s close aide and spokesperson for the OC, Lalit Bhanot, refused to react to ‘speculative’ comments, saying only that ‘their standards of hygiene are different from ours’. He also reiterated that these Games would be better than the Beijing Olympics.

The Cabinet Secretary, KM Chandrasekhar, said that it is everybody’s national duty to see that ceilings do not collapse. ‘We must all work together to see that India is not put to embarrassment.’ He said that a number of steps had been taken to improve the condition and that authorities are ‘on top of the situation’. Principal Secretary to the PM, TKA Nair, who is also part of the high-powered committee mandated to oversee the smooth functioning of the Games, said that the government will take action and the contractor responsible for the weak ceiling, if traced, will not go unpunished.

Congress Party Spokesperson Manish Tiwari refused to comment, saying that Mr KALMADI WAS THERE IN HIS PERSONAL CAPACITY, AND NOT AS A CONGRESS MP. He pointed out that the Prime Minister had convened a high-powered meeting to ensure that all ceilings could withstand their designated load. Leader of the Opposition Sushma Swaraj said that this is a matter of national shame. She reminded journalists that no ceiling collapsed under the NDA regime. Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi congratulated Kalmadi on his narrow escape and wished for his speedy recovery.

Mr Kalmadi was unavailable for comments.

Unconfirmed media reports have it that Mr Kalmadi has submitted a dry cleaning bill to get his somewhat wet and stained white kurta-pyjama spotless clean and dry in time for the opening. While the amount is a subject of media speculation, it is rumoured that the bill runs into six figures.

My Comment on the above jocular news item

Similar jokes are called for on the internet in the larger National Interest on the Sphinx like Firangi Memsahib, her Crown Prince and our impeccable and immovable Prime Minister. I am only referring to the Internet because the Anti-Hindu pseudo-secular Mafia of Mass Media in India—both print and electronic—-would never like to bring out the truth about these shameless worthies. If at all they refer to these worthies, they would love to say that the Firangi Memsahib deserves a Nobel Prize for Peace; the Crown Prince a Nobel Prize for non-saffron green Public Relations; and the Prime Minister a Nobel Prize for non-saffron green Development Economics.

The aerostat, or helium balloon, touted to be the star attraction at the opening ceremony of the Oct 3-14 Commonwealth Games was unveiled amidst heavy rain at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on 8-9-2010 (Wednesday). This aerostat, worth Rs.40 crore, is 80m by 40m and 12m high. It was raised to a level of 10m above the base on 8-9-2010 and is expected to be raised to its maximum height of 30m in the next few days.

The working motto of the Commonwealth Games (CWG) on paper, nay Congress Wealth Games (ConWG) in actual practice, seems to be: “Nothing succeeds like excess, excess of bribery and corruption, excess of aimless, directionless and purposeless expenditure, excess of vain pomp and show down the line from the top to the bottom”. The total expenditure has already crossed Rs.30,000 Crores. This will be the costliest Commonwealth Games ever. According to Dr.Subramanian Swamy, more than 15,000 Crores would constitute bribes and commissions!

The government is planning to spend Rs 150 crore on a gala opening and closing ceremony which includes Rs 5 crore being paid to Oscar winner A R Rahman for the theme music. But what is most shocking is that out of this budget of Rs.150 Crore, a whopping amount of Rs 40 crore will be spent to lease a helium blimp — a big balloon the gas for which apparently will be imported from Russia.

An Italian company K-Events has reportedly been given the contract for managing the blimp. The company’s website claims it specialises in hosting global events including the opening ceremony for the Turin Olympics in 2006. With Sonia Gandhi as Chairman of UPA Coordination Committee, the companies from Italy are having a field day. Quattrochi or no Quattrochi, Italy is the most favoured nation on earth in so far as the Government of India is concerned for the award of all major commercial contracts. We drove out the British from India on 15th August 1947 only to let in the Italians into our country 60 years later. Tragically for India, Indians and Bharat Mata, India has moved from the days of Mahatma Gandhi to the dark and hellish days of Sonia Gandhi.

What is even more disgusting than the Helium filled balloon purchased at a cost of 40 crores is the fact that the Islam promoting and Christianity kissing and Hinduism destroying UPA II Government of India is trying to impart a religious colour to the opening and closing ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games (CWG) on 3rd of October 2010 and 14th of October 2010 respectively. It is shocking to hear the news that the Group of Ministers has decided to commence the Games with an Azhan, the call of the Islamic faithfuls for namaz as the background score for these two ceremonies of the CWG and not the vedic mantras, national anthem or the national song. If this is true, then it becomes clear that these Ministers are working for the restoration of Mughal Rule in India in order to complete the process of religious partition of India inaugurated by Jihadi Mohammed Ali Jinnah on August 15 1947.
The only political option open to the besieged Hindus of India is to throw out the Sonia Congress party from power in New Delhi.October 2010 and 14th October 2010 respectively.

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