What a shame, My Countrymen..

published on July 3, 2011

Somasekhar V K

“What a fall my countrymen that I, you and everybody fell down and bloody treason is overtaking all of us…..”

(This is an apt statement from Shakespeare’s Julius Ceasar)

We are a great culturally rich Country that has survived many an onslaught on its freedom and its people. Though we have staved off all the defeats to come out successful each time, yet the sacrifice and loss of great souls for this cause needs not only to be remembered but greatly missed. Thus we have had a huge arsenal of leaders thrown in each time who have really have given us the `air to breathe’ and the soil to cherish as well as the freedom to relish.

Alas! We haven’t still learnt from history the many reasons that have brought us to this fate. Our land was plundered, all the richness of wealth were looted, our symbols, beliefs destroyed. Yet we survived. Rightly so there was but one patriot who realized that this cannot continue in future and we need to look within rather than from outside and blame others and it is he who started a small movement that too with great vision. He set forth his goals and statesman’s vision for the future of this great Country. He emphasized on ‘Character’ that the world would bow at (Mind you not arrogance but inherent strength) Love for our culture & Motherland (Param Vaibhavam) and to achieve this self discipline and unity in our self (Kantakakirna margam) A doctor who was called mad when he propounded his theory –Dr Keshav Baliram Hedgewar, which he smilingly and with humility accepted to work for the goal and dream that he set forth. Thus founded the RSS

Nowhere in the whole World would you find the principle of members meeting every day for 1 hour that too in the open with abundant love and discipline, playing shoulder to shoulder, physical games and exercises that rejuvenate the mind and teach dedication to a cause that is dear for each one of us. I personally feel that this should be written in gold in the Guinness Record!!

This is the panacea that our Country should be proud off and required to be imbibed. But then we inherited a wrong leadership after Independence where in the power went to those whose skin and learning were westernized but Indians (Not Bharatiyas) Jawaharlal Nehru was elected as the Prime Minister for the 1st time of a resurgent battered country that had to set its house in order. Unfortunately for this gentleman, a Country’s national flag was a `brand’ instead of it depicting the Country’s true symbol. What we sing today as the National Song, `Sujalam, sufalam. Sasya sa shamalam……..” by Sri Bankim Chandra Bose was to him not so sacred. For a person who had no love lost for its territories and the cultural identity that should have made this a Super Power much, much earlier is today with its abundant natural wealth that you find nowhere in the world. That the spread of seasons, the rivers like holy Ganga and many others that baffles scientist of its purity inspite of being polluted by its people, the wonderful Himalayas that are boundaries provided by Nature for its protection at the same time the abode of Lords-Amarnath.

Sadly on the one side, the silent majority who are intellectually gifted and knowledgeable, the vast majority of our countrymen still pure in thoughts and not polluted. Our villagers so sublime, sincere and also simple in their thought, deed and living. But on the other the marauders (the minorities) in the garb of our own men who have been lead astray that got strayed away and some converted, some still pretending to be within us but diluted in their wisdom due to confusion and mix up somewhere who talk in our language but mean differently.  They are plundering our society.

Their tribe has increased or more visible than the `majority’. Since I salute the great leader Dr. Hedgewar, who epitomizes the vision, the `majority’ is strictly to be conceived in his deed of not identifying them by class, caste or creed but truly in the spirit. I mean those who still have not even bothered to understand all the dangerous games, crooked schemes, perversion in thoughts and impure minds. To explain in more detail the mental bankruptcy of those who can still surrender to a foreign woman and her family who hesitated to become part of the land but by compulsion for the power and to sit over a great empire as Bharat and enjoy its splendor and richness for their own selfish ambitions and minds. Therefore all those who belong to this school of thought, I attribute them to be the `Minority’

Otherwise, how do you explain, the kind of loot and corruption that has been the fiefdom of the Nehru and his extended family the grandson Rajiv Gandhi and thereby his successor Sonia Gandhi?

See how they have destroyed the cultural fabric of our country, inch by inch and stacked them abroad! Their son Rahul has two surnames `Gandhi’ in Indian and `Vinci’ in his passport and abroad. They come here on holidays to spend sometime with poor families just to capture the imagination of the multitudes of unsuspecting innocent minds of Bharat.

Several scams, scandals have taken place and to list them here will run out of space, yet we allowed them but their greed has increased. Now it is not only for themselves but for all the future generations to come. That too when a major part of our brethren are still poor and waiting for a morsel of food and go back to sleep in hunger; what a tragedy?

When the CWG, 2G Scam and the Adarsh Housing society scam broke out, the President of USA –Barak Obama was visiting India. We had to make do and pretend everything was honky dory and just when he left our soil, the Maharashtra CM who hosted the party was thrown out of office for cheating in the name of the soldiers.

