Vijayadashami speech – Sarsanghchalak Sudarasanji (20/10/2007)

published on October 22, 2007


            Today is the auspicious day of ‘Ayudha Pooja’ (Weapon worship) and tomorrow is Vijayadashami, the Foundation Day of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Tomorrow the R.S.S. will complete its 82nd year and will enter the 83rd. When we try to evaluate the result of more than eight decades of efforts, one thing comes out outstandingly. When in 1925 the Sangh was founded, the Hindu society had descended to such an abyss of self-negation that they were ashamed of calling themselves as Hindus. ‘Call us donkeys, but don’t call us Hindus’. Today however the Hindu has become conscious of his identity, he does not feel any inhibition in calling himself a Hindu. We have experienced this last year when the leaders of different caste-groups not only assembled together on the invitation of the Sangh but felt happy that it was because of Sangh that they had been able to meet different caste leaders, exchanged our thoughts and could partake food collectively without any destinetion of high or low. They expressed the desire that such programmes should be organised in future also. In the intellectuals meet also several intellectuals participated and pondered over the internal problems of the Hindu society, the external threats and how to mitigate them. Large Hindu congregations were organised at the district and block levels.


But the Sangh is not satisfied with only this much. Sangh wants that not only the Hindu society should be vigilant and full of self-respect but should be able to face all types of onslaughts perpetrated on it. We shall have to work harder to bring about that preparedness in the society. Today, though the Hindu society does feel that it is being targeted but expects somebody to take the lead. This situation should change. The people in every village and every ward should rise in protest, even if in small groups, against any injustice perpetrated on the Hindu society. The effect of such protest we have witnessed on 12th Sept. when people blocked the traffic between 8 A.M. to 11A.M. Just as the society is awakening, onslaughts are also increasing as if to test its mettle. Hence eternal vigilance has become unavoidable.  We have to follow the message of Vedas –‘Rashtre jagryam wayam’ – ‘Let the nation be ever vigilant.’


The case of Ramasetu has been given an interim stay by the Supreme Court. We must not dupe ourselves to think that the threat to Ramasetu has vanished. The Central Shipping Minister Shri T.R.Balu is still saying that he will try to get the stay vacated and complete the task of Setu samudram canal by the end of December. Recently on 17th Oct. addressing a joint press meet in Chennai CPI-M state general secretary and CPI state secretary condemning the Centre for ‘yielding to the pressure of communal forces’, demanded to know why the Centre had sought three months time in the Supreme Court and agreed to consider an alternate alignment. “Why is the Union Govt. not firm in carrying out the project on the present alignment?” They said, other alignments were not acceptable since they would affect marine ecology and the livelihood of fishermen and the fishermen should be protected.


The reality, however, is that under the pressure of Leftists the Central Govt. submitted an affidavit in the Supreme Court in which they claimed that Ram did not exist at all. This deeply hurt the sentiments of crores of Hindus living in Bharat, as also all over the world. This was denying their very identity. Erstwhile socialist leader late Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, whom even the pseudo-secularist can’t accuse of being narrow-minded or retrogressive, had in a famous speech said that Rama connected North to South, Krishna connected East to West and Shiva is existing everywhere showering his blessings.


Those who question the historicity of Shri Rama, should take a lesson from the discoveries of Dr. Ramavatar Sharma, who spent 24 years of his life in personally visiting 214 places where Rama had stayed during the 14 years he spent in forests as also 23 places where Rama had gone with Sage Vishwamitra upto Janakpur. He has photographed all those temples, lakes, rivers, ghats, huts etc. where Shri Rama treaded and also prepared a map of them all. The great effort put in by Dr. Ramavatar is a slap on the face of all those who are denying the very existence of Shri Rama. What type of democratic set-up we are living in where the Central Cabinet Minister Shri Balu and Chief Minister of Tamilnadu are brazenly flouting the public opinion as also the opinions of scientists, astronomers, archeologists, geologists, environmentalists who are giving evidences of Rama’s existence? What right has such a minister to be in the Central Cabinet?


