Who is afraid of Modi ?

published on June 26, 2013

Why is the Congress suffering from Modi phobia?

The media should also know that the more it demonize Modi the more it will boomerang.The single point of accusation directed against Modi is the Gujarat riots.The Gujarat riots are rightly termed riots . Modi had only taken up his CM post ending a decade of political instability in Gujarat. He was just elected to the Assembly a fortnight before the out break of riots (24th Feb 2002) Much is made out of what Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had stated But if one has to read the whole interview and his statements carefully one will realize that he was not blaming Modi but was stating a fact-that the administration failed. Well it is easy to turn round and ask who was in charge of the administration. Modi was not in charge of leading the policemen and the cops on the roads. Modi had to work within an administration that was not geared and ill fitted for a riot of such proportions. It must be also noted that in the case of Gujarat riots the NGOs played a crucial role. These NGOs had their own vested interest. Money was flowing from abroad and before every Assembly election the NGOs had their propaganda machinery fine tuned.They never allowed Gujarat riots to be forgotten-nor thought it fitting to heal the wounds.. On the other hand they did are doing their best not to allow the communities to move on. Keeping them fixed in the Godhra Gujarat riots. They aggravate the issue and polarize the communities. The Congress had a major role and vested interest in this. This is evident when one takes the case of Sanjiv Bhatt-the man has been discredited by the SIT as an unreliable witness.Yet he had his connections with the Congress. His wife stood for the last Assembly election on a Congress ticket against Modi
Similarly the SIT found no evidence to support Zakia Jaffri’s complaint. But she persisted in trying to drag Modi as a conspirator. She was helped and abetted by Teesta Setalvad-the one who has been accused of tampering and coercing witnesses. These had a major impact on public perception. The media toed the line of anti Modi propagandist. It is against this background that one should read what is said about Modi .
The Gujarat riots hence stand on entirely a different frame work.Apart from the Congress and other vested interests forces working over time and bending backwards to fix Modi. It is within this context that one must read the interview of the CM of Goa Manohar Parrikar that there was administration failure.

When there were riots and terrorists’ attacks the Home Ministers of the relevant periods reeled out that it was systems failure. Who operates the system and what does it mean when they say that it was system’s failure? Does that not mean that Shivraj Patel and later Chidambaram were solely responsible and were unable to handle the systems and prevent the ‘failure’? Similarly also when train accidents happen and hundreds of people die and are injured again it is ‘system’s failure’ that is given as the cause-and these ministers get away with it coolly.The human face is invisible in these systems. So when CM of Goa stated that it was administration failure why point the finger at Modi? Well it must have been surely administration failure and not human failure. The point is through hook or crook the Congress and the media want to put the onus on Modi.

I would like to place emphasis on riots and pogrom-In 1969 during the Congress rule in Gujarat there were riots –the Reddy Commission states that the army deployment was delayed wilfully.But in Gujarat riots under Modi army was deployed within 20 hours.For example in Nellie –Assam when riots took place in 1983 total death toll of Muslims were 2191 and cent percent were Muslims. But post Godhra 66.81 percent killed were Muslims.(Govt of Gujarat figures) In Mumbai riots of 1992 of the 900 dead 575 were Muslims .The enquiry commission stated that the Chief Minister took four days in deploying the army.The State was under the Congress.All these are riots because both communities are victims..Compare this with the pogrom of the Sikhs when for five days Rajiv Gandhi allowed the Congressmen to go on rampage killing, looting raping and terrorizing the Sikhs.The attack on the Sikhs was preplanned by the Congress party because the Congress leaders led the butchers from the front. The victims were only Sikhs-that’s makes it a pogrom. For that matter one must not forget that there has been only one pogrom in India and that was under the Congress rule soon after the assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984 Coming back to Gujarat-the SIT appointed by the Supreme Court-the intense investigations by the Central agencies do not have till date been able to pin point the failure of Modi-nor is there evidence that Modi was responsible. What is been overlooked conveniently is the fact that Gujarat riots is not the first of its kind in India.As BJP President Rajnath Singh vocalized that there was 12900 communal riots before 2002.Has any one pointed out at the CMs or any particular person as being responsible for these?

