UPA2 -100 Days of Honeymoon

via Rammohan Varier published on September 12, 2009

Now it is finally over. 100 days of Honeymoon.

Dr. Manmohan Singh had declared the winners as Mr. Kapil Sibal as Gold medalist and Mr. Jairam Ramesh as silver medalist. Rest may all have average and we know the total flops like Mr. Murali Deora, Mr P. Chidambaram, Mr. Veerappa Moily, Mr. SM. Krishna and Mr. Shashi Tharoor will not get any mention in his comments as their probation will be further extended.

Now let us look the credentials of their achievements:

Kapil Sibal was very humble in his interview when Ms. Barkha Dutt tried to quote from Dr. Singh a word of praise. Mr. Kapil Sibal had written poetry too to cheer up the children with his visionary or revolutionary reform and the full bloom of expression was very visible in those beautiful dimples of Barkha Dutt too. Two major achievements (revolutionary) told were the passing of Right of Education Act and Grade system in 10th Standard board examinations.

The actual ground reality is an Act by itself will not guarantee any education. It is like an Act to eliminate corruption, Act to eliminate poverty, Act for Universal free medical facility, Act to provide free food etc etc.. The question in my mind is was this is any reason for any one in free India not getting education. It was not. If someone want to study and had the resources to do it, they could have had studied. Yes there were shortages to schools, shortages for resources and also no schools near for many children too. Primary as well as secondary education was free even before Mr. Kapil Sibal reached this Eureka moment. By a Bill passed in Parliament and signed by honorable President will not change anything. So where is the meat in the burger? There is none.

Now this bill will be send to the States which is not getting any further funds for education and the lawyer in Sibal will point out so much trash on the state education ministers for non implementation.

The next big thing is the grade system. This is definitely a western system and so far we were telling the great merits of Indian education system of percentages and now we want to switch to something we ourselves declared not suitable for us. The funniest part of the grade system is the student record also will have the percentage of marks in it too. So if I am selecting a few students for higher education course and for 10 seats there are 20 students apply of the same grade, what shall be my criterion? I will look at the percentage to select or eliminate 10 from that twenty. So finally the deciding factor comes exactly where we are now. If the selectors look only the grades and make a choice, we know very well what will be next criterion. The money, caste or political influence not necessarily in that order. Unless these issues are not eliminated, is there any benefit for anyone.

I don’t think there is any revolution or big vision from the last term of the UPA but only a new hype. It can be very well checked with the previous HRD minister Mr. Arjun Singh too. I do not know why he was never invited for any of the panel discussions so far. Are they suggesting he was a total flop like our previous HM, Shivaraj Patil.

So this will be my suggestion to the students studying for the board exam this year. Enjoy the Kapil Sibal’s poetry if it helps to reduce the so called tension, but study well get good marks because there won’t be anyone except your score cards at the end. Have a little tension before the examination, instead of before the next level admission. Otherwise be prepared to go behind the local politician for help to get admitted to the course or college you would like to study. If any of the cheering parents already got tension free from board examinations, keep enough money to pay as capitation fee or for greasing the palm of the local politician.

On a lighter note, Mr. Kapil Sibal seems to have gained lot of weight in recent months and it is showing in his body like our former HRD minister. May be due to this high revolutionary thinking. He should immediately join the Sashi Throor’s 5 star gymnasium to trim down that flab’s. He also said the poem was written in 15 minutes. If that is true he should be the best poet in the cabinet, otherwise he may be the best lawyer (they are born to lie)

I was thinking so far that fear of failure brings the best out of anyone and needs discipline and may stress you at times too. That was one of the reasons someone succeeds and not by freebies offered by politicians.

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