But Prime Minister Manmohan Singh very well knows that if the D.M.K. withdraws its support then the government will fall. Till now the Communists were pressurising the Govt. not to proceed with the nuclear – deal, and, succumbing to that pressure the Prime Minister postponed it till 2009. Now if Shri T.R.Balu and Karunanidhi of the D.M.K. exert their pressure to give a green signal to the SSC Project, will the P.M., riding rough-shod over the sentiments of crores of people, permit the breaking of the Rama Setu? If he is a devout Sikh, will he ponder over the ‘Shabad’ of Guru Nanakdeo in the Holy Guru Granth Sahib( page 942). Raga Ramakali in chapter ‘Siddha Gashta’ which says –

            “The Almighty has enabled all ‘Gurumukhs’ to reach their destination by walking on the ‘Name-bridge’. This name-bridge was instrumental in the loot of Lanka and all the demons of Lust, anger etc. became powerless and full of agony Gurumukh Ramcnandra killed Ravan in the form of ego and passing secrets by Vibhishan is nothing but his becoming knowledgeable by becoming to Gurmukh. The living beings in the form of boulders will also float across the worldly sea and many Gurmukh people have already attained salvation.”


There are two words in the Sikh Religion- Gurmukh and manmukha. Gurmukh means those who are beholden to God or Dharma and Manmukha means those who act according to their own whims and fancies.


It is a truth that the Sikhs worship the formless but Shri Guru Nanakdeo does not deny the forms also. He says –


‘You are with and without forms, You are with attributes and without attributes, You are One but You are many also’.

This Whole creation is nothing but the manifestation of that Supreme Being. Therefore Guru Nanakdeo explaining the Unmanifest with the help of the manifest has taken recourse to Rama’s story in the above ‘Shabad’. Guru Nanakdeo travelled throughout the country as also abroad. In his journey to the South he went to Rameshwaram also. On page 146 of ‘Twarikh Khalsa’, the authoritative account of his journeys by Giani Gian Singh, it is written –‘The temple of Rameshwaram is situated in an area of one ‘murabba’ (about 25 acres) where Shri Ramchandraji had consecrated the idol of Mahadeva’.


Guru Gobind Singhji himself in his composition ‘Sarabloh’ on page 905 says-“Lord Rama ordered Nala and Sugreeva to summon all his warriors and begin the construction of the bridge. Immediately hordes of ‘monkeys’ began to construct the bridge by bringing boulders from Meru Mountain, uprooting trees and throwing them into the sea.”


The question arises why in the case of all these facts Shri Karunanidhi and Shri Balu are adamant in constructing the canal by breaching the Rama Setu? Their argument is that today the distance between Tutukudi and Chennai by going round Shri Lanka is 750 nautical miles which requires 62.5 hours to traverse. If this canal is constructed the distance will only be 310 nautical miles which could be traversed in 25.8 hours thus saving 36.7 hours of journey. But marine experts say that the speed through the canal will be reduced to 6 nautical miles instead of 12-13 nm. in the open sea. Therefore the time saving will only be 29.75 hours. But embarking disembarking will take another two hours and hence the net time-saving will be only 27.75 hours. The claim that this will be cost-effective has been disproved by Captain H. Balakrishnan. His calculation says-

(1)    Kolkata to Tutukudi

(a)    Circumnavigating Shri Lanka – Rs. 19,49,925.00 (Nineteen lakhs forty nine thousand nine hundred and twenty five)

(b)    Through the SS Canal – Rs. 19,51,126.00 (Nineteen lakhs fifty one thousand one hundred and twenty six)

(2)    Chennai to Tutukudi

(a)    Circumnavigating Shri Lanka – Rs. 13,25,405.00 ( Thirteen lakhs twenty           five thousand four hundred and five)

(b)    Through the SS Canal – Rs. 14,51,260.00 (Fourteen lakhs fifty one thousand two hundred and sixty)


Then why this adamant attitude? The reason is, America wants to establish her hegemony over the Bay of Bengal also. She has already her influence over the Indian Ocean because of her military base in Diago Garcia. The Palk Street and Gulf of Mannar exist in between Bharat and Shri Lanka. They form the historical waters between the two countries over which only they have their jurisdiction. On 23rd March they signed an agreement through which they decided over a line to act as the boundary line between the two countries. But on 23rd June 2005 the U.S.A. refused to accept these as the historical waters. On 2nd July 2007 American Warship Nimitz came to the Chennai sea port. When there was an opposition to its presence, the naval officer on the ship convened a press meet and declared before the media that the waters between Bharat and Shri Lanka are International waters. This exposes the intention of America and her interest in the SSCP.


