What is the secret of success in Gujarat?

via V. Shanmuganathan published on June 25, 2010

·   *   Successful interlinking of a dozen rivers
    * 24 hour uninterrupted three phase electricity to all the 18000 villages and their households
    * Water can be seen flowing in the rivers which had dried long back
    * Rural productivity has gone up
    * The migration to urban areas has come down.
    * Percapita Income of Muslims of Gujarat is the highest in the country
    * Because of administrative excellence, corruption has come down.

 “What is the secret of success in Gujarat?
What is the basic factor that is responsible for the all round development of the State?” I raised this question. During my conversation with C.M. of Gujarat Mr. Narendra Modi said “the people of Gujarat are responsible for this. Without people’s participation, the impact of government run schemes would be lost upon. Therefore, we involve people in all development programme. We have converted adversity into opportunity”. Mr. Narendra Modi has indeed initiated a stable, all round development of the state with power and passion.

Gujarat was always a water scarce state. Water sector has been traditionally characterized by less rain fall, faster run off into the sea, few perennial rivers, and uneven distribution of water across regions, low ground water levels, salinity and desertification. Because of these challenges, harnessing of water was given utmost importance. Priority was given to completion of multi purpose Sardar Sarovar Narmada Project. At the same time a mega project of constructing 400 km long recharge canal to carry extra flood waters to dry areas was undertaken. These efforts were supplemented by interlinking of rivers of the state and water conservation was made a people’s movement. More than 3 lakh check dams, village and farm ponds, Boarhounds have been made in recent years. The age old step wells which were defunct are also being revived. The results are revealing: under ground water tables are rising every year, drinking water is no longer required to be supplied through Lorries or tankers. Another major work was to supply water, to far of areas like Kutch district through Narmada by laying bulk line and distribution of water. Gujarat has successfully interlinked a dozen rivers including sabarmati. Because of this effort, water can be seen flowing in the river which had dried long back.

BJP government in Gujarat also paid full attention to the energy sector. Government provided new investments in the power generation, transmission and distribution facilities. New transmission lines covering 58,599 km were laid down. New transformers numbering 12621across 18000 villages were incorporated. New power plants were launched. The biggest achievement of Narendra Modi was to provide 24 hour uninterrupted three phase electricity to all the 18000 villages and their house holds. It has not only brightened the lives in the house holds but has also energized the economic activities in the villages. Its effects are enormous. The rural productivity has gone up and the migration to urban areas has come down. In the whole of India, in the energy sector, Gujarat is Number 1 state which added maximum mega watts in electricity generation. Also, renewable sources of energy have been developed including wind and solar energy.

Another wonderful effort is carried on every year in the field of education. In the month of June the Chief Minister along with his Cabinet Ministers travels to remote villages to encourage parents to enroll their children in school. Young children in lakhs get enrolled in standard 1 all over the state. People of Parent teacher association, self help groups, donors present the newly enrolled children, with school bags, slates, text books, note books and uniform as gifts. To motivate the parents of the girl child, the Govt. has introduced a scheme called “Vidya Laxmi”. This scheme provides for a fixed sum when girl get admitted to standard 1st and 8th which can be encashed after the girl child has passed standard 5th and 12th respectively. In addition, he also provided insurance cover to all the school and college students worth Rs 1 lakh. Similarly, the state gives attention for higher education, technical, medical, engineering and other institutions of excellence to ensure better quality.

Narendra Modi launched a special scheme to improve Health service by evolving the private medical doctors to undertake safe deliveries of pregnant women. This approach has allowed the poor mothers to undergo safe delivery at the clinics of private medical practitioners who would be reimbursed by the govt. in this region. This has led to substantial increase in safe deliveries and drastic reductions in the mortality rate of mothers and the new born. In Gujarat, if a house is registered in a woman’s name the govt. exempts its stamp duty. Govt. attracts investments to the tune of lakhs of crores of rupees in various sectors of industry. And infrastructure from domestic as well as foreign investments through a special campaigning programme called Vibrant Gujarat.

Law and order
situations are far better. According to the annual report published by the National Crime Records Bureau, the incident and rate of violent crimes place Gujarat in much better position in comparison with many states in the country.

Gujarat handles public grievances with a humanitarian approach. In the state capital every month on 4th Thursday, applications of the aggrieved persons are invited; their grievances are registered and instantly transmitted online to the concerned authorities at the secretariat level as well as district level. Then the authorities feed their replies. In the afternoon, the C.M. personally listens to the applicants one by one. The grievances as well as replies of the concerned authorities are available on his screen online. Through video conference facility, C.M. Modi on the spot interacts with the concerned authorities at the district level in the presence of the applicant. At this time, the applicants are free to interact or interrupt the authorities. Since the Chief Minister interacts personally, the administration is on the toes. This was proved as a very effective system of grievance address.

At the district and taluka level, concerned authorities hear the public grievances on the same day and redress them.

Unfortunately, malicious lies about Gujarat have been spread throughout India and the world, that Muslims are severely discriminated against and persecuted in Gujarat. It is an attempt by anti-Gujarat elements motivated by political enmity, to break the fast pace of good governance led Shri Narendra Modi. In 2006, Prime Minister appointed a committee headed by Shri Rajinder Sachar. This committee made a detailed study of the economic, social and educational conditions of Muslims in the whole of India. This report shows that Muslims are happiest in Gujarat. Muslims receive mainstream education. Their literacy level is fast improving. The proportion of Muslims in high govt. services are better compared to UP or West Bengal. Economic prosperity of average Muslims are far better than any other state. Per capita income of Muslims in Gujarat is also highest in the country. Development of Gujarat is all inclusive, all nourishing and all pervasive. Even the Sachar Committee had to accept that Muslims of Gujarat are on firm socio-economic footing.

People who are in power are often charged with nepotism and favoritism towards their Kins and friend. But even the worst critic of Modi; acknowledge that the corruption in the state machinery has come down.

The model of governance which Narendra Modi has evolved is based upon performance not appeasement. When it comes to fixing rational electricity charges, he went by the professional advice given by the Electricity Regulatory Commission. Even in the midst of farmer’s agitation, he did not buckle. Instead he assured the farmers that he understood their requirements. They need water not electricity. In the following years, he implemented surface water schemes. Now the farmers can get water for irrigation in much lesser costs because the water tables have risen up.

A large number of encroachments which were obstructing the road traffic were removed. A large number of electricity theft that were caught and people were booked. No agitations took place. People knew that it was all for their benefit in the long run.

I returned to Delhi, after seeing a glimpse of Gujarat Government’s performance. My heart was full of satisfaction. I was touched to see the triumph of people’s aspiration under the able leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi. His vision, integrity, ability to take right decision and identification with common people’s concern has made BJP government very successful.

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