VS Achutanandan is a hypocrite because he is Communist

via http://ghatotkacha-nair.blogspot.com published on August 18, 2011

I wrote this piece after reading the article titled “VS – Why are you a hypocrite?” dated 16/08/2011 in Haindavakeralam.com and the subsequent comments by one “sakhavu” which I reproduce below verbatim.

“Normal citizens have good doubts on this suspicious devaprasnam. It was for the royal family only to hide the real wealth thereby giving a chance to steal it. And the octogenarian was Correct in exposing it. T P Sundarajans soul will be happy hearing vs . And hk, your arguments may be correct but only out of context. Remember NSS Favoured Congress just because VS AND PINARAYI Were from lower caste.”

1. According to Sakhavu, “normal citizens” have “doubts” on this “suspicious” devaprasnam. Are “normal citizens” those unthinking semi-literate labourers who read only the communist propaganda rag, ‘Deshabhimani’ and regurgitate its contents wherever they go?

2. What is there to doubt in this particular devaprashnam? Devaprashnams have always been conducted in Temples by trained and accomplished astrologers. Padmanabha Swamy Temple devaprashnam was performed by an elite team of Daivajnas (renowned Vedic-Jyothishis), led by Brahmasree Madhur Narayana Ranga Bhat, Irinjalakkuda Padmanabha Sharma, Devidas Gurukkal, Pancha Bhaskara Bhat, Ganapathy Sharma, Jayaraj Panicker and Haridas Nampoothiri. If there was any concern about the integrity or competence about the quality of the experts who conducted the devaprashnam, the devout Hindu activist public of Kerala would have immediately put a stop to it. However, there are no dissenting voices against the devaprashnam in question, apart from the usual communist riff-raff.

Why are the communists so disaffected by the efforts of the Royal Family at preventing the politicians from laying their greedy hands on the Hindu wealth stored in the Lord Padmanabha Swamy Temple? It is their frustration at their attempts to steal the Temple wealth being thwarted by the Royal Family. So how do the communists react to this adverse turn of events? They accuse the Royal Family of trying to steal the great wealth that the latter has been safeguarding for centuries and which it is still doing so! There is a saying in Hindi, “ulta chor kothwal ko dantein”. The thief scolds the police officer!!

3. Why do you think the CPI(M) is infiltrating it’s cadre to occupy the various posts in Devaswom controlled temples? They are even trying to enrol the pujaris in CITU Unions. Is it to loot the Hindu Temples of their Hindu wealth or to preserve protect and propagate what they contemptuously dismiss as “superstition” and “blind faith”?

4. The communists who rant and rave at Hindu religious rituals, culture and practices turn deaf, dumb and mute when other Semitic ideologies (Christianity and Islam) are concerned.

4a. The “hajis” who go on Umrah, a pilgrimage to Mecca, walk seven times counter-clockwise around the Kaaba. They drink “holy water” from the Zamzam Well. At Mina they throw stones to signal their defiance of the “Devil”. They also perform a cutting of the hair. But why doesn’t V.S Achutanandan find the practices of this desert Arab cult to be “superstition” and “blind faith”? Because, it is Islamic and therefore, by Communist perspective, “rational” and “scientific”. Only Hindu practices are “blind faith” for the communist traitors.

4b. Azagar Ali Thangal of Edapal, Malappuram is alleged to have amassed huge wealth by cheating people with his occult practice of Muttayeru (egg-throwing) to help seekers win over enemies. Till some years ago, Thangal was merely Azgar Ali, a debt-ridden young man of Edapal, who lived by selling anti-bug pesticides. He fled Edapal some years ago when the pesticide business crashed and he was neck-deep in debts. The reappearance of Azgar Ali was as Azgar Ali Thangal, a Muslim occultist who based his mysterious works on eggs. A local resident in Edapal said that the Thangal would give the miracle-seeker an egg, touched with magical potions, to be thrown on the wall of the enemy’s house. [1] The occult business had been a tremendous ‘hit’ and within a short time Azgar Ali had earned crores of rupees by cheating people. Why doesn’t V.S Achutanandan find this cult a “blind faith”? Because it is Islamic and therefore, by definition, “rational” and “scientific”. Only Hindu practices are “blind faith” for the communist traitors.

4c. Ustad Kareem of Kalamthode Kozhikode quit his failing cycle workshop business. Suddenly he was running a faith healing centre by curing miracle-seekers of diseases merely with prayer. He soon built a palatial house with high compound walls thanks to the new business. But why doesn’t V.S Achutanandan find this cult a “blind faith”? Because it is Islamic and therefore, by definition, “rational” and “scientific”. Only Hindu practices are “blind faith” for the communist traitors.

