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via Synonymous published on April 1, 2010

Not very long ago, all Indian Prime Ministers (PM) were from Uttar Pradesh (UP) and UPPM was a common abbreviation in Indian politics. Though the acronym UPPM is still relevant in Delhi its meaning has changed. From being the most educationally accomplished PM in the democratic world, Dr. Manmohan Sigh has degenerated into the only Unelected Puppet Prime Minister in the entire world, and that too in the world’s largest democracy. With the reinstatement of Sonia as the chairperson of the National Advisory Committee last week, the Congress puppetry has reached its climax. UPA is one of the biggest jokes in the democratic world. UPPM’s heart surgery was ‘planned’ well in time for avoiding his contest in the last general elections so that he remains unelected forever. That is exactly what Sonia and her masters wanted.

It is very easy to predict the game plan of Congress in the next four years. In the coming one or two years’ time, the UPPM Sardarji will be forced into piloting all the controversial bills and taking all unpopular decisions. Ultimately the entire blame will be put on him (and his team) and thrown into the dustbin of Indian history as someone who sold Indian interests to USA and started reservations on religious basis. Simultaneously the queen and crown prince will play the double game of appearing to run with UPPM but hunting for their masters in Vatican. Congress party is once again infested with sycophants like in Indira era, but little do they realize the vital difference that Indira was essentially Indian and Sonia is a mere tool of Vatican mafia whose agenda is completely against Indian interests. It is a shame that street smart Congressmen like Chidambaram, Sibal, Tiwari, Singhvi etc., have becoming easy and foolish victims of the international conspiracy against India.

The new warfront opened by Congress against the Bachans was also expected. Sonia has triggered firing through her Congress monkeys after Supreme Court has dismissed the last PIL case in the Bofors case.  Quotrrochi was nothing but a front man of the Sonia family and their identical game plan of taking the money and putting the blame on Ajitab Bachan had failed due to the timely intervention of Amitab who was close to Rajiv (remember LTTE and its close Christian links). Now that the Bofors ghost is buried for ever, she will go to any extend to cook the Bachan goose.

The only role of UPPM from now onwards will be to keep the Delhi throne warm for the eventual take over by a half-Indian PM whose nationalism and patriotism will also be half.

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