Why India fails?

published on June 20, 2013

Some time ago a little known Scottish philosopher wrote a book on what makes nations succeed and what make nations fail. The wealth of nations is still read today. With the same perspicacity and with the same broad historical perspective, we have to analyze India. Two centuries from now our great –great… grandchildren will be similarly asking the same question why India Failed.

I despair of listing all reasons for India’s failure. I am not a historian to explore, analyze and critically evaluate huge swaths of Indian history. India failed as a nation because of our rulers failed to defend our country, wealth, territory and looting and plundering from invading Muslim murderers. They have failed  miserably to preserve our culture, protect our territory from invaders, and promote our spiritual philosophy and practice our dharma. It is easy to blame Islamic invaders and looters and European Christians for colonizing  our country, looting our wealth, changing our life style, and colonizing our country, tinkering with our educational programs converting our own people against our national interests and make Hindus to act like zombies.

India got independence from the British Christian Colonialists in 1947 and Indian citizens retained Nehru, the atheist anti-Hindu leader as the Prime Minister of India. Instead of illuminating our past as it gives us a new way to think about the present, Nehru convinced gullible Indians to follow the system created by the British Christians. Nehru continued British institutions rather than maintaining any indigenous institutions. In the intervening Years the ruling congress party made India as one of the poorest nation on earth. Instead of making our defense forces strong, Nehru appointed weak minded communists as defense minister.   The problems we face in Kashmir, Nagaland and Kerala can be attributed to Nehru and his cronies of the anti-Hindu congress party.
Every events happening in India, whether it is Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, corruption and the Marxist menace, Maoist mayhem, inefficiency, bureau pathology and the constant spread of pseudo secularism can be attributed to Nehru and his congress party. The outcome of events at this juncture is shaped by the weight of congress policies. AS a result, India is weak economically, militarily, and politically. Congress party failed to a process of political and economic change that would have paved for economic growth.

India never took advantage of the opportunities made available by the industrial revolution or the economic growth of Japan. Outside of small pockets and during limited periods of time, the congress party’s economic programs, India has lagged behind the rest of the world in terms of technology, political development and prosperity. Of course, India has produced some of the best computer specialists in the world. These Indian computer specialists were able to achieve success outside of India.
Though located in very different parts of the world, management experts, banking executives, research scholars, statistical experts, professors and academic scholars and experienced business men and   computer wizards are reluctant to settle in India. Because India failed miserably to impose order over their bureaucracy, educational institutions territories and create anything resembling stability to achieve even a moderate economic progress.

Bogus secularism Islamic appeasement, Coercive conversion, and Bureau pathology is blocking the path of industrialization in much of India. Dynastic rule also underpinned another strong form of absolutism.

Indians are smart, intelligent and professionals are creative and talented outside of India. Indian merchants did trade throughout the world. India’s textile Industry, Drug manufacturing, and leather industry are unmatched in the world. But unfortunately the Dynasty rule in India is a serious impediment to the development of strong economic institutions. India failed after independence from British Christian colonialists in 1947, to create and sustain strong economic institutions. The congress party and regional parties are in support of political interference, concentrating all power in the hands of local political criminals, Government of India, also failed to introduce legislation to control social disrupters, psychological warfare agents, spies, and corrupt politicians. Indian borders are in disorder. Politicians interfere with defense forces, police, judiciary and bureaucrats.

     India is facing another election. I fervently hope that Modi can be elected as the next Prime Minister of Indai. In general, Modi can exercise excellent judgment in handling people. Modi is imaginative, creative, and he can stand head and shoulders above petty politics.  Modi has proved that he can make excellent judgment in handling sensitive political materials.  The French social reformer and Philosopher once said” True greatness consists in the use of powerful understanding to enlighten oneself and others”. Nothing embodies this idea more to me than the pursuance of Modi as the Prime Minister of India. Modi and BJP team can do wonders in India. Modi’s team can eradicate the “FEAR OF FAILURE” of Indian professionals around the globe. The BJP team can progress with their brilliant and insightful work. India’s majority of Hindu population is silent in the face of the total assault upon them with brutal and cunning strategies of Muslims and Converted Christians and their slave masters. THE       PROBLEMS HURTING India could have been avoided or mitigated by effective approaches based on Hindu thinking.

     Everything the pseudo secular, anti-Hindu congress party and the dynasty government have done is to deprive Hindus the rightful place in in India and abroad.  Nitish Kumar of Bihar, Yadav and his samajvady party of UP and the DMK of Tamil Nadu, Thirnamul congress in west Bengal, Mayavathy of UP, and Samuel Rajasekghara Reddy of Andhra Pradesh, Omman Chandy of Kerala Christian congress and the Muslim League of India have been   colluding with our enemies to reduce Hindus to spineless jelly fish. Hindus are afraid or unwilling to speak up. They have prey to the corruption of the anti-Hindu Congress party and regional parties. It seems that thousands of years of Islamic rule and Christian colonialism have made Hindus unable to think, or act with proud or self-esteem. Blood soaked bigotries of communism and Maoism, and the clay footed desert creeds, and mind misdirecting and mercenary television culture imposed from the west made Hindus forget their spiritual past and tradition.

     The knowledge we got from past experience is valid for the future. It is time for Hindus to be strong, united, and assertive to safeguard our culture, and must weed out corrupt criminal politicians and banish the Hindu betrayers and sellout crowd. India will be great and Hindus will be respected in India and abroad.

     Let me conclude this brief article with the words of Swami Vivekananda  “What I want is muscles of iron and nerves of steel, inside which dwells a mind of the same material as that of which the thunderbolt is made”.

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