5. What does V.S Achutanandan say about the Church stealing from “blind faith” to increase its numbers?

5a. It was reported in NDTV on Tuesday, 20th March 2007 that in the name of “inculturation” Father Romance Antony at the Jagat Jyoti Mandir in Neendakara Panchayat, Kollam District, Kerala State and his congregation sit cross-legged on the floor listening to bhajans. The pulpit and pews are missing. There isn’t even a crucifix behind what should have been the altar. Christ is represented as seated in padmasana like the Buddha under the Bodhi tree. Christ and his disciples are shown seated eating from banana leaves. And atop the Church is a huge “Om” where there’s normally a crucifix. [2]

5b. The Christians under the guise of “inculturation” have been building their places of worship like Hindu temples, calling their prayer halls ‘ashrams’, pray to their Gods with Sanskrit slokas, their clergy and evangelists wearing saffron robes, sporting vermillion, kumkum, sandal paste on their foreheads and sporting Hindu names. When the sexual relationships between Priests and Nuns become exposed in the mass media, many times they try to take shelter under “Christian Yoga”.

5c. Sita Ram Goel, in his book “Catholic Ashrams”, lists 108 such Christian ashram in India, 4 in Nepal and 8 in Sri Lanka. His list includes Asha Niketan, Bangalore, Karnataka, Bethany Ashram (1938), Channapatna, Karnataka, Christa Sevakee Ashram (1950), Karkala, Karnataka, Christian Institute for the study of Religion and Society, Bangalore, Karnataka, Yesu Karuna Prarthanalaya, Kote, Mysore District, Karnataka. [3] The present Catholic ashrams have inherited that history of intrigue and subterfuge. A Catholic Jesuit priest by the name Robert De Nobili appeared in Madurai in 1607 clad in the saffron robes of a Sadhu with sandal paste on his forehead and the sacred thread on his body. He claimed to be “Brahmin” from Rome. He declared that he was bringing a message which had been taught in India by Indian ascetics of yore and that he was only restoring to Hindus one of their lost sacred books, namely the 5th Veda, called Yeshurveda (Jesus Veda). It passed for a genuine work until the Protestant Missionaries exposed the fraud “Roman Brahmin” about the year 1840.

5d. Brother Tanku and Brother Thomas Kutty, two “prayer-healers” from Kottayam district started a healing session at Putharikkandam grounds in Thiruvananthapuram on Thursday, 22-May-2008. ‘Swargeeya Virunnu’ (Heavenly Feast), the forum, under which Brother Tanku and Brother Thomas Kutty perform their prayer-healing, claims to provide cure for diseases with no known cure in the medical field. Legal experts point out that this practice is illegal as the Drugs and Magic Remedies Act of 1954 had banned such sessions. The ‘Brothers’ had issued huge newspaper advertisements in which, at least 20 persons including women, had explained their unbelievable experience by certifying that they had attained cure by attending their healing session. Income Tax sources say that the duo had amassed at least Rs 20 crore from unknown sources.[4] Why doesn’t V.S Achutanandan find this “acculturation” to be blind copying of “blind faith”? Because it is Christian and therefore, by communist perspective, “rational” and “scientific”. Only Hindu practices are “blind faith” for the communist traitors.

5e. A small boy has claimed that he was born with a defective foot and by praying to Sr.Alphonsa he has become normal! Immediately the Vatican investigators proclaimed it as a miracle. They also got a panel of Christian doctors to certify it as a miracle. What is V.S Achutanandan’s take on Pope Benedict XVI conferring sainthood on Sister Alphonsa based on manufactured miracles or aren’t Catholic “miracles” to be considered “blind faith”?

6. Now coming back to the Hindu wealth (not, treasure) stored in Lord Padmanabha Temple.
The Royal Family of the erstwhile Kingdom of Travancore preserved and protected the vast wealth and saved it first from the jihadi looters and mass murderers, namely, Hyder Ali and Tippu Sultan. When Hyder Ali attacked Calicut, the Zamorin sought asylum for his Royal Family in the Kingdom of Travancore, which was ruled by Dharma Raja. The Zamorin also sent his Treasury to Travancore. The contents of the Zamorin Treasury are now part of the wealth in the Lord Padmanabha Temple.
The Travancore Royal Family also prevented the British colonials from spiriting away the Hindu wealth in Lord Padmanabha Temple when the latter were forced to leave in 1947.
The Royal Family also prevented the political goondas of the likes of A. Raja and Azhagiri from looting all that wealth.
Maharaja Marthanda Varma (1706-1758) after enlarging the Kingdom from Kanyakumari to Kochi surrendered the Kingdom to Lord Padmanabha. He and his successors ruled as “Padmanabha Dasa”. The last crowned King of Travancore Kingdom, Sri Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma Maharaja(1912-1991) would walk from the Palace to the Temple, barefoot, like a true “Servant of Lord Padmanabha” and worship with genuine humility. There was worship in his stance and devotion in his eyes, which used to tear over when taking the Lord’s name.[6]

