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“Bull-shit” also a medicine


Sri Ramachndrapur mutt, April 26– An optimist look of “Bull-shit” as a fertilizer or money spinning initiative , concluded dr.D.Jayarama Bhat, the international authority on fungi, at the world cow conference here Thursday.
Presenting his paper, co-authored by Prf. B. Harishchandra Bhat, explained the medicinal value of cow dung fungi hich has immense potentiality in health care and medicine. In the paper titled `an unexplored bioresource of medicine and nutrient producing fungi’ in the Gou Vichar Manthana Ghosti(seminar on Cow) he opined that multinational dollar earning medicines have already been brought to market by U.S. based Pharmaceuticals while in India the source of bos Indians- the oiginalcow species is yet to catilize on them.

The copogen content of the dung of Indian breed cows is congenial to the growth of about 350 varieties of coprophilous fungi hich produces various biochemicals useful in treating several dreadful diseases. For example tolyplocladium inflatum, a coprophilus fungus produces cyclosprins the immune suppressers being used during organ transplantations.
Podospora dcipiens produces podosporin an anti fungal antibiotics. Similarly, sporormia pleiospora has the zaragosic acid, an anti cholesterol and anti ageing drug.
Dr. Bhat opond that it is high time Indian drug industry takes to R & D in this regard.

Milk is a complete food


Ramachandrapur Math, April. 26– There is no comparison for milk. It is a complete food comprising all essential nutrients, well known doctor Dr. K P Puttaraya has said.
Delivering a speech on the subject cow-health-life here on Thursday he said, milk contains 4.5 per cent nutrients, 3.4 per cent protein and 3.5 per cent fat along with essential minerals, calcium, colestral. Totally, milk is a complete food.
According to ancient epic, cow dung is a habitat of goddess Larksome. Besides, cow dung has a scientific importance, he added.
Cow dung acts as an anti-bacteria and anti-fungus as well as pain killer and medicine for skin ailments. Pure ash prepared from cow dung would be a good medicine for preventing skin problem caused by sunrays, he added.
Ghee could enhance memory power and life span. It could also used as cosmetics, he said.


Cow’s urine is a great medicine

Ramachandrapur Math, April. 26- Cow’s urine is a great medicine and could be used for treating so many ailments, said Dr. N B Shridhar, assistant professor in veterinary university, Hebbal, Bangalore.
Delivering a speech on the subject cow-health-life here on Thursday he said, urine contains 95 per cent water, 2.5 per cent urea, hormones, salt and minerals among them. Medicinal hormone originates at the liver and some poisonous materials which were naturally consumed by cow would discard through urine, he added.

Urine has medicinal values and it was described as a great medicine in Ayurvedic books. It acts as an anti-bacteria and anti-fungus as well as pain killer and medicine for skin ailments. It has a capacity to cure various diseases like anemia, stroke, headache, stomach ache, diabetics, heart related problems, and it could control cancer. Its regular usage could enhance the concentration power among human being, he added.


It plays a great role in farming. It could be used as an insecticide. CSIR got a patent on urine’s medicinal value from America patent office, he added.
Research could reveal more facts about the medicinal values of the cow’s urine, he said.

Cow slaughter continuing even in Gujarath: Singhal


Ramachandrapur Math, April. 26– Cow slaughter continuing uninterruptedly even in Gujarath where the State government has banned it by enacting law, VHP International executive president Ashok Singhal has lamented.
Delivering cow protection message at the ‘Rushiraja’ convention here on Thursday he said, cow slaughter could not be prevented only by enacting law. In Gujarath cow slaughter continuing uninterruptedly where the State government banned it by enacting strict law. Cow meat being transported illegally to
Bangladesh through the border. Even in Karnataka, cow meat being transported to Kerala illegally, he criticised and urged the governments to implement strict law to prevent cow slaughter in their States.

India being culturally exploited even today. There was an attempt to destroy Rama Sethu Bandha on Ramanavami. Ganga river water being over polluted, he lamented.
Vishwa Hindu Parishat has taken an action plan to protect cows from beginning itself. Now seers like Puri Shankaracharya, Raghaveshwar Bharathi Swamiji joined hands with the work. But, it should be a collective one, he said and urged Raghaveshwar Bharathi Swamiji to lead the campaign for the same.
Construction of Rama temple at Ayodhya becoming delay due to communal thinking, he accused.


Speaking on the occasion Bihar Deputy Chief-Minister Susheel Kumar Shinde said, Indian culture was getting rich by Rama, Krishna, rivers and cows and India could not be depicted without all these, he added.
While lauding the swamiji for organising this mega conference he said, an action plan would be prepared for the protection of cows in Bihar on the lines of Karnataka and ‘Goshalas’ would be rejuvenate there, he added and requested Raghaveshwar Bharathi Swamiji to open Math’s branch in Bihar.

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