What is Hindu Terror?

via H.Balakrishnan published on October 26, 2008




This has reference to ” VERY-VERY-SECULAR ” Manan Kumar’s  ” Hindu terrorism has begun to
sprout ” – (TNIE- 26 Oct).


I notice the ‘ secular ‘ Manan Kumar files his reports from New Delhi. In which case, I don’t remember reading ‘ this ‘ report from this ‘secular worthy ‘, which was reported in other sections of the ‘equally – secular’ English media!!! Recently, the Ulema Council organised an Ajimoshaan Ehtazazi Ijlaas-e-Aam, a conclave that was attended by 100 Muslim clerics from across the country, where mullahs raised fire-and-brimstone speeches, and was listened to with rapt attention by 15,000 ‘believers’. But it was Taslim Rehmani, the chief mullah of Muslim Political Council, Delhi, who made the most startling declaration at the Ajimoshaan Ehtazazi Ijlaas-e-Aam: He described Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel as a “terrorist”. Later he lashed out at Sardar Patel for “forcibly annexing Hyderabad” and reiterated his assertion: “Sardar Patel was responsible for all the riots after Partition, for lakhs of Muslims who were killed in the riots. He deliberately allowed them to be killed. He was a terrorist.”  Probably, it ‘offended’ Manan Kumar’s “secular sensibilities’,or, was he in deep hibernation ??!!



The Holy Koran states:


” Prophet, make war on the kafirs and the hypocrites, and deal sternly with them. Hell shall be their home, evil their fate.’ [ Koran of Medina 66:9].



Jesus Christ, according to Gospel of Luke [in the New Testament Chapter 12] said:


51: Do you suppose that I came to give peace on earth? I tell you, not at all, but rather division.


52:  For from now on five in one house will be divided: three against two, and two against three. 


53: Father will be divided against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother “.

Those were just two examples of ‘monotheistic’ ‘love & tolerance’!!


I would be most interested in educating myself, if our ‘ secular - know all ‘ Manan Kumar could quote JUST ONE such verse, like the foregoing , from the Vedas, Itahasa Puranas, The Upanishads etc which exhorts the ‘Sanatanis’ to ‘kill’ or disturb ‘ the peace on earth ‘ . If he is hard put, it is not surprising – for he’ll find none!! And yet, ‘Hindu Terrorism’?


What then is ‘ Hindu Terror ‘? The ‘ secular ‘ English media loves bogeys. It’s a bogey the media has been trying to nurture for some months now. But they had failed to make headway in the absence of any supporting evidence. A section of the media have loudly wondered why jihadi terrorists would specifically target their co-religionists and suggestively hinted at the possibility of Hindu groups coming under the investigators’ scanner.

 Under fire for handling Raj Thackeray’s rampaging goons in Mumbai with kid gloves, the  Maharashtra police authorities decided this was the most opportune time to selectively leak some sensitive information regarding the September 29, 2008 incidents. Howsoever far-fetched and tenuous the alleged suspects’ links to the extended saffron parivar, the leaked news has come in handy for the ‘secular’ English media to resume the onslaught on “Hindu terror”.In the aftermath of the perfectly legitimate Jamia Nagar raid, there has been a systematic attempt to claim that the Indian Establishment is guilty of regarding every Muslim as a terrorist.

This is precisely the premise on which the bogey of Hindu terrorism has been constructed. The argument is rather simplistic: The police and public are wrong in assuming all terror incidents to be executed by Muslim groups such as SIMI; that, new “revelations” suggest that many such terror attacks are the handiwork of Hindu outfits. So, Islamist terror must be treated on the same footing as ‘Hindu terror’. So, if SIMI is banned, so must be Bajrang Dal, VHP, ABVP, RSS and, eventually, BJP.It is a matter of time before it is suggested by this lobby that the Sangh Parivar is, in fact, the biggest progenitor of terror in India; that they are doing so with the aim of breeding mass insecurity in order to bamboozle terrified Hindus into voting for the BJP in the forthcoming polls ! Q.E.D.!!!


As the Editor of a ‘communal’ English daily wrote:


” Is the average Indian so thick-skinned as to applaud Manmohan Singh when he says the first right to the country’s scarce resources belongs not to the poor irrespective of caste and creed but only to Muslims? When anti-terror laws are diluted and vociferous demands for the lifting of the ban on SIMI reverberate through sections of the political class and the liberal-secular intelligentsia, should the victims of jihadi terror be expected to cower in fright? Isn’t it then a miracle  that vigilante groups aren’t roaming the streets of our cities seeking revenge?”


It would do ‘secular’ Manan Kumar a world of good in particular, and ‘THE NEW SECULAR CHRISTIAN-MUSLIM MONITOR’ – OOPS!! I meant- TNIE !!-  if they were to take note of these words from the Belgian historian Dr.Koenraad Elst in his ” The Problem with Secularism “: 


” Yes, I know quite a few of Gujarati Bania background, and I am rather uncomfortable with their tough talk. As children, these yuppies were brought up on Gandhi’s extreme non-violence but now they are talking loosely about the need to ‘ give the Muslims a good beating’, things like that. The psychology behind their evolution is that they have experienced how Gandhian attitudes of appeasing the aggressor and turning the other cheek simply didn’t work, and than they have moved to the other extreme. In dealing with aggression,one should neither appease nor overreact.” (pp -15)


By nature, the Hindu can never be a terrorist. Secular-fundamentalists should not provoke him to a point where he seriously contemplates the option.

And we are starting to see the long awaited Hindu reaction – Jammu, Kandhamal, Mangalore et al. Our gratitude to the ‘SECULAR ENGLISH MEDIA’!! CHEERS!!




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