Propelled by a rare spirit of public accountability and good governance, the Royal Family hoarded up the Hindu wealth in the sacred Temple premises thereby preventing their own members from splurging it on themselves in the grandest possible manner like the Royal Family of Bikaner and other Princely States. Public accountability and good governance vanished from Kerala after the Maharaja of Travancore signed the Instrument of Accession to India and waived off his ruling powers.

I sincerely believe that the Travancore Royal Family deserves the Bharat Ratna for successfully protecting and preserving the vast amount of Hindu wealth in the Temple of Lord Padmanabha over the centuries.

After the state of Kerala was created, Devasom Boards were created to help run the affairs of isolated temples smoothly. This governing body which included Mannathu Padmanabhan and R. Shankar took over the reins. The Kerala Hindu society thought that this would help organize the temples of Kerala along sound lines. However, most of the tenants of temple lands were non-Hindus. The cunning moves of P.T.Chacko, the Communist Home Minister, led to the lands owned by the Churches and Mosques and also the lands owned by Christian owned large plantations being exempt from the ambit of land reforms. Mannathu Padmanabhan, though of unimpeachable personal integrity, looked on in indolence, indifference and apathy as the Hindu Temple lands and the lands owned by the Nairs and Nambuthiris got alienated. The once wealthy temples were reduced to penury almost overnight creating the circumstances which helped the so-called secular government to assert its authority over the Hindu Temples since it had become almost impossible to meet the day-to-day needs of the temples without government help. What began to crumble were not just the Hindu Temples but also the faith of the Hindus in Sanatana Dharma. What stood in the way of the spread of communism was Hindu spirituality. By impoverishing the temples, the evil intentions of the arch-traitor EMS Namboothiripad succeeded! Every succeeding government in Kerala worked to weaken Hindu culture. Customs gradually died out and many temple arts became extinct. This strengthened communist thinking. Malabar, where many temples had been destroyed earlier by Islamic invader Tipu, became a fertile breeding ground for the pernicious ideology called communism.[7]

7. The present Head of the Travancore Royal Family Sree Uthradom Thirunal Marthanda Varma continues the benevolent traditions of the previous Kings by converting his Palace at Pattom in Trivandrum City to a hospital known as Sree Uthradadom Thirunal Hospital. Lord Padmanabha and the Temple are the centres of existence for the Travancore royalty. Sri Marthanda Varma reverently says, “We were rulers on His behalf…When we have guests, my wife and I serve them sometimes. In fact, a media person from Germany, who probably expected me to dress in fine clothes, mistook me for my secretary!”. These are the self-effacing Royal “Servants of Lord Padmanabha”. Who do you think the people of Travancore would trust? Would they trust their Royal Family or would they trust the loudmouth buddhi jeevisprostitutes who are paid and kept by the communist party?

8. What happened to Thiruvattar Adhikesesavaperumal Temple, Tamil Nadu after the Travancore Royal Family handed over the administration to the Tamil Nadu Government? The entire gold covering from Lord Perumal Swamy’s neck to ankle was stolen. The records of the Temple wealth were burnt and the wealth was plundered. Are the interests of the poor being met by this plunder? Are the interests of the poor Hindus safeguarded when the Temple gold finds its way to the oddayaanam around the waist of a daughter of a concubine of a Tamil Nadu politician?

