“Try telling this to the “SLEEPLESS P.M.”!

via H. Balakrishnan published on July 14, 2007





Compliments are due to Gurumurthy for penning,and TNIE in daring to publish the ‘politically incorrect’-‘PM’s pride turned into shame’- (TNIE-14 JUL).


Currently,in the lexicon of the ‘politically correct’,there are two
‘spins’ in vogue.‘Moderate Muslims’ and ‘Radical Islam’!!These are being refuted by Muslims themselves residing in the West,in the form of discourses in public domain.We are light years from such open discourses in our ‘vibrant democracy’!!


On the aspect of ‘moderate muslims’,in the same Article in the
New York Post,quoted by Gurumurthy,aptly titled-“Islam’s Problem”,Irshad Manji,a Canadian Muslim lady wrote:


“While the vast majority of Muslims aren’t extremists, a more important distinction must start being made – the distinction between moderate Muslims and reform-minded ones. Moderate Muslims denounce violence in the name of Islam- but deny that Islam has anything to do with it.By their denial, moderates abandon the ground of theological interpretation to those with malignant intentions – effectively telling would-be terrorists that they can get away with abuses of power because mainstream Muslims won’t challenge the fanatics with bold, competing interpretations.To do so would be admit that religion is a factor. Moderate Muslims can’t go there”.


The TIMES of 14 JUL, carries an honest analysis of Muslims by a reformed Jihadi,Hassan Butt,entitled-“Muslim heads stuck firmly in the sand”. He wrote:


” we Muslims need to accept that there is a problem within our communities. Only when Muslims admit that 9/11 and 7/7 were the work of Muslim terrorists can we move forward to the next juncture: which is recognising the hard truth that Islam does permit the use of violence. Muslims who deny this, preferring instead to mouth easy platitudes about how Islam is nothing but a religion of peace, make the job easier for the radicals who can point to passages in the Koran, set down in black and white, that instruct on the killing of unbelievers”.


In an extremely perceptive Article in the Wall Street Journal of 09 May,Dr.Tawfik Ahmed,a onetime member of the terrorist group-Jemaah Islamiya,wrote:


 “It is well past time that Muslims cease using the charge of “Islamophobia” as a tool to intimidate and blackmail those who speak up against suspicious passengers and against those who rightly criticize current Islamic practices and preachings. Instead, Muslims must engage in honest and humble introspection. Muslims should–must- -develop strategies to rescue our religion by combating the tyranny of Salafi Islam and its dreadful consequences. Among more important outcomes, this will also put an end to so-called Islamophobia”.


As for the ‘other spin’ by apologists- ‘radical Islam’,here is how a
‘brave’ Muslim lady-Wafa Sultana,residing in the U.S.A described Islam: She was also candid in CNN’s Glenn Beck interview about the true nature of Islam:


“I don’t see any difference between radical Islam and regular Islam. Because Islam is not only a religion. Islam is a religion and is a political ideology deeply rooted in its teaching.”


 Another brave Muslim lady,well known Ayaan Hirsi Ali says:


“Islam is not a race…Islam is simply a set of beliefs, and it is not ‘Islamophobic’ to say Islam is incompatible with liberal democracy. It’s not ‘Islamophobic’ to point to those people who use the Qur’an and Hadith to conduct war and to say, ‘This is being done in the name of your religion, do something about it.’ That’s not ‘Islamophobic.’


The (late) Ram Swarup wrote in his “Understanding Islam through Hadis”:


” The Believers are conditioned to look at the whole thing through the eyes of the Faith.To them morality derives from the Prophet’s actions;the moral is whatever he did.Morality does not determine the Prophet’sactions,but his actions determine and define morality.Muhammed’s actswere not ordinary acts;they were Allah’s own acts “.

The blurb of (late) Sita Ram Goel’s  “The Calcutta Quran Petition” has the following printed:


“The swordsmen of Islam have always felt self-righteous and believed feverently that they are carrying out the commandments of Allah when they practice JIHAD as per the prescriptions of the Prophet.The Quran gives them a clean conscience for committing the most heinous crimes and heaping unbelievable cruelties on helpless human beings”.


And, haven’t we all heard the ‘spin’ of ‘The Religion of Peace and Tolerance’!!


Ram Swarup, Sita Ram Goel, Arun Shourie and the likes stand vindicated by their writings on this subject more than two decades ago– well before 9/11 and ‘Global Jihad’ bared its fangs. Try telling that to our ‘SLEPLESS P.M.’ or for that matter to the teeming multitudes of our ‘Macaulay-Putras/Putris’!! ‘LIBERAL’ invectives are bound to follow!!

Just proves the fact of we being a ‘DHIMMI NATION’ in a ‘STATE OF PERPETUAL DENIAL’!!

Hassan Butt succinctly describes ‘denial’ as:


“Denial by definition is a psychological defence system by which people protect themselves from things that threaten them or make them feel uncomfortable. People do this by refusing to acknowledge the awkward person, thing or event, or by attacking any allegation of the existence of such difficulties”.







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