China also has her design. China has established its strategic base in Coco islands adjacent to the Mynamar border and has established her jurisdiction over the Gwadar port of Pakistan. Similarly China is participating in the construction of a most modern sea-port in Hamantota situated on the south coast of Shri Lanka. Thus the strategies of both America and China have weakened the position of Bharat in its own historical waters. When the ships of U.S.A. and China begin to cruise between Bharat and Shri Lanka waters, the security of Bharat will be endangered. But look of the hypocrisy of the Indian Communists. They are opposing the nuclear-deal between Bharat and U.S.A. on the ground that it will lead to American hegemony, but are keeping silent in the matter of SSCP only because it is going to benefit China also.


These stooges of China who can be aptly described as nation-wreckers, are the least concerned about the great damage that the SSCP is going to inflict on our country.


Ø      Telis, a scientist belonging to the famous Carneigi Institute of Research in Defence affairs has opined after a deep study that Bharat possesses the largest stock of Thorium in the world which can fulfill her energy requirements for a long time to come. Thorium is the rare earth which is luminous as also slatish in colour. When heated in air it emits bluish light. It is named after Thor, the war-god of Scandinavia. Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, ex-President of Bharat has opined –‘The stock of uranium is very limited in Bharat and hence we are required to go into agreements with all sorts of people for its supply. Bharat has the largest stock of Thorium and hence we should concentrate more on getting our energy based on Thorium.’


Ø      Bhartiya scientists are enged in inventing a reactor based on Thorium fuel. Experiments are being conducted in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre at Mumbai. Shri K.V.Jayarama, a research scientist in Hyderabad has said that of the 11 lakhs tons of high quality Thorium available in the world, 31% has been found to be deposited on the sea shores of Bharat only.

Ø      The sea-waves in the Indian Ocean after bouncing from the Rama Setu, create counter currents which push the rare-earth metals towards the shores of Bharat and Thorium is deposited in the three adjacent villages in Kanyakumari. According to the Indian laws it can not be exported without the permission of Central Government. But flouting all those regulations some anti-social elements are engaged in exporting Thorium-rich sands to foreign countries. It is being done in two ways – One is by direct export of the sand. Another is by burying thick coconut ropes with a coating of glue on them. When they reach the destination, the sand is removed from the ropes. Those ropes are used for the ships. Who pockets the money is a matter for through impartial probe. Shri M.D.Nalpat, Professor of geo-politics in Manipal University avers that the irretrievable loss of Thorium entailed in breaching the Rama Setu will be a great blow to the nuclear projects of our country.


Ø      According to the Prof. C.S.P.Aiyar, managing director for Centre for Marine Analytical Reference and Standards –“Saving the marine live-stock in the Gulf of Mannar is a matter of utmost importance. Nowhere in the world except Rama Setu can we find 3600 species of marine life at one place.” Tsunami expert Prof. Tad S. Murthy had said in Dec. 2005 –“It is because of Rama Setu that south Kerala coast was saved from the disaster striking Bharat on 26th Dec. 2004. Retired Justices of Supreme Court Justice Krishna Aiyar and Justice K.T.Thomas have publicly appealed to the Central Govt. to abandon the SSCP. Justice K.T.Thomas says-“Things with which strong religious sentiments and thousands of years old traditions are attached should not be disturbed. Therefore it is my strong conviction that Shri Rama Setu should not be breached and alternative routes should be considered. I have also heard that Rama Setu had protected Indian shores, specially in Kerala, during the Tsunami disaster.” And Justice Krishna Aiyar says –“I suspect that the haste with which the project is proposed to be completed, ignoring the welfare and the progress of the people of India, may be to further the interests of countries like America. About this I had sent an emergency message to our Hon. Prime Minister.”


Ø      The NEERI report accepts that ‘200 out of 600 varieties of fishes are commercially important. There are 138 villages and towns spread in 5 districts through the costal area from Gulf of Mannar to Palk Strait in Tamilnadu. Fishing has been the sole occupation of 16 lakh fisher folks living along the coasts whose main activities are – (1) fishing (2) seaweed collection (3) chunks collection with which shell bangles and anklets are prepared (4) coral mining   (5) firewood collection and (6) agriculture. The fishermen are irked that they are allowed on the sea between 5 am to 9 am only for three days a week. More than 50% of the fishermen in this area are in debt. If this project is implemented socio-economic problems will multiply due to unemployment.’ Now it is for you to decide as to who is telling the truth – Neeri scientists or leftists leaders of Tamilnadu?


