Two cases and two faces of Indian actors involving themselves against Hindu religion

via VEDAPRAKASH published on June 7, 2008

Islamized / Mohammedans ganged against Hindu religion
: Kamal Hassan[1] (who wants to portray himself as a Mohammedan, instead of a born Hindu) and Kushbhu[2],
a Mohammedan (so far she has not denied her religion like Kamal Hassan)
are involved in cases denigrating Hindu religion hurting the feelings
of Hindus (see below for details).


The cases are not so simple and the actors might try to escape from the legal nuances spending lakhs to reap crores


at the cause of Hindus, as the gullible, naïve and ignorant Hindus only
view the movie and shell out money to these gang of atheists, spoilers
of society and useless guys for the Indian culture



They pose as “individuals” to fool the law of this
land, but their disrespect shown to Hindus by hurting their feelings
and the sacrilegious acts done cannot be erased from the minds of
Hindus for ever


. They might use / misuse the Censor Board members, judiciary and others to manipulate the master, trailers, copies


etc., but fact remains fact.

Cowardice act of Caveat
: The creators
of “Dasavatharam” have become nervous in filing the caveat, as they
know that they have committed the sacrilegious act. Had they been clean
in their minds, why they should file caveat in the Supreme Court? Do
they feel legally, they are weak or threaten Hindus with such
high-handedness? They can always manipulate the judiciary, as the
politically appointed judges would act favourably to them. Moreover,
they are interested in money only and not anything else.


Had it been the case of non-Hindus, say Muslims and Christians, the situation would have been different


. They cannot stand before the fatwas


and cavet and nuances of getting permission from the State / Central
government etc., would not come in question. But, now all want to be
very smart before the Hindus.


The caveat has been definitely a warning, caution,
admonition, forewarning for Hindus. They themselves have shown a way,
as the guilty conscience pricks. Definitely, the involved would get the
reward, what they have heaped against Hindu religion, Hindu symbols and


The Hon’ble Supreme Court should act taking the precedence
The Supreme Court, in fact should dismiss the petition filed for the
caveat, as it must be knowing the earlier judgments, wherein, it has
held that Sri Ramakrishna Mission is a Hindu, when the erred
Mission once tried to declare itself as minority or non-Hindu!


Hindus cannot keep quite just fooling themselves, as these cases could create legal precedence.

Kushbhu’s cross-legged posture before God’s picture:
The Magistrate proceeding stayed.

The Maduari High Court has stayed the case filed against Kushbhu for denigrating Hindu Gods on June 5th, 2008.
The Magistrate of Pazhani taking up for enquiry, ordered the accused to appear on June 10th in the Court sending the summons.
organizer of Hindu Makkal Katchi filed a petition in the Pazhani
magistrate court for the act of Kusbhu, as she sat before the picture
of Goddess with cross-legged pointing the chapel edge straight to the
Goddesses with arrogant-posture on November 28, 2007.

has filed a petition to annul the order. Moreover, she pleaded that if
anybody to register complain / file a petition under the Criminal Code,
he / she hast to get permission from the State / Central Government.
But, the petitioner has not obtained such permission. As the
denigration act had taken place in Chennai, the petitioner could file a
petition only in Chennai High Court and not in Pazhani. Many persons
who attended the function came with chapels on that day. Therefore, the
proceeding against her alone is not known. Therefore, she argued that
just for publicity the case has been filed. Therefore, she prayed that
the petition should be dismissed and the order of the Pazhani
Magistrate be stayed. She also pleaded that she might be given
permission from not appearing in person in the Pazhani magistrate
court. R. Kartikeyan and S. Ravi appeared for the petitioner.

Judge Periyakaruppan, who heard granted interim stay to the Pazhani
magistrate court to proceed further and also granted permission for her
not to appear in person. He also ordered to sent a notice to
Shivakumar, the petitioner.

“Dasavatharam case”:
Caveat in the Supreme Court to protect the financial interests of “Dasavatharam”! 

K. Mani advocate of K., Ravichandran, the producer and Rabikumat, the
director of the controversial and allegedly anti-Hindu “Dasavatharam”
movie informed that a cavet has been filed in the Supreme Court of
India as a precautionary method, as the petitioners may proceed against


Note the fresh pleadings of Kusbhu
: “Many
persons who attended the function came with chapels on that day.
Therefore, the proceeding against her alone is not known. Therefore,
she argued that just for publicity the case has been filed


but all the persons who wore chapels did not sit before the picture of Goddess.

All sat before the picture of Goddess did not sit like that!

Permission not obtained from State / Central Government
Only the legal Pundits should go into the details. If that is the case,
all cases pending against Karu would be dismissed citing this case as
precedence. Would it be so simple to get such permission from the
governments headed and controlled by Karu and Sonia?


The prima facie of the cases have been very strong,
in deed, all people have watched what they did, what they spoke, how
they behaved and have been behaving still.





The change of name could not be in accordance with “numerology” and so
on, as he does not believe in God, religion etc., but still wants to
register his name as “Kamal Hassan”, an Islamized name.

See my earlier posting: Kushboo – in two different cases! The Issue of Womanhood and chastity, Posted on 12-02-2008.


The involved openly confessed that they want to release the film to get
the money. Once, it is screened, the persons who bought the reel would
take care of, as they would be gangsters only.


As some argue, they have not done anything to the
India society, but only spoiled the minds of youngsters with their sex and violence.


Hindus have to remember, as these forces are just like the evil forces
that acted behind the iconoclast Mohammedans who broke many Divine
Idols, destroyed temples and looted out country.


After all, in the world of technology, particularly, the processing
laboratories have been under control, it is very easy to remove or add
anything in the films. A good editor could do anything.


This has to be mentioned repeatedly, as otherwise, the secular,
broadminded and other categories do not understand the weakness and
vulnerable position and condition of Hindus.


Remember or just think about the case of Kushbhu in her assertion about
“chastity” and all. The Mohammedans have been keeping quite. It is not
know that whether her Hindu husband has been converted or otherwise.

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