One after another is rolling out now and fortunate that our Judiciary is still vibrant. Thanks to its intervention the scams that have surfaced are being investigated under its supervision and thereby there is some respite. We hope the Supreme Court as we understand it is doing will get back the loot into our coffers and thereby relieve us of much more taxes.

After successfully fending off huge scandals like the Bofors, Stock, Telephone and other scams the Congress after a dent in its rule for a brief while, returned to power by sheer default. Congress by virtue of default and also by deceit was tagged to the independent struggle, hence it has a nation wide presence and well oiled organizational setup of over 100yrs. Though it is shattered, splintered yet it has a far reaching presence. Whereas the only non Congress, National organisation has come into being in 1980 that too when its original avatar the Jan Sangh which was more cohesive and ideological built was destroyed in merger in 1977 due to birth of Janata Party. Thus it requires time to spread its base across the country. Hence taking full advantage of this and even though the Congress was vanquished in most parts of the Country, they managed to hold on to a few States especially in the South (Andhra & Tamil Nadu)to bounce back to power. Unfortunate is too mild a word but suffice to explain the predicament. Paradox being that many who won from the party were never even born when we got independence and they got resurrected with the image of their fathers, which goes to show that our innocent people were still in illusion and being fooled.  

As if by vengeance, this Government has done more harm and rightly attributed by BJP Leaders as the worst since Independence: Here is some proof:

Sri L K Advani speaking on Martyr’s day and the suspicious death of the founder of Jan Sangh Dr Shayama Prasad Mukherjee remarked with disdain about the events that are taking place on Kashmir: It was the day when  the two-day foreign secretary level talks between India and Pakistan began in Islamabad, BJP leader L.K. Advani said the party had information that the government was in a mood to make a compromise on the Kashmir dispute. ‘We also get information time to time that an unofficial agreement has been done.

Well many may even recall that Nehru’s casual remark once “That nothing grows there” to get an immediate rebuttal by Jan Sangh MP-Bhai Mahaveer, who showed his pate and remarked that nothing grows here too and therefore can we get rid of it?? It was a very thoughtful but jocular gesture that made the house splitting its spine and set them thinking.

We have several issues in the International arena to protect but our Minister for External Affairs-Sri S M Krishna , When we have impressed the world of our strength and recommendation for a  permanent seat in the UN is beckoning us and at this point of time, how ashamed we were when he inadvertently read out the speech of the Portuguese foreign minister! Imagine how he should have gone to this meeting fully prepared to snatch all the diplomatic initiative on several pressing issues? Yet he explained it away as if a school boy did for narrating the wrong poem and we all forgot about it?
We have lost 543 Indian Tamil fishermen by the brutality of tiny `State’ of Sri Lankan Navy,  2000 fishermen have been disabled and 700 fishermen went missing
. But the policy makers in our Government advise the Congress led Indian Government not to take action on Sri Lanka out of fear of alliance between China and Sri Lanka. The Congress party has not still come out of its historic mistake of following a wrong policy towards China as it followed in 1962. Just like ceding a large tracts of territory to China due to poor strategic planning the Congress Governments believe that they have done a right decision about ceding Katchathhevu to Sri Lanka.

Fortunately, Madam Jayalalithaa has kindled hopes of retrieving it by pulling out the Supreme Court verdict in the case of West Bengal, which is akin to this.

The Brahmaputra…

The world’s fourth largest river in the world the Brahamaputra; Born in rarified air of Tibetan plateau from the Jima Yangzong Glacier near Mt. Kailash in the northern Himalayas, it flows almost 2,900 Km [1,800 miles] to join the Ganges River in Bangladesh to form the world’s largest river delta in the Bay of Bengal. The Brahmaputra drains an area of approximately 9.4 million square kilometers combined with the Ganges River these rivers sustain more people than all the people in Western Europe and North America combined.

The Brahmaputra goes by a number of names during its journey to the sea.  It begins as the Yarlung Tsangpo in southwestern Tibet and becomes the Dihang in China, then the Brahmaputra in India and finally the Jamuna in Bangladesh.  Named for the son of Brahma from Hindu mythology this sacred river is the focus of great concern for the countries of China, India and Bangladesh.

There has been speculation for years that China may build a dam in the area of the Great Bend to divert water into China’s Gobi desert which covers half of China’s landmass and yet has only 7 percent of its freshwater.

China’s attempt to divert the Brahmaputra has reared its head again. The Chinese are apparently eyeing about 40 billion cubic meters, out of the annual average inflow of 71.4 billion, of the Brahmaputra’s waters. The river skirts China’s borders before dipping into India and Bangladesh. China has a serious need to feed water to its north-west territory, the Gobi Desert, which contains almost half the country’s total landmass, but only seven percent of its freshwater. The Gobi occupies an area of 1,300,000 sq.km making it one of the largest deserts in the world. Desertification of Gobi since 1950s has expanded it by 52,000 sq.km and it is now just 160 km from Beijing. It is said to expand by 3 km per year.