9a. The Communist buddhi jeevis want to keep all the valuable articles found in the temple vaults in a state museum, for public exhibition. They have put in practice this theft methodology which prescribes that religious and devotional items are to be exhibited as artefacts in museums. This has happened in the communist Soviet Union, communist Chinese mainland and the Chinese Occupied Tibet. The treasures of monastery of the Holy Trinity at Sergiyev Posad one of the biggest and wealthiest monastic enclaves in Europe and the spiritual apex of Russian Orthodox Christianity were sent to a museum by the Soviet communists in 1917 after the Bolshevik Revolution. In 1945 when Joseph Stalin returned the monastery to the church and service was restored in the cathedral to shore up the support of the Russian Orthodox Church for the war against Nazis, most of its treasures were found to be lost. Same is the case with the Alexander Nevsky Monastery at St Petersburg.[5]

9b. According to a study by John Powers in 2006, in 1959, 6,000 Buddhist monasteries were destroyed in Tibet by communist China and enormous treasures were robbed under the pretext of keeping them in museums. The famous Sakya and Lithang Tibetian Buddhist monasteries were looted of the treasures and then bombed. When a team of Tibetan Buddhist monks visited China in 1982-83 to retrieve Tibetan artefacts a Chinese communist official told them in Beijing that most of the statues were destroyed and those of pure gold and silver were taken away. Those of gilded copper, bell metal, red copper brass were ferried to Luyun from where they were eventually sold to foundries. A foundry situated five kilometres to the east of Beijing, alone purchased 600 tons of Tibetan crafted metals and melted them down. Religious texts were burnt and mixed with field manure and sacred Mani stones were used for making toilets and pavements by the communists. (1996 Official Report of Central Tibetan Administration).[5] This is what will happen to the Hindu wealth stored in Lord Padmanabha’s Temple if it is moved to a museum. That bulk of Hindu wealth will be lost forever.

I can’t resist writing a few words about our home-grown “sakhavus” or Comrades as the rest of the world know them. It is an unwritten rule among Communists in India that, Comrades born in Hinduism should be Atheists but Muslim and Christian comrades necessarily don’t have to be Atheists. Hindu Communists are allowed to worship God in secret but the communist party won’t take any responsibility if some one exposes it. V.S Achuthanandan revealed his “blind faith” when he paid a visit to the Sabarimala Ayyappa Swamy Temple on 31st December 2007. Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s poomoodal offering in Kadampuzha temple was covered up with much effort. A state level leader may escape disciplinary action but strict action will be taken if any local Communist leaders visit Hindu Temples or conduct Hindu religious rituals. In Kannur CPM Branch Secretary VV Mohanan is expelled from the party for allowing a religious function to be staged (Muthappan Vellattam) in front of his house. Hindu comrades whisper among themselves, why was no warning was given to CPM leader AP Abdullakutty and other communist leaders from Malappuram for conducting Haj pilgrimage? Why was no disciplinary action taken against their Muslim comrades who go to mosque 5 times a day with Islamic fervour?[8] The Hindu comrades have only themselves to blame for their sad plight.

A housekeeper of a Christian priest found a notebook with a bookmark in it. The priest was famous for his “fire and brimstone” sermons. Wondering about the contents of his next speech the housekeeper cautiously opened the page at the bookmark and found a comment on the margins, “argument weak here, YELL LIKE HELL”! It is the same with our “sakhavus”. When the argument gets weak they accuse the opponent of Casteism! They will tell you that the NSS favoured Congress just because VS and Pinarayi were from lower caste.
Let us forget for a moment that the founder-leaders of the Nair Service Society were all congressmen and ask, why did the CPM indulge in the very same casteism by favouring the Forward Caste E.K Nayanar and preventing Backward Caste Gowriamma from becoming the Chief Minister in 1987 and later expelling her from the party?
Why is the CPM projecting the Forward Caste Kodiyeri Balakrishnan and Prakash Karat while humiliating on a daily basis, the Backward Caste VS Achutanandan?

On 20 April 1653, Oliver Cromwell attended a sitting of the Rump Parliament and listened to one or two speeches after learning that the Rump Parliament was attempting to stay in session despite an agreement to dissolve and despite having failed to come up with a working constitution. With his patience exhausted Cromwell stood up and harangued the Members of the Parliament.
“You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately … Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!” This is what I have to say the communists: “Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of Lord Padmanabha, GO! GET LOST!!”

National Museum Institute Vice-Chancellor CV Ananda Bose has decided to go ahead with its plan to open the vault and assess its contents despite the devaprashnam verdict to the contrary. Let Ananda Bose declare that he has no objection to the secret underground floors of the Taj Mahal[9] be opened before he opens the secret chambers in the Lord Padmanabha Temple. The Hindu organizations must similarly move petition in the Supreme Court to open the secret underground floors in the Taj Mahal, or better still threaten to organize a million-man karseva to open the secret chambers in the Taj Mahal, if the secret chambers in the Lord Padmanabha Temple are opened.

My next post will be about the grave damage done to the social fabric of Kerala by this imported evil Semitic ideology called Communism.


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