But the Communists are least concerned with all these things. What is their record in West Bengal where they have been continuously ruling for the past 30 years? When they came to power in1977 they declared with great fanfare that they would be implementing insurance scheme for landless labourers. But the money collected from them was not deposited with the Provident Fund Commissioner. Crores of rupees collected on this account had been misappropriated by them. The number of landless labourers in West Bengal stood at 73 lakhs. Among them only 9 lakhs were included in the above mentioned scheme. 63 lakhs were just ignored. This govt. has created another 24 lakhs landless labourers in the past ten years by forcefully grabbing their lands. What can be more disgraceful for the Govt. that between 7th August to mid October, about 40 food riots have been taken place. And what is the reason? In some of the districts rationed articles have not been distributed for the last 18 months and in some for the last 11 months. Ration dealers in collusion with ministers, bureaucrats, district magistrates, block development officers, legislators, rationing officers and distributors have sold out food-grains and other materials in black market. Food-riots are practically a revolt against the Left Front government and the most interesting part is that they are being instigated by the members of the Left Front themselves.


The fiercest form of the bankrupt ideology of Communism is appearing in the form of Maoist and Naxalite violence. Over 6000 people have been killed in just over a decade in different parts of Bharat. But those who are at the helm of affairs think that their responsibility is over by issuing a statement every time there is an incidence of violence and call it the most barbaric and cowardly act. It is quite a rare occasion when any court has convicted and sentenced a terrorist. The case of Mohammad Afzal is a living example. Even after the Supreme Court gave him death penalty, the Central Cabinet recommended that the death sentence to be converted into life imprisonment and sent it to the Delhi Government for approval. The Delhi govt. has not replied yet. In Assam, the security forces were directed to abandon anti ULFA operations to create a congenial atmosphere for peace talks. This was taken advantage of by ULFA who regrouped themselves and became stronger. The success of the Maoists in Nepal has encouraged the Naxalites in Bharat that they can also be successful. A central leader of the CPM had gone to meet the terrorist leader Prachanda in Nepal.


There is an adage in Hindi which means those who deserve thrashing can not be brought to reason by mere talking. The weak-kneed policy of the Central Govt. has only emboldened the demonic forces. European countries like France, England etc. have enacted tough laws to deal with the terrorists but our Government, running with the external support of the Communists has repealed the POTA regulation, with the result that terrorism is raising its head again. Recently in Ludhiana there was an explosion killing 6 and injuring 30 in a theatre where large number of labourers from Bihar had gathered to witness a picture in their own Bhojpuri language. The hand of Khalistanis is being suspected. Before that on 1st September, a powerful bomb exploded in the vegetable market in Guwahati by the ULFA terrorists. The toll was 2 killed and 20 injured.


Not that only Hindus are being targeted. On 11th October a bomb exploded in Ajmer Sharief after Roja Iftar killing 2 and injuring 20. Before that also Samjhouta Express and the Mosques in Malegaon, Hyderabad and Aurangabad were targeted and , those who were killed and injured were Muslims only. And recently on 17th October the traders who received parcels as presents were also Muslims. Outwardly they appeared to be CD-players but inside them were 36 detonators that had the capacity to cause immense damage within a radius of 200 meters. This only proves the terrorists whether Hindus, Muslims or Christian or those who claim to be followers of Sikh Gurus, are bereft of any religious values. Scores of examples can be quoted but the question is whether the Government is at all serious in takling the terrorists. If so, then they should enact tough laws without loss of time.


There is one mere problem and that is appeasement of the so called minorities. At the out set we should realise that to call Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and Sikhs of our country as minorities is nothing but an extension of the British policy of ‘divide and rule’. Minorities are those who were uprooted in their own countries and took refuge in this country, and, because they did not have any roots in this country, they might need certain rights to protect their identity. That way, only the Jews and the Parsees may be called minorities who came to Bharat two thousand and one thousand years ago from Israel and Iran respectively. But when during the drafting of our constitution a proposal was placed before them that because their number was so small that on their own they could not get elected to either the Central or the State legislatures, therefore, some seats could be reserved for them to be filled by nomination. The leaders of both the communities flatly refused and said they did not need any reservations and that they were quite happy with the national society. In no other country did we get such a considerate treatment as we got here. And we see that they did not suffer any disability what so ever. Our two Generals, Gen. Jacob and Gen. Manikshaw, one a Jew and the other a Parsee, brought victory to our country during wars. Who can forget the role played by Dadabhai Navaroji and Madame Cama during our freedom struggle or the contribution of Jamasedji Nasarvan Tata in the industrial field?


This being the situation, how can the statement of o

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