China has the will and the necessary resources— manpower, technology and, above all, large foreign currency reserves in excess of a trillion dollars to take the Brahmaputra diversion project forward; the country’s economic stimulus in infrastructure could create employment potential for more than a few million people.

China has shown that controversial policies and actions don’t affect them the way a democratically elected, transparent government with a free press is. They are a central government dominated by a few that are beholden to the Party and that doesn’t necessarily mean the truth. There is no free press, no toleration of dissent and no way to verify what is political “spin”, lies, or half-truths.
China also has a tradition of not going for a war or battle to invade any frontier. It does a sneaky job and defends it to the hilt. Even the US is scared of China in many ways.  Take the case of Tibet they went with toys and distributed to children in March 1954 and then told the Tibetans that the land is theirs!! Yes it was as simple as that! This is what happened, No bloodshed, No tantrums and ultimately we had huge amount of refugees that we still shelter with a Parliament in Exile ruled by His Highness the Dalai Lama from Dharmashala. Obviously they would never be able to get back and that too with the Dalai Lama getting old and handing over the baton to his successor, the attempt to go back will be forgotten and buried.
We need to take proactive measures on our boundaries especially with hostile neighbors poaching and intruding into our territory. We have troubled borders, Afghanistan is going through its own internal strife so is Pakistan. China is not a trustworthy country due to its own compulsions.

At this time, we have S M Krishna the Minister of foreign Affairs found terribly wanting whether it is the case of the assault on students in Australia or the mess up on the Sailors issue who were languishing for more than 10 months and not sure if they would be back with their families?  They were saved not by any major initiative but by the prayers of their families. What a grim tragedy?

Our Country is considered one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Along with this growth, comes a rapidly increasing demand for energy. India is currently the world’s fifth largest energy consumer, and is expected to vault to third place by 2030—behind only the United States and China. But limited energy reserves at home have forced India to look abroad to satisfy much of this voracious demand for oil, natural gas, and coal. In fact, India’s dependence on foreign oil is projected to reach more than 90 percent by 2030, according to projections from the U.S. Department of Energy.  There are no concrete plans for the future to combat this.

Our home Minister Sri P Chidambaram is another disaster
.His election itself is mired by a controversy. He is now controlling the destiny of our country’s security.  While he should be worried about tackling terrorism working closely with other Ministries providing adequate support, he is more interested in appeasing the vote banks by creating a scare when none exists about `Hindu terror’ etc  

When world over Pakistan has got the sobriquet of a Terror State and is being persecuted, our Home Minister instead of upping the ante and taking advantage of the present situation has gone bonkers by giving wrong lists and he doesn’t feel ashamed about. He casually explains that it was an error, when there is something more than a blunder.

The crucial files related to Dawood Ibrahim are missing from Mumbai Court.
The crucial files pertained to Ghulam Haider, who was arrested in Dubai in February 2010 by the Interpol.In the Headley trial in the US it was he who is responsible for the poor handling of the case and this can be further amplified by the wiki leaks, which mentioned that “He wanted  to meet Headley just for namesake” to impress upon our countrymen that he was doing something.  It is attributed in many circles that P Chidambaram’s role in the 2G scam is not yet over and even in the `Oil scam’ reported by CAG, he has a role. He even is suspected of conducting a spy operation on the finance Minister that which the Congress is holding it in wraps. This is the person who is a strong aspirant of being the next Prime Minister!! 

This is the reason that he is stro
gly opposed to the Lok Pal including the PM and also he is opposed to a strong Lok Pal. He is also strongly opposed to the CJI or the Judiciary being in the ambit of the Lok Pal bill. So he is drenched with all sorts of allegations that will unravel in times to come.

Some of the preferred Ministers are holding additional charge and the PM has stated that he is going to go for a reshuffle. He has also stated that some of them will have to be left out due to non performance.

We wanted to do a fair assessment of the performance of various Ministry’s and to our utter dismay, we could not give even passing marks to any of them and each of them have been found mired in incompetence, murky, controversial, immature, incapable et all. This with all due respects to the Prime Minister himself.

There is a total disconnect of the ruling class with the ethos of our Nation and this is rightly attributable to the emphasis on Character, vision for India and a vow to reach there. There is a crisis of confidence.

We are going through a rough phase now that too when it is advantage, Bharat!! Will some well meaning statesman and stalwarts put their heads together to save this Country? Only future can tell. We shall wait in patience.

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