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14th February is known as ‘Valentines Day’ in some countries. On this day, both male and female youngsters exchange flowers and gifts as a token of love. Does real love require this superficial display and can it be confined to just one day? It is the western custom to put parents in old age homes and then celebrate flashy Mother’s Day and Father’s Day love which is put on display for just one day! Now this madness is taking root in our beloved Bharat, which has the richest and most sublime culture in the world.

Is love only limited to physical attraction? Love is present in sacred relationships such as the Guru and the disciple, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers and even towards one’s motherland. If young revolutionaries, such as Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev, Madan Lal Dhingra and Chapekar who sacrificed their lives in their youth, had spent their days celebrating days such as Valentine’s days then we would never be able to enjoy freedom today. What pain their souls must be suffering in seeing their dreams being shattered in this way !

Shivaji Maharaj took the vow of establishing Hindavi Swarajya at a tender age of sixteen and went on to unite the Mawala youth of his age and thus sowed the seeds of Swarajya (self governance) and pride in Dharma. Why don’t we look at these great people as our ideal? Do you really think that the so called ‘Saint Valentine’ who directs the youth towards the wrong path of allurement of woman is superior to the above mentioned Great men?

It is said that love can conquer the world; then why couldn’t we win Kashmir with love? If the love of ‘Valentine’ is so powerful then why can’t his love change the hearts of terrorists creating havoc in Kashmir and killing innumerable innocent brethren of ours in rest of Hindustan? In today’s times when 10 young terrorists from Pakistan attack our country with an intention to destroy it, why should our young generation in contrast get trapped in the celebration of ‘Valentine Day’? Therefore this is a call to harness the power of our youth to turn them towards the defence of the Nation and Dharma…

The History of Christian ‘Saint (?) Valentine’

In the olden days Rome had the culture of Idol-worship. In those days, the period between February 13 to 15, used to be celebrated as the ‘Reproduction Festival’ and was called ‘Lupercalia’. However to destroy their culture of idol worship and their Christianisation, Pope Galasis (First) connected Valentine with 14th February and started the practice of celebrating ‘Valentine Day’. There was no connection between ‘Valentine Day’ and ‘Love’ until the fourteenth century.

Similarly according to some, in third century the King Claudius (Second) of Rome took out the order that the young men should not marry and should join the army to face the repeated attacks occurring on the nation. However a priest named Valentine did not pay heed to this order and performed marriages of many young men and women secretly. He was sentenced to death and was sent to prison for his traitorous act. This ‘so-called saint’ then seduced the young daughter of a prison official while being in prison. Thus this Valentine who was supposed to have sacrificed all attachment while being initiated as a missionary fell prey to allurement. What benefit are Hindus going to derive by remembering such ‘Saints’?

‘Valentine Day’ confers no spiritual benefit !

Most of the ‘days’ which have arisen out of a blind following of western culture are mostly based on a ‘fun and frolic’ philosophy. Following it devalues the morality and politeness, and the attitude of the person becomes predominant in raja-tama attributes (raja-passion, tama-inertia and ignorance). As against this, when we celebrate rituals, festivals, religious festivals and observed religious vows, we are benefitted by the frequencies of Deities transmitted from the Universe. The observance of rituals, festivals, religious festivals and observed religious vows makes our attitude predominant in sattva (purity and knowledge) and life becomes balanced, happy and contented.

Taking advantage of the ‘suicidal attitude’ of Hindus to celebrate ‘Valentine Day’ (the so called day of ‘love’), modern media and some companies selling greeting-cards vigorously propagate ‘Valentine’s Day’ with a selfish motive. In this way, the intellectual and cultural conversion of Hindus is taking place.

Let us remove this infestation of Hindu Culture in the form of ‘Valentines Day’ and protect the coming generations from a cultural viewpoint!

Remember the National Heroes for the protection of Nation and Dharma!

The time has come when all the people including the young generation have to be explained about the depth in the divine meaning of Love in addition to educating them about ‘Valentine Day’. It is the need of the hour that those national heroes who have sacrificed so much for the love of this Hindu land ought to be remembered not only for the benefit of the young generation but also for the whole population to get ready for the protection of our languages, our Nation and our Dharma. Therefore do celebrate the following programmes in February/March 2012 !

1. Revolutionary Vasudev Balwant Phadke Remembrance Day (17th February)
2. Swatantryaveer V.D.Sawarkar Rememberance Day -(26th February)
3. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti (10th March, according to tithi)
On these occasions we can arrange lectures in schools, colleges and educate the people about the current state of our languages, our Nation and our Dharma.

What is the harm in celebrating ‘Valentine day’ ?

1. There is no scientific or cultural basis to celebrating this day.
2. Valentine the ‘so-called saint’ himself was involved in the anti-national acts during his time, then how one can get any benefit by celebrating this day in his name ?
3. On this day young girls and boys come together at pubs, sea shores, hotels, colleges etc and indulge in indecent acts. A common person finds it difficult to even go around such places at this time. Some organisations organize such programs where the young boys and girls can stay together.
4. The young students of schools and colleges are falling prey to this alien cultural influence and
express their ‘love’ for each other by way of exchanging greeting cards. In reality what they experience at this tender and immature age is not love but a mere superficial attraction to the opposite sex.
5. Psychiatrists can site several cases of people who have ‘proposed’ on ‘Valentine’s day’ due to various shades of mental turmoil. Women who have been duped or lured by them and have married them have had to suffer great mental and physical torture.
6. This practice is damaging as it results in a long lasting negative effect on any youth’s career and also on society.
7. The seeds of immorality which are planted on this day, later cause the destabilization of society through a general fall in morality.
8. We can recognize a direct attack from an enemy outside but this cultural invasion is insidious and very difficult to recognize and so it is difficult to defend ourselves from its evil results.
9. Cultural derailment always results in society heading towards destruction. This is what we are experiencing today in our Bharat (India).
10. Many western countries do not celebrate this day. The Calendar of Roman Catholic Saints’ was prepared in 1969, ‘Valentines Day’ was omitted from the general Roman calendar. If this is so, then why should we honour this day in our Hindustan?
11. Western culture provides for placing parents in ‘old age homes’ and then superficially celebrates Mother’s Day’ and Father’s Day’ for just one day ! Can real love be limited to just a day ? Indian culture has a number of festivals that express love towards each other and these deep rooted bonds of love are an intrinsic part of our lifestyle.

‘Valentine Day’ (14th February) is not  celebrated in many of the western countries!

To celebrate various ‘days’ of the westerners is a sign of greatness for most Hindus. However it is a fact that in many western countries ‘Valentine’s Day’ is not celebrated. Instead, various other days are celebrated. (For example 1. ‘Slovenia’ – 12th March – Saint Gregory Day, 2. Wales State -25th January – Saint Donwen Day, 3. Brazil – 12th June – Enamoured Day). What is more, when the ‘Calendar of Roman Catholic Saints’ was prepared in 1969, ‘Valentine Day’ was omitted from the general Roman calendar. If this is so why then should we value this day in our Hindustan?

A call to Citizens for Protection of Culture!

* Meet Principals, Professors, the Board of Directors and Representatives of Students’ organizations by going to Schools, Colleges and Private tuitions and request them to educate the youth against the observation of ‘Valentine’s Day’ !
* Distribute pamphlets to prevent the celebration of ‘Valentine’s Day’ !
* Display the banners or boards in your area with such contents !
* Lodge protests with those companies manufacturing greeting cards meant for canvassing ‘Valentine Day’!
* Lodge protests with such colleges who silently give consent for celebrating ‘Valentine’s Day’ by
way of actual visits, telephone calls or other constitutional ways !

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