Watchout for “turkeys parading around as peacocks”

via K Vijayan published on December 25, 2010

‘Activist’ Binayak Sen gets lifer  – Agencies; 25-12-2010

A nice Christmas present for Indian Christian Traitors, Maoist murderers, and missionaries in Human Rights drag.

Retreaded Sachhars and some mercenaries of the Christian Medical College have come out in support of this Great Humanitarian Doctor and errand boy of mass-murderers, and we have no doubt many more ‘Activists’, seditionists, drug-peddlers, criminal CJs gainfully employed as Human Rights Tyrants, Shitstallwads and Haramzadi Roys will also join the chorus.

Murdering minority moles are now well-established in the Commanding Heights, starting with de-facto and de-jure PMs, and very deeply entrenched in the Main Stream Media.

The Christian Medical College (Vellore) has conferred upon this Sen some ‘Paul Harrison Award’, and the ‘citation’ reads “in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the society and for having redefined the possible role of a doctor in an unjust society.”

This Christian Institution which fleeces rich and poor alike through its Medical Colleges and Hospitals is certifying that India is an “unjust society”, while awarding Certificates of Merit and Good Conduct to Traitors. Lots of such Missionary orgs around, and their Certificates are quoted as Proof of Innocence, giving the lie to anything the Police or Courts may find.

The Chritian Process of Inculturation has made the ignorant Hindu of India blissfully unaware of these “turkeys parading around as peacocks”. Not many are aware that Ajit Jogi, another Congress ex-CM of Madhya Pradesh is a Christian and was one of the earliest “patrons” of this Traitor. Almost as many believe that Sonia Gandhi is the granddaughter of the currency note Gandhi. And that (Late) Y.S.Reddy was a “Samuel” and another Patron Saint of Maoist murderers and the one who deployed armies of them along with Binoyak Sen.

With so many Minority scumbags entrenched in our Pillars of State, this Sen will also evade punishment ultimately. In the interregnum the moles can go around talking about the greatness of our Democracy and Judiciary etc.

Now just why don’t our nethas and Media say that Christians and Muhammedans are waging a War against India as often and as easily as they come out with “Hindu Terror” at Burari-Ferrari Plenarii?

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