Why the Defence Personnel’s behave like Real Hindus?

via Raghav published on November 20, 2008
On this subject I have written earlier also and strongly denounced the molestation (brain mapping in fact is the worst form of molestation when administered on a young women) of  Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur. A number of personnel were arrested in this regard from different parts of the country and the DYFI in Kerala found it a very handy tool to depict Hindus  the root cause of terrorism in India. Those of you who have gone through the affidavit filed by the Sadhvi (already posted in HK) must be now having an idea about the whole episode.  Then came the arrest of Lt.Col.Srikant Purohit and arrest of a few more in-service and ex-service personnel. In the third stage of this operation, the investigating authorities on the behest of those in power are giving out as revelation from the arrested personnel that the arrested personnel were behind so many other blasts in the country including the explosion in Samjodha Express. The folly in police statements  regarding  Lt.Col Purohit possessing RDX and providing for explosion in the Samjodha Express become very clear from the fact that the forcenic test conducted on the site of the blast did confirm at that time that RDX was not at all used for that explosion. Later the police was forced to withraw that statement.

The latest volley of accusation from the leftists and NDF sympathizers in their corner meetings have been that,  large number of RSS personnel have crept into the defense forces.  It is pertinent mention in this context that even during the British time the Army cores were raised on the names of prominent Hindu casts such as Rajput, Dogra, Jat, Sikh, Mahar, Gorkha etc. and the purpose was to instill in them the pride of their cast in a competitive manner and take advantage of their valour while fighting against the enemies. Raising of those cores were mostly by recruiting people  from those casts itself in earlier times, but now that system has changed but remnant  of that culture still persist. Another important thing is that every Army unit has a temple and a Poojari appointed in an army rank. Interestingly, even after the independence, none of the so called minority community demanded that army cores must be raised in the name of their casts too. They are clever to realise that such a demand will not benefit like the reservation or scholarships bestowed on them on the contrary they would be forced for military service like countries still follow conscription system.. That is why we don’t have a Christian  Core or a Muslim Core.  

The army men are definitely devote Hindus because they are the one all the time destined to face the wrath of neighboring enemy countries  whether it is for peace keeping, open war or operation like Kargil where hundreds laid their lives  to safeguard the borders of this country. Temples and the deities give them moral courage and confidence to face hardships, whereas the politicians only pat them at time of need and ignore them later as they did while making recommendations to the pay commission. It may be to the knowledge of countrymen that the number of Jawans died in Jammu and Kashmir  after independence outnumbers those died in all the wars that India so far fought. So in war and in peace they are facing threats and they are fully aware that the ISI and their agents mastermind the operations in this country and those terrorits when caught, interrogated, found guity and convicted for hanging are still enjoying in prison as is the case with Afzal Guru. 

There is no wonder if a few patriots indulge in violence when their patience run out. We know that even during the British Rule, it was the Army who revolted first which we later  labelled as Sepoy Revolt and the Navy through the Naval Mutiny.. Bhagat Singh and his colleagues were true patriots but they reacted differently when their patience died out. I am not asserting that the Army personnel will indulge in anything against the law of the land. But if a few resort to extreme measures, that must not be equated with terrorist activities which  has marred the very structure of this country and excessive expenditure towards security. 

Through agitations and by spreading awareness, we must discourage the arrest and interrogation going on unabated in different parts of this country which is politically motivated. The UPA and their henchmen are aware that the assembly elections in a number of states and the forthcoming parliament election will be fatal for them. LET THEM NOT GET AWAY WITH THEIR PLANS.

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