UPA conspiracy behind Malegaon blast!

published on September 30, 2006

The Author is a Joint Secretary Rank Officer in Government of India.


As a responsible citizen I feel it my utmost duty to reveal an unimaginably ghastly attempt of UPA government to mislead the people of India over the matter of terrorism. I am referring to Malegaon Bomb Blast Case.

We know it so very well as to how shamefully the UPA regime has been pursuing the minority appeasement policy. It has almost surrendered to jehadis. Such a brazen and shameless minoritism was raising several eyebrows even among some of the traditional UPA supporters. A Hindu backlash has been a foregone conclusion.

After the Blasts at Delhi, Varanasi and Mumbai; the UPA government was under tremendous pressure to take some stern and tough measures against terrorists and their supporters (among Muslim community, of course). But no section of UPA is willing to take such measures, for their “Vote Bank” consideration. Due to this brazen inaction of UPA government (i.e. the soft-approach towards terrorists and their supporters), the average Hindu, particularly the educated ones, have become very angry with them.

The situation has reached to such an extent that even the most die-hard supporters of UPA government—the “secularists” of the English-electronic media (ToI, H.T., NDTV, CNN-IBN etc.)—are finding it increasingly difficult to hush-up (if you are not a downright idiot, you must have noticed/sensed this suicidal tendency of our own media, i.e. hushing-up or even justifying the incidents of mass killing of Hindus by Muslims on one pretext or other) the incidents of such mass killings of Hindus.

Under tremendous pressure to do something about such incidents, the UPA government has orchestrated this Bomb Blast with the following “secular” objectives in their mind:-

Primarily, they want to make it appear as if this blast has been carried out by Muslim jehadi organisations (you see, how instantly the Home Minister Mr. Shivraj Patil accepted and termed it as terrorist strike; in total contrast to how dilly-dallying approach he usually takes when Hindus are attacked).


One may wonder as to what the UPA Government stands to achieve from this? In UPA’s scheme of things, the foremost priority has been to mollify the Hindus’ anger towards Muslims—whenever such attacks take place on Hindus. Now hold your breath, they are not doing this because of any noble motives of shielding the Muslims from Hindus’ wrath (as no such danger exist) neither because they love Muslims. It is all because of the fact that they think that the Hindus’ anger and distrust (towards Muslims) will lead to a massive Hindu Polarization towards BJP/RSS.


They think that after this blast at Malegaon the future (inevitable) attacks on Hindus and their places of worship may get secularized!! Believe me, after this incident of Malegaon, the lunatics in UPA think that from now onwards if there is any attack on Hindus and their sacred places the Hindus may be fooled and insinuated into thinking that the terrorists ( i.e. Muslim Jehadi organisations) not only attack the Hindus and their places of worship but Muslims and their places of worship as well (that is why the blasts were engineered just outside a Mosque, that too during the Friday prayers, and a Muslim burial site). These utter lunatics think that when Hindus see Muslim Jehadis attacking the Muslims itself, the average Hindus may not get that angry when they and their places of worship are attacked by Muslim Jehadis! The crux of the matter is that “lunatic seculars” in UPA want to make average Hindus believe that terrorist treat Hindus and Muslims alike, and attack on Hindus is not any specifically Muslim Jehadi deed; rather something of a regular (although severe) criminal deed!! They think that if Hindus are fooled into such thinking their polarization towards BJP/RSS can be checked!!

The second objective of this engineered attack is to malign and slander the terrorists among the Muslims; to make average Muslim believe that Jehadi terrorists are not their friends either.They hope that after such incidents many Muslims will become the hostile to terrorist organisations and will become the informer about the terrorists’ activities. Although, to keep Muslim masses away from terrorist organisations is a noble cause; but even to think of such steps to achieve this goal in not only criminal but a ridiculous and foolhardy approach as well. In fact, it is utterly stupid even to think that such buffoonery tactics will wean away the Muslims from jehadi organisations. Muslims know it too well that under no circumstances whatsoever (unless there is Shia-Sunni kind of problem); no jehadi organisation will ever attempt to do such a thing—killing the fellow Muslims without any reason. Even if the Blasts were done by Muslims (although, it has been not) and even if Muslim clerics knew of this; they will never openly admit it. I predict that despite the lack of any evidence, they will blame either the Hindu organisations or the security forces for this.

Now I would tell some other details that I know about it. What I certainly know about the blasts is that it has been orchestrated by the MOST POWERFUL PEOPLE of UPA regime. I know it for sure that the Prime Minister, the Defence Minister and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi knew about it beforehand (remember the prophetic warning of P.M. in chief Ministers’ conference—I think it was perhaps a slip of tongue) However, I am not so sure about the Home Minister; he is probably not into it (though I am not sure). But the master minds behind this are Mr. Sitaram Yechury & a Secretary Rank Officer of Government of India. This man—the secretary (I don’t want to name him for my own security concerns, however I must give some hints as to who he is)—is known to be very close to Communist Leaders and it was the communist leaders who foisted him to his present post in such a ministry that is very crucial in communists’ scheme of things.

