(Un)wisecracks of the Apologetic Order!

via HARAN.B.R published on July 8, 2007

Our honourable Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had spoken to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on the ‘UK Terror Plot’ and later on he had also met some of the women journalists over a high-tea session. It was heartening to note that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has assured his British counterpart of help & support in the probing of the UK terror plot, unlike his Pakistani counterpart, who has never ever cooperated with us. After speaking with British PM, he had spoken with the journalists and made some unique statements.

 He had cautioned against dubbing any body or any country as terrorist and he had also felt that labeling a community, as terrorist is wrong, which would not help to understand the situation. He had also said that, a terrorist is a terrorist and he has no religion or community. It is nice to make & hear such statements in general, but when we have to deal with individuals under specific conditions, we will have to identify those individuals through Nationality & religion, which alone would help us to understand the situation, especially when a person indulges in such a heinous act in the name of his religion.

The whole world knows that the Muslims alone are indulging in Terrorist activities, that too in the name of their God, which they themselves call as ‘Jihad’. More over, once the accused persons’ names are out through investigations, it becomes evident that they are Muslims. In this particular case (UK terror plot), neither the British administration nor the media have dubbed all Indians as terrorists or all Muslims as terrorists. It is quite normal to identify both the perpetrators & the victims by their Nationality or Religion or profession. It is like, for example, A German tourist was raped by Orissa DGP’s son” or An American pedophile, a practicing Jewish Rabbi, is arrested in Mahabalipuram”, etc and similarly the UK police have just identified the concerned individuals as Muslims Doctors of Indian origin and reported the same. One wonders why the PM is jumping in to conclusions as if all Indians are labeled as terrorists!

 In urgency & anxiety he has stated that, “Let us not brand Indians & Pakistanis as terrorists”. One wonders why he should bat for Pakistan, when it is a known fact that Pakistan aids & abets terrorist activities worldwide! Only a few days back our Home Minister batted for Pakistan by saying that we should not always blame our neighbour for infiltration of terrorists! If not Pakistan, then who else is helping the terrorists to infiltrate, our own soldiers?

The PM has also stated that, we should not fix labels like Muslims or non-Muslims. But, who else is indulging in such acts? He has forgotten his own statement, which he made while flying to Havana for that (in)famous hand-shake with Musharaff, that, “the role of ‘Hindu’ fundamentalists cannot be ruled out”, when his attention was drawn to Malegon Mosque blasts. Was it right on his part to use the term “Hindu” then? He has ‘naturally’ felt sad for the Mothers & sisters of the accused persons and said that it was heart rending to see them on television and that he could not sleep that night. If he can feel for the kin & kith of ‘perpetrators’, why he has not felt for the kin & kith of ‘victims’ in the past? How many times he had come out with such statements in the past for the sake of victims, who have perished under the terrorist actions? Who can forget his famous statement of addressing the ‘perpetrator’ Pakistan as a ‘victim’ of terrorism after the Havana dialogue?

In the meantime, one of the accused Kafeel Ahmed, in his last conversation with his family has claimed that he was working on a large scale confidential project (suspected by the UK police as the concerned terror plot) apparently on Global warming. He has also told his family that an earlier presentation had failed ( UK police suspect the foiled car bomb attack) and requested them to pray for him. As the family of the accused requested the PM for support through the TV channels, one may think that the PM, moved by their plight, might pray for the accused also! 

He has also said that he, as a Sikh, understands the trauma of being labeled. But, the Sikhs as a community were never labeled and only those Sikhs who indulged in anti-social & anti-national activities were termed as ‘extremists’ but not terrorists. The word ‘terrorist’ may be owned by one & only community and even then the community as such is not labeled but only those who indulge in terror acts, as confirmed by the famous statement “All Muslims are not terrorists, but unfortunately all terrorists are Muslims”. 

It would be better and augur well for the Prime Minister to face the facts as they are instead of running & rushing for the defense of one particular community, which is most unbecoming for his post & stature. 

Last but not the least, some lighter moments at the above-said press meet. The Prime Minister had claimed ignorance on two things. First he had said that he was unaware of the docking of the American nuclear ship USS Nimitz in Chennai coast and second, he has said that he was not even aware of the schedule of the Vice-Presidential elections. It seems his colleagues are not keeping him informed of even important things and that they have scant regards for the post of Prime Minister.

 When compared with this sort of disrespect shown by his colleagues, opposition leader Adwani’s terming him as’weak’ Prime Minister sounds as just an opinion conveyed and not a personal comment. But the Prime Minister has taken Adwani’s comment personally and said that such comment is not healthy for democracy. But has he proved his authority as a Prime Minister? Has he acted on any one occasion without the orders or consent of his Party President? Unfortunately the last three years of track record has not shown him in full & complete authority even once.If one watches his body language in the presence of his Italian Boss, one can understand how ‘authoritative’ & ‘strong’ he is!

 His final comment on Presidential Election: “I think we have made the right choice”. Is this choice ‘healthy’ for our democracy? The Prime minister owes an answer to the Nation.





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