Truth behind Prof. Sabarwal’s death

via Press Release - ABVP published on September 6, 2006

Ujjain- Prof. Sabrawal’s Death

The factual run.

  • Madhav College Ujjain is a govt institution. NSUI has always been winning the elections through anomalous ways. Such offense of Congress and NSUI has always been protected through college regulations. (Madhya Pradesh experienced Congress rule for the past decade).
  • In M.P., the student union elections are held at the college level indirectly. Meritorious selected class representatives and representatives of various sub-committees together form the student union. In the second phase, all the representatives together would elect the student union leaders.
  • This year, the student union elections were held on 25-26 of Aug. This year there were 16 representatives with ABVP out of 28 which made the victory evident. On Aug 24th eight class representatives (CR here onwards) submitted their forms of which 3  supporting NSUI were rejected and 5 CRs backed by ABVP were elected unopposed. This was the reason why NSUI wished to call off the second phase of the election and this was announced by the NSUI.
  • The NSUI leader taken aback by the defeat entered the campus in an attempt to call off the elections started abusing and took to violence by breaking the furniture and assaulting the professors and filled the environment with fear and terror. They especially attacked the election committee, Sanjeev Jain (Congress) attacked Prof. Nath and a few others on Prof. Sabarwal (this was telecasted by the media). In these circumstances, Prof Natha lodged and filed a complaint with the Devas Gate Police station under Sec 260/06.
  • The NSUI supporters entered the campus with the intention of canceling the elections. Took out a procession ‘Jail Bharo’ from just a 100 meters distance and almost 1000 students supporters of NSUI entered into the campus and created havoc.
  • Dissatisfied with the decision of canceling the elections the topper students and the CRs along with Sri Shashiranjan Akela, State President ABVP, and Sri Vimal Thomar seeking the Administrations permission met the chief of election body Prof Nath and sought to reason out the cancellation of the election. It was in this circumstance that a complaint was lodged against the NSUI and Congress supporters for violence and against ABVP for interfering into the policy matters.
  • Five ABVP activists were arrested on the 27th of Aug and released on bail, another 2 ABVP activists were arrested on the 30th of Aug and are under judicial custody. But, despite a complaint being lodged on the 26th of Aug against the NSUI none of them were arrested until 29th. 23 NSUI workers were taken into judicial custody but released the very next day! on bail.
  • Until the 30th of Aug, the death of Prof Sabarwal was charged against the unknown. Under the pressure of the Governor and the media, the Govt handed over the issue to the C.I.D which under sec 302 charged and arrested Sri Shashiranjann Akela and Sri Vimal Thomar.
  • The important point to consider here is that the NSUI workers had already entered into the campus and had beaten up the chief of the election committee Prof Nath and other professors including Prof. Sabarwal before a delegation from ABVP entered in. But, the whole media has turned a blind eye to this fact! While it is evident by the complaint of Prof. Nath of the whole incident.
  • Prof Harbajan Singh Sabarwal was a cardiac patient and had undergone by-pass surgery, He was also not keeping well past a few days. Yet he was included in the election committee. On the fateful day to he was complaining of illness and was denied leave by the Principal. Since he was feeling too uneasy he was taken into the garden for fresh air and seated there.
  • The students in violence with Prof Sabarwal were reported as ABVP activists by Sahara channel whereas they are the NSUI workers in fact
    • Umesh Mengar- City President NSUI
    • Pankaj Yadav, Former President student union, NSUI Madhav college
    • Ashish Khureshi
    • Azad Yadav Nagar Nigam President Ujjain.

This makes it clear enough that the NSUI and Congress workers were there before ABVP and had beaten up professors- of them was Prof. Sabarwal too who was in a trauma after the   incident.

The subordinates- the eye witness of the incident have stated that they have seen Prof Sabarwal falling off his scooter while riding it and took him to hospital on finding him ill. With these statements, it nowhere seems to be a murder but a fateful incident.

Some more facts

The C.S.P and two other constables acting on incident were suspended.

C.I.D was handed over the charge.

A bench for judicial inquiry was called for.

ABVP demanded for a high-level inquiry

Congress is utilizing Prof. Sabarwal’s son its political dummy and is trying to earn on the death of Prof. Sabarwal.

NEWS Media

Some of the channels have presented the specific incident as a hot cake.It seems these channels are trying to build their cheap rapport with the incident.

Turning a blind eye to the law the media itself is taking to patrol and has adjudged ABVP as the offender for its own propagation.

Some papers have also published editorials degrading their own standards.

Some Questions

Past decades in ABVP teachers and professors along with the students are participating actively. Yet can students take to such acts?

In spite of Prof. Nath’s complaint yet no NSUI worker is touched, while the ABVP activists were immediately taken into custody and accused under sec 302 does this not suffice to prove the biased attitude of the government towards ABVP.

Why did the administration took to cancel the elections? What were the reasons that prompted the decision? Was this not politically inspired pressure of NSUI? Was it not the dirty politics of the College Principal?

Who pressurized the subordinated to be the witnesses?”

Why is the media freeze to telecast the actual happening- violence on Prof. Sabarwal? Where was it then?

Why is NSUI spared of sec 302 and 307 of attempt to murder Prof. Verma, Prof.n Nath, Prof. Sabarwal, and Prof. Mittal?

The crowd on the campus creating havoc was shown as that of ABVP by most of the channels which in fact is the crowd supporting NSUI. The original CD is released by ABVP.

ABVP observes the mournful death of Prof. Sabarwal and at the same time the utilization of the incident as the awful injustice for cheap political gains.

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