While one states that Gujarat was a communal riot what about Mumbai riots in 1992? Was it not communal? The difference between communal riots and pogrom is the unsavory truth that in the former both the communites are killed but in the latter only one community is targeted. Hence in 1984 the Sikh community was targeted and mercilessly butchered. This can be done only when the killers are organized and engineered and led. It is historical fact that in the aftermath of Indira Gandhi’s assassination the Congress leaders like Jagdish Tytler,Bhaghat, and Sajjan Kumar instigated,incited and led the butchers to the Sikh shanties to kill, The cases are still on. It is easy to dispose of the cases on ‘lack of evidence’because of the lapse of time-29 years is a long period in one’s memory .What had Rajiv Gandhi then done?He simply watched when his men went about killing and rampaging- in statistically figures the numbers are ten times higher ,in brutality it was satanic because the Sikh men were chopped and killed in front of their families.Is this system’s failure, adminstration failure or one man’s total callous willful indifference? If right in the capital of the country one could not call in the army within hours and stop the pogrom what would one call it.? Rajiv Gandhi allowed the killings and the rampage to continue for five days before the army was called.

If Modi is to be blamed for the Gujarat riots then Rajiv Gandhi must be put on trial for the pogrom of the Sikhs and he must be posthumously made to account for the thousands of lives of the Sikhs.Then we can talk of hanging Modi.You cannot have two yardsticks and two justice systems in this country.It is not the prerogative of the Gandhis to engineer and target one minority community –the Sikhs, and get away with it.
There has been an orchestrated propaganda against Modi.While it must be noted that justice was quick in Gujarat riots. For the Mumbai blasts the first conviction came after 14 years and for the Sikh pogrom the first conviction came after full 13 years.There has been no life sentence. The maximum sentence handed in the first conviction was just 5 years.The case against Sajjan Kumar is still on-29 years and the nation is waiting for justice.On the other hand the SIT under Mr Raghavan has led to the arrest of a woman minister of the Gujarat government. Justice then seems to be swift and stringent when it comes to the Gujarat riots. Why this double standards?

Now that Modi is projected as the Prime Ministerial candidate there is more anti Modi propaganda. Look at the way how he was depicted when he went to Uttarakhand to rescue victims of the devastating deluge who were stranded and became victims to such a national disaster.If Rahul Gandhi had done the same he would have been showered with praise and the media hype.Instead of being happy that Modi rushed there and offered help and aid to Uttarakhand the CM of Uttarakhand rejects it .VIP movements have been Restricted.

Sheer jealousy and political myopia.

Anything and everything that Modi does is twisted and shown in a bad light. What is wrong if Modi aspires to be the PM? Can Rahul aspire-can his mother Mrs Sonia Gandhi keep pushing her son to the PM’s gaddi and can the PM tell the nation that he would be happy to have RG take his chair? All these sound right But for a nation of intelligent people it is crass sycophancy it is undemocratic. The media will be largely to blame if and when Rahul Gandhi fails and fails miserably.

The media has already put Modi on trial-found him guilty and passed the judgment to convict him. Modi does not seem to be afraid of these threats and insinuations. But we the people would like to find our justice system fair and open. Hence before Modi is tried and convicted for the Gujarat riots put Rajiv Gandhi for trial-the role he played or did not play in 1984-the justification he said, ‘when a big tree falls,the earth shakes” and “we must teach them a lesson”. This is a case square and clear that Rajiv Gandhi failed to control the pogrom.On the other hand he abetted it and was in full knowledge of it .So he must be tried for the mass massacre of a minority community. And the Congress party whose leader abetted the pogrom must be de-recognized-and then move on to the Gujarat riots. Till such let not the Congress and its sycophants get the impression that this nation is a nation of fools. Look around and see what is happening in Pakistan-justice will catch up sooner than later and Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her coterie will be bundled off. Justice is what we want –not selective justice not a judiciary system which is biased.

Modi has every right to project himself as the Prime Ministerial candidate-if Rahul Gandhi can so can Modi.In fact dynasty rule is anti-democratic while a man like Modi coming from the grassroot level aspiring and working himself to that level is a facet of a vibrant democratic dynamics.

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