How this conspiracy was hatched? It was the Jama Masjid Blasts that gave birth to this conspiracy. Who was behind the Jama Masjid Blasts? Though, I am not certain about it but—being a top ranked government official—I know some innermost information about this. Some police officials had apprehended Imam Bukhari behind this! Why Bukhari did this? He wanted to organise a protest rally in favour of that Phoolpur Mufti who was behind the Varanasi Blasts. He wanted a pretext for such rally. After the Blasts he even organised that rally in favour of Phoolpur Mufti. The Bukhari wanted to create the impression that same set of people were behind both the Blasts—the Varanasi as well as Jama Masjid Blasts. For what reasons; However, to ensure that no one is killed in the Blasts (if the people were killed the matter would have snowballed), a very low intensity bomb (probably a fire cracker with wires and crude detonators wrapped around it—as was apprehended by the police) was used. Some police officers wanted to carry the investigation on this line but they were soon browbeaten by the UPA government and the matter was hushed up. Even several media people too know of this. To suppress the matter, as usual, the ISI and Lashker were blamed for it.

However the secularists in media—even though many of them knew that ISI and Lashker had no role into this—used this incident to convince the Muslims that jihadis (ISI, Lashker, Jaish etc.) are as much of their enemies as of Hindus’. Noble though, the aim is but approach is foolish. The fight against the terrorism cannot be fought with such weak-kneed people as secularists are. Instead of facing the problem in a frank way, they want to wish away the very menace of terrorism. Since I am not in a mood to lecture the secularists, therefore I won’t say much about this.

But it was this approach taken by media on Jama Masjid Blasts that got Mr. Secretary to think of such move. Initially, as I came to know of it, he proposed such idea before communist leaders in a lighter and non-serious way. But Mr. Yechury got immensely impressed by this idea and suggested such a move to Congress Top Brass through a NON-POLITICAL Christian Leader from Kerala. Since I am not 100% sure as to whether this leader was really involved into conspiracy I won’t reveal his name; however, as soon as I become sure of his involvement, I will reveal his name.

After weighing the pros and cons of the matter, the Congress leadership ultimately agreed to it. However some differences emerged within the UPA; whereas the congress wanted to frame Jehadi outfits for this, the communists wanted to implicate some Hindu organisations for this. What ultimately was decided, I don’t know. However I was stunned to see that whereas newspapers and T.V. channels, close to Congress, were blaming the Jehadis; a Newspaper considered very close to leftist lost no time in blaming Hindu organisations for this!! It seems that matter remained unresolved (regarding who should be framed for Bombings) till last and has been left open for any type of interpretation by interested parties

UPA has been expecting imminent attack on Hindus during festival season of Dashehra, Durga-Pooja and Deepawali and due to this they had been under considerable pressure. But after perpetrating this Blast they are quite relieved! After the Blasts the conspirators were in a joyous mood and Mr. Secretary termed it as a MASTERSTROKE; as in his opinion, this has achieved two goals simultaneously (1) Blunting RSS/BJP criticism of UPA over attack of Jehadis on Hindus and (2) Getting some informers from among the Muslim community.

You must note it in advance—future attacks of Hindus are going to be hushed up under these arguments by media and UPA regime:–

The Standard Congress line will be–“you see, they attack Muslims too”.

The Standard Leftists Line will be—”you see, Hindus are also attacking Muslims”.

The ultimate aim of this is to leave Hindus confused and to check their possible polarization towards RSS/BJP. Such is the thinking of the people who are in-charge of running this nation!

Who carried out the bombings? As far as I know, no official machinery has been used to carry out the bombing. I have been informed that sections of Nepali Maoist Cadre and/or CPM Cadre were actively involved into this.

How dramatized and well orchestrated the whole incident is, can be gauged by following events:-

How a news channel’s camera team immediately rushed to the spot?
How that particular leftist newspaper (referred above) knew it in advance that no one will be caught for this?

To give the incident a dramatic turn an unmanned jeep with huge explosive materials was planted and rumours were created that Blasts were aimed at diverting the police attention for safely smuggling the explosive materials. Only a die hard fool will believe this. Even the common man knows that after such incidents the police become far more active; those who want to smuggle the arms etc. would prefer normal incident free days for this rather than high alert days. But you see how foolish the media is—how seriously they took this propaganda for truth.

However many foolish people may get impressed with such an idea but in all, it is nothing but a criminal act. I am absolutely sure that this bombing is aimed more at confusing the Hindus than on weaning the Muslims away from terrorist organisations. Even if it is aimed at later, buffoonery apart, it is an unthinkably criminal way to achieve this aim. What is needed is tough and stern measures against Jehadi Muslim Leaders (Bukhari, Madani, etc.) and Organisations (Madarsas and other seminaries, particularly the Deobandi and Ahle-Hadisi ones) rather than killing the innocent Muslim Civilians . I guarantee that such moves to fight terrorism and create Muslim informers will certainly fail. However it may end-up confusing the Hindus and may serve as a justification for future killing of Hindus.

Due to my personal security reasons I can come into open only when this wretched bunch of criminals—the UPA Government—goes out of power. However I plead every right thinking citizen of India—Hindu and Muslim alike—to send this mail to as may people as possible. I want this fact to come into open.

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