UPA’S Record on ‘SNUBS’ from courts-A dubious distinction

via B.R.HARAN published on October 16, 2006


The Congress led UPA, which can otherwise be named as Useless Pathetic Alliance, is a post-election combination of power greedy, opportunistic & pseudo secularist politicians joining together with a sole aim of keeping BJP out of power & governance. In fact, this only objective is the reason for the outside support given by the Left front and this objective can be termed as the “life line” of the UPA government. If the formation of the cabinet & the allotment of ministries were amusing, the formulation of the so-called CMP (Common Minimum Program) was a big joke. In this kind of a scenario, what sort of governance can the people expect from this unholy alliance?


The UPA government, led by the Congress party, which has been tasting power after a long gap of 8 years & four general elections, has been indulging in abuse of law & subversion of constitution, in order to achieve its dubious goals. In the process, it has earned the wrath of the Courts of law along with regular snubbing, apart from getting a bad name from the general public. 




The Congress party after coming to power in the centre, wanted to dislodge the NDA led state governments with an aim of usurping power in all those states by dubious means. As a first step, it removed all the Governors appointed by the NDA government and replaced with its own ‘chamchas’ for the facilitation of creating problems to the NDA ruled states. The centre made the Governors to misuse their powers and brought down the governments of Goa & Jarkhand apart from instructing Buta Singh to spoil the attempts of NDA to form a government in Bihar. When the NDA approached the courts for justice in all the three cases, the UPA was indicted & snubbed by the respective High Courts for subversion of constitution. But, the UPA did not bother & exhibited its arrogance by allowing Buta Singh to hoist the national flag during the Republic Day parade and even now, just two months back, utilized the greed & vulnerability of the ‘independents’ to get back to power in Jarkhand.




The Congress ruled Andhra Pradesh government pronounced in the state assembly that it would bring in 5% reservation for Muslims in education & employment and attempted to enforce the law, knowing well that it is against the constitution. The High court of AP ruled against the AP government and thwarted its attempt to appease the Muslims. Despite this judgment, the DMK led Tamil Nadu government is trying to cheat the people by passing a resolution for reservations for minorities.


The UPA government made another dangerous attempt to accord citizenship to the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh by amending the IMDT act in Assam, which was again struck down by the SC. The Central government, in yet another attempt of minority appeasement, tried to give minority status to the Aligarh Muslim University, which was nullified by the Court of Law after indicting the government for subversion of constitution. The central government again attempted to appease the minority by constituting the Sachar Committee to look in to the ways & means of developing & empowering the Minorities (read Muslims). When the Sachar committee attempted for a Muslim head count in the armed forces, the whole nation aroused with anger, which made the government to stop the process.  Otherwise it would have got snubbed again by the Court of law.




The CBI, which is functioning as a stooge of UPA was snubbed by the Court for facilitating, as per the instruction of Sonia, the escape of the Italian Fugitive with the Bofors booty. The UPA government stood shamelessly when it was severely indicted by the Court for the Office of Profit Bill and the chair person of the UPA, Madam Sonia, resorted to enact another resignation drama, which was ridiculed by the entire nation. The Health Minister Ramadoss for his part is also repeatedly getting snubbed by the Delhi High Court for his adventures in AIIMS against its Director Venugopal. The other criminals & corrupts like Sibu Soren & Lalu Prasad are regularly getting their dues from the respective courts for their remarkable service to the people.


The Supreme Court again snubbed the report given by the group of three ministers on the rehabilitation process of Madhya Pradesh & Gujarat governments with regards to the Sardar Sarovar Project. The Gujarat High Court again has severely indicted the UPA government for constituting the U.C.Bannerjee committee for investigating the Godhra carnage and ruled it as illegal, unconstitutional & null & void. Last & the latest are the objections raised by the Supreme Court against the policy of 27% reservation for OBCs in higher education. It has asked the government to explain the basis on which it has formulated the 27% reservations and how it has arrived at the so-called OBC figures. It has also asked the government to submit the Moily committee’s report on reservations.


One needs an extremely good memory to recollect all the snubbing & indictments received by the UPA governments (both central & state) from the Courts of Law, to arrive at the exact number. I am sure that I would have missed a few and I am also sure that the UPA government has earned the dubious distinction of getting snubbed by the Judiciary a record number of times in the history of Independent India. It is also not possible for this government to break its own record, because, it can